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Wait patiently, good days will come

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Fifty years later, I was lying on a rocking chair with blurred eyes, drinking tea, smoking a cigarette, a strand of white hair, and the sun shone on my wrinkled face like confetti. Looking at the computer equipped with the latest 12800 core processor and RTX380000 graphics card that my grandson bought me, I not only sighed, I am getting older and older, I can’t keep up with the times, but don‘t starve still is very interesting, just like I thought back when I was a kid That way, I heard the sound of a hurried knock on the door outside, I stood up lazily, and walked through the cat’s eyes with a weary pace. It turned out that it was my little grandson. My grandson excitedly said to me, Grandpa, you 50 The doll ordered a year ago has arrived! At this time, my eyes were shining, and my energy was instantly full of vitality. I finally use this skin.

I beg you, please send me the goods. I bought it on the first day, but it doesn’t work. You can change to a partner company. It’s too bad.



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20 minutes ago, TheHollowKnight said:

Im so confused, just wait for the plushies, its a pandemic and holiday, and they just restocked so everyone is buying.

I was told it’s around 3-5 business days outside of Holidays, but during Holidays can take 10-14, and that’s not even accounting for Covid..

I have never ordered anything from the Klei Shop until now so I don’t know how they handle things, but from what I can gather- Klei is a game company first & foremost, and their physical toys and plushies and such are outsourced to some company called Indiebox to handle.

In other words I’m trying to say that Klei dev’s can’t really help with this, I don’t think? And that if you have a issue with your order you have to take it up with Indiebox.. & not Klei devs.

But like I said I’ve never ordered anything before.. So I don’t rightly know.. :( what I CAN say is that I will patiently await for my Goodies to arrive with great excitement, but it will get here when it gets here.. 

If it gets here soon good, if it gets here later I’m sure I can find something to do till it arrives.. I only PM’d Joe about it Yesterday because it was the first time I had ever ordered anything and simply was asking for an average ETA on how things work with the shop.


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Unfortunately we don't move enough merch to be able to have it sent out instantly. There are a few reasons for that, but the main reason is because we run our merch, not licensed to some retailer. We work with Indiebox to fulfill the orders, but our merch is ours. 

So we're much more like a boutique store, not a big box store with thousands of people filling orders. That being said, I don't think we misrepresent that anywhere. Even Amazon is taking a week longer (at least in my area) right now. 

I am not aware of any unusual circumstances that are causing things to be sent out much longer than should be expected. 

That being said - @sbjoew - I couldn't find any purchases using the email address you used on the forum. I don't know if you also didn't send any identifiable information to Indiebox when you contacted them. But if you could DM me the information for your order, so we can look into it, I can check to make sure everything is ok. Otherwise, all I can do is tell you what I said above. 

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I can only hope that my spider plush will arrive to me before xmas, although it's very unlikely since I live in europe.

That being said I wonder when it will start leaving the US, given that it's been a week and according to the tracker it's still en route to US export warehouse. Oh well...

Sorry if I sound like an impatient fool. I'm just excited to finaly get my first merch. :)

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2 hours ago, sbjoew said:

Until today, this courier has not started to send to me, it is really rubbish.:angel:

Mine’s has not yet arrived either, but it is okay like your thread says patience good things will come.

Hey I have some good news if your a gamer- the 15th will be an exciting day for us! New heist in GTA V (I seriously only play that game for the heists cause PvP ain’t my thing) and Reap What You Sow releases for DST!! Plenty of things to keep me occupied if my goods have not yet arrived by then :) 

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