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Why is this pacu crowded?

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3 minutes ago, 0xFADE said:

Unless they changed something overcrowding (wild) pacu does not matter.  You can have as many as you want in one tile and they will still lay eggs.

Not applicable here because OP is trying to breed.

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15 minutes ago, psusi said:

Yes, the left tank has a baby in it, but it is separated from the right tank by doors.

@Nxf7's comment above did point out that that type of door did not do much to solve the area separation. The mini-ninja pacu still counts.

Also, @nakomaru did the extra testing to verify said results. So the pacu is only missing the ninja disguise.

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Damn... that's weird.. doors work to keep them separate in air, but not in water?  I guess I'll have to switch to using a loader and chute on the left since I can't get the conveyor arm positioned so it can insert eggs into the dropper but not pick them back up.


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