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Wigfrid Spear

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The Battle Spear is relatively boring for a weapon and although it makes a great starter weapon for Wigfrid with decent damage, it soon becomes overshadowed in damage and resources by a better weapon such as hambat or dark sword, and lacks a strong characteristic that would encourage more battle spears to be created for other players.

So I wanted to suggest the addition of some abilities for Wigfrid's spear that may help it carry a niche role instead of being an underused item.

Here's some ideas I've gathered, I think only one extra ability would make the spear stand out more as a unique weapon:

-LMB activates a throwing attack, this can help Wigfrid with gaining aggro on creatures such as the Koalefant or Krampus. This gives it a hybrid characteristic of melee and boomerang, and I'd think this would be the best addition. Throwing would prevent you from having a weapon to use, and it comes with the risk of the weapon being lost (void, ocean, or to other players in pvp).

-LMB activates a blocking or deflecting action, this can act as a mini boost (maybe like 20%?) in armor when blocking oncoming attacks and adds special combos into combat scenarios to make it more fun/interesting. It can be balanced by reducing durability when the spear mitigates an attack.

-LMB allows only Wigfrid to perform a dodge maneuver, although I don't really like this for potential balance reasons, but I'm throwing it out anyway

-AoE effect: A slight AoE effect (maybe up to 3 targets) can be an interesting bonus for combating weaker groups of mobs especially as a melee weapon, but I think this would be better as an addition to the first suggestion with throwing a spear. Maybe throwing a spear can go through multiple targets in a straight line?

(LMB is left mouse button and AoE is area of effect, or area damage)


After all, these were some abilities we saw Wigfrid use in her refresh animated short, but I suppose since Klei didn't want to change too much to a character that was already balanced in quirks and perks, they only added the new abilities. Sure, it was her imagination, but if Wigfrid's sheer willpower allowed her to become a true warrior, then why not have this?

Wigfrid throwing her spear:



Wigfrid blocking with her spear:



Wigfrid dodging an attack:



Tell me what you all think!

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I was disappointed with the Wigfrid rework, I was expecting more interaction with Spears and Helms. But with unique attacks/powers for them that make them useful only when in a WIGFRIDS hands.. for everyone else- they would just be unbuffed battle spears.

you can find my (probably now archived) thread for that Here: 

Basically I wanted her specially crafted Spears and Helms to continue to have a Use for her instead of becoming outclassed by better items later.

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7 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

 But with unique attacks/powers for them that make them useful only when in a WIGFRIDS hands.. for everyone else- they would just be unbuffed battle spears.

Although that would be an interesting mechanic, I think that would discourage the sharing of spear and continue the focus on helmet crafting over the spear since sharing spears provides no benefit to anyone other than Wigfrid, which isn't exactly what I was suggesting since I wanted to encourage a more viable use for late game battle spears. Think of it as something similar to the pick/axe, which is a two-in-one item. Being able to throw a spear would be similar to a boomerang/tentacle spike hybrid. 

However, since you suggested that Wigfrid should gain some individual bonus while using the spear, I think it could be an interesting alternative is that while holding the spear or wearing the helmet, the inspiration meter could drain slower, an ability only available for Wigfrid to use but indirectly a team buff as well. Good for singleplayer/multiplayer.

You could say that since it's her favorite weapon, she feels braver/more inspired when using it.

13 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Basically I wanted her specially crafted Spears and Helms to continue to have a Use for her instead of becoming outclassed by better items later.

The spear lacks more usage in the late game than the helmet, which is why I created the suggestion. I believe that the helmet is fine and is arguable powerful where it stands as a cheaper and more durable form of a football helmet, which is especially good in worlds with lots of players.

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as much as i like these suggestions and would like to see them added, I honestly think the battle spear is fine as is. would i use it for most boss fights? no, but it's a good everyday weapon. it's far better than a normal spear, which I almost never use as any character. (an axe is a much better weapon than a normal spear.)

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I love the idea. Super underwhelmed by wiggys treatment in the rework. But honestly i don't think we will get another rework for wigfrid in the nature you're describing. Your idea could probably be implemented with another idea i have perhaps tied to the mysterious energy update. Say if after defeating the mysterious energy boss every character got some overturned goodies exclusive to their character, your suggestion but in a weapon that isn't a battle spear would be pretty cool.

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3 hours ago, Hornete said:

I think it's okay for the battle spear to be as it is. Not everything has to have some super cool ability, be extravagant and amazing. Sometimes simple design is the best and imo simple design works for the battle spear the best. 

Yeah but your kinda forgetting one very important detail that I admit myself that even I overlooked when she was being Reworked, People didn’t want Wigfrid (myself included) to become even more of a pick and swap character (not that she was.. I’m just saying “IF”) People also did not want her to become even more of a Viking because she’s only an Actress pretending to be a Viking.

While this is true: we kinda forgot the most important detail- People are lured into the constant with promises of having things they can’t have in the real world.. and for Wigfrid, that would’ve Been being a better Actress/Valkyrie.

Wigfrids quotes when examining her helms and her spear is that the power of the Unicorn is great!, and that the spear is her preferred weapon to do battle with.

However her Rework absolutely failed to shine any further spotlight upon the spears and helms- What even IS the power of the Unicorn?? And why is it so Great? Does it really bestow Wigfrid with Viking strength & power? And why is the spear her “Preferred” weapon of choice but yet there’s nothing all that special about it? In fact: it’s outclassed by better weapons early on altogether.

Now it would’ve been OKAY if Wigfrids new StageCraft songs ONY effected her Spear and Helms and no other weapons or Armor, but as we all know... that is not the case at all.

Wigfrids Stagecraft works with all items making Helms and Battle Spears that much more less special.

An easy and quick fix for this would be to tweak the damage and durability the scrolls provide to those two specific items making them the best items a Wigfrid ever needs- As her quotes for them would seem to Imply.

I hope someday they will Re-Tweak Wigfrid, just like they did Winona & Wendy :)  

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On 12/15/2020 at 6:58 AM, stranger again said:

what about battle helm?what do you consider that as?

(i would say early to mid game but id like to know your opinion)

Battle Helm can definitely be used against the vast majority of content and bosses effectively and reliably so long as you have healing of some sort as well but why wouldn't you have healing for a boss fight. I main Wig and the only battles I change from Battle Helm to a different form of head armor is Beequeen, Ancient Guardian and Ancient Fuelweaver, for everything else Battle Helm does the job.

Oh sorry maybe shadow pieces fight too but that depends on how you're doing it.

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