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Hey Grifters!

We did it! The update was shipped! Thank you all for your help in testing and tuning this thing. We couldn't do it without you.

This next cycle, ending on Jan 28th, is going to add Smith's day 3. We're probably also going to give Rook the same balancing treatment that Sal got in the last update. And of course whatever else pops up. We tend to have pretty lose plans at the start of a cycle!

Note - some of these changes were also applied to the main game in a silent hotfix earlier this afternoon - just the crashy and bad save ones.


  • Enable smith day 3 ( the bosses mostly just stand there and take hits at the moment, and the quest variety is not fleshed out, but it's playable).
  • Added prestige 7: No more mettle
  • Add Counterplay, Total Upgrades achievements (not yet achieveable)
  • Fix re-rolling follower options in the Daily Boss Negotiation whenever you return to the options.
  • Do some old-save fixups for the removed objectives in sal day 2/3
  • fix sequencing of sal day 3 night market
  • Updated the Precision mutator to include negotiations
  • Added an experiment for Smith's day 3 bosses. (dev only until both behaviours are ready)
  • Added the new nesting_cards mutator 
  • Fix upgraded erchin not getting some base erchin qualities, like support_negotiation.
  • Added a basic combat behaviour for the Snug 
  • Added death loot for NPC_SMITH
  • Hooked up the anim, build and boss slide for the Snug 


  • Compromise: Clarify card text
  • Fix description of Hostility cards on Rage I/II for consistency.
  • Increase morale lost from Crisis by 50%
  • Gnarled Effigy now has Burnout.
  • Torrid Clone triggers on POST_RESOLVE again, so that it can play the card with the same target that it had originally.  By END_RESOLVE, the card target has been cleared.  The original reason for changing to END_RESOLVE was not specified in r440706, but I imagine if that reason still exists, we'll find out again.
  • Stone Bulldoze: fix modifier not being added
  • Fix Hurricane, Right in the Face, Bonkers from playing twice with Torrid Clone.
  • Slight buff to Bonkers.
  • Core Collector: Fix tracking of automech codes in negotiation.
  • Added Expend flag to High Yield Lumin bomb
  • Fixed bug where the hard_knocks boon got stuck at 10 stacks
  • Amplify bonus increased to 2 and lasts for the negotiation.
  • Rename Duplicity mutator to Multicard. Animate the extra copies in the UI.
  • Reduced the cost of Shovel by 1 to make it more competitive with Blacklist
  • call_it_plus2 now has Replenish instead of gambling twice


  • Making the social graft screen content wider. Before it showed the newly acquired social boon/bane too narrow
  • Remapping the Flourish gamepad button so it doesn't collide with the others. Changed the Battle fighter/card focus toggle button from being LB and RB to only being LB, freeing up RB for flourishes on negotiation and battle
  • Hiding the main overlay icons when the Flourish popup opens, so its contents don't collide with them, even in small-screen mode
  • Amend End Turn confirmation dialog for accuracy.
  • apply math.ceil to the morale delta floater so it matches the surrender health differential.
  • Fixed bug where gaining defend while the defend icon was still fading out from losing defend would cause the icon to disappear
  • Damage previews on the healthbar are now laid out to the left of the defend bar. This fixes a previous issue where damage previews were sometimes inaccurate 
  • Fix being able to choose a flourish card before it has finished animating.
  • Fix helper pets not triggering negotiation quips.
  • Button size-to-text now sets the button size correctly to the text width
  • Adding End-Turn confirmation dialog when there are still playable cards. Adding an option to the options screen to change that
  • Fixing the bug where the floating cards are hidden after looking at the flourishes
  • Fix ui refresh crash if the leaderboard query arrives but the screen has already been closed

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16 minutes ago, codyfun123 said:

Just make sure to discard the effigy, then? :-P

Oh no! Smith has discard cards! He is unstoppable!

On that note, maybe gnarled effigy should deal damage together at the end of the turn? This way, it doesn't change much for not smith, but smith gains way less moxie that it becomes actually bad, like it's supposed to.

Edited by RageLeague
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4 hours ago, Kevin said:

Added prestige 7: No more mettle

I'm confused: does P7 prohibit acquisition of mettle or disable mettle bonuses? If it prevents you from gaining mettle, then you just fall into the same trap Dead Cells did, where you couldn't acquire in-game currency for unlocks on the max difficulty either, forcing the player to use the lower difficulty to collect meta upgrades. If it outright disables mettle bonuses, well, why was the mettle system added in the first place? At least with perks you could pick 3 to roll with. Or are you planning on disabling them, too?

Also, I had the Rise seller quest spawn on the 5th day in Sal's campaign. I know you guys wanted the player to be able to keep taking and upgrading cards till the very end but isn't this a little egregious? There was little to do on day 3/4 already.

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So i'v been playing as Smith since now you can play his day 3. I have Benefits 3 perk, didn't pay enough attention to who likes my becouse of it, going to save a friend, and its Seemli (also got Theroux to like em becouse of it). Now i'm thinking - what will happan if i'll let Jani kill her and what will happend during day 3 if she is dead?


Should i let her kill her?

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10 hours ago, Kevin said:

Added prestige 7: No more mettle


I mean, it's good that we now have an official option to play without Mettle upgrades (which I was doing anyway), but it does seem a bit odd to add this just after adding Mettle. I don't know if this is the most elegant way to do it, it's a huge step up in difficulty if you've been farming Mettle. I guess it's fine as long as the Mettle-disabling prestige remains the highest one (if you intend to add more prestige levels in the future), so people that enjoy the mechanic can still use it for all "real" prestige levels.

10 hours ago, Kevin said:

Gnarled Effigy now has Burnout.


I assume this is to fix the Smith moxxie build that exploited it to crazy levels. If you intend to keep burnout, please increase the damage to 2, so it's actually somewhat threatening. Another option would have been to apply bleed on the player per card played (or per attack card played or something), so it's not much more threatening for non-Smith players, while not being Moxxie abusable anymore.

10 hours ago, Kevin said:

Amplify bonus increased to 2 and lasts for the negotiation.


Hoorray! It's playable now! And fun!

10 hours ago, Kevin said:

Reduced the cost of Shovel by 1 to make it more competitive with Blacklist


Haha. Hahahahahahahahaha. What? Are you sure you don't mean the opposite? Shovel is absolute bonkers, while Blacklist is a trap. A fun trap, don't get me wrong, but a trap nonetheless. Blacklist at 1 action cost would at least be somewhat competitive with Shovel at 1. Blacklist at 2 is a joke compared to Shovel at 0. Is this just based on the number of people that pick Blacklist? I'm willing to bet that the ratio shifts towards the shovel at higher prestige.

10 hours ago, Kevin said:

call_it_plus2 now has Replenish instead of gambling twice


Sad to see it go, but understandable.

Edited by pacovf
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