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Things that don't have configuration options

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I figured since the world settings are finally getting expanded, it'd be a good idea to make a thread about the ones that seem missing / would be good to add.

For example:

- Gnarwails
- Cookie Cutters
- Gestalts (should be affected by the sanity monsters setting imo)
- Brine Shoal generation
- Salt Formation regrowth?
- Lunar Grotto shadow war? I would love to be able to reduce/disable it

I think having players mention all the ones they feel are lacking here would make it easier for the devs to see them all.

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Everything that can spawn in the game should have more/less/none options.

RockJaw Shark, Saladmander, Swamp Tentacle, Spider Queens etc..

And bosses in particular should have health/damage scaling options.

We have an option for permanent day, why can’t we also have an option for permanent full moon? (Woodies transformation would take place every 11th day still)

I also wouldn’t mind if they add some no sweat options here as well:

Can players Freeze/Overheat? Yes/No/Random.

Shadow Monsters- Tons/More/Default/Less/None.

Please take a look at this spoiler image for the Mobile version of Dont Starve- 



You have options to BOTH turn off Freezing and Insanity Monsters, OR Reduce the amount of health you spawn into the world with.

We need more stuff like this: And I can only hope that Now that Klei is giving this menu more attention, they update it every few months/QoL updates to be better. Its not something they should try to do all in one update, but it IS Something they CAN Aim to give a glance over and improve upon with each QoL update/ Major RoT update.

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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:


We have an option for permanent day, why can’t we also have an option for permanent full moon? (Woodies transformation would take place every 11th day still)


More moon cycle options would be great. Solo don't starve has two full moons in a row, and DST should have that option too.

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First off, thanks for implementing a lot of the suggestions here! 

As for other things I can think of, Shadow Hands/Wavey could be nice toggles. In addition, Having a toggle for the frequency of ocean debris would be really nice as well (mainly for driftwood/bottle spawns). 


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Since few hours ago I've been trying different settings for things, that can spawn in the world, in particular, I've tried "none", "little" and "less", and toggles for some objects are not present, for example:

- gold nuggets lying on the ground (despite the fact that player can adjust amount of flint; can be encountered in spider quarry biome and in the graveyard in mosaic)

- graves

- pipspooks and regular grosts (latter one both during full moon and as an outcome of grave digging)

- pig heads (I know it is possible to disable touch stones, but option still would be nice, especially since they can generate in the middle of the swamp), merm heads

- stalagmites

- broken clockworks

- nightmare lights (about that one I'm not sure, maybe it is controlled by "fissure" toggle, but it would be nice to be able to set amount of that objects separately)

- roses around stagehand (even if flowers are set to "none", they are generated)

- batilisks, which spawn from cave entrances

- fireflies (both on the surface and in caves)

- bones in both deserts and blue mushroom forest

- different kinds of ocean debris

- marble trees and statues, including ones generating as a setpiece

- vitreoasises

- sanity/insanity obelisks, including generated in atrium, pig king, set pieces

- mandrakes (at least options for less/none)

- ancient pseudoscience stations, thulecite statues,  thulecite walls, cave holes

Also even if mushroom trees are set to "none", lunar mushtrees are generated in lunar grotto in usual quantities, same thing happens with bulbous lightbugs.

Another interesting addition, in my opinion, would be ability to edit manually set of starting items/spawn area (for the latter players can currently choose only from 3 variants)

Edit: in another thread I've seen suggestion for "everywhere" option, and would like to help it not to be missed; also I would like to see "random" option for things.

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