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Question: About the Gestalts and Shadows

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Shadow + gestalt makes:

Salt, so don't be salty.

They're immune to damage like gestalts and deal 75 damage like horror beaks. They appear no matter what sanity you have and never leave you alone until you die. Every attack instantly puts you to sleep so the first hit is a guarantee death.



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Lol I would imagine they would be some sort of odd hybrid with that creepy child body the Gestalts have, and the creepy uncanny face of a Terrorbreak, and since Lunacy makes you sleepy and dizzy, and Insanity makes you go crazy it would be like having a migrane: Painful, tiring and just urgh.

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15 hours ago, Wardin25 said:

(also, salt formations do kinda look like the ancients if I remember correctly)

I really don't see any sort of connection... they're just generic humans. 




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