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  1. @AncientGammoner 50 pacu for 3 dupes seems like just fillet alone, not surf and turf which isn't a problem on any map, but you do you. This thread's design obviously isn't a (basically) zero algae cost build. In my opinion my two designs do that as efficiently and bug-free as possible: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/124030-all-in-one-pacu-guide-a-farm-for-every-need/ With regards to this topic, I'm not seeing much advantage over a larger design that allows 1 large breeding pool with no limit to the breeder pacu (My 1st design above) which allows faster spool up time and very little resource cost. Although freely feeding Pacu does cost 42t of algae per 100 pacu (it doubles from 21t due to a bug with Fish Feeder), I'm not sure if this design circumvents that or your quoted "10t per 50 pacu" is accurate.
  2. Really well done. Don't mind the haters when they are rude and can't explain why they don't like it. You may or may not prefer this build. It's simpler but you "lose" 10-15t of p-water depending on if you use 2 or 3 reservoirs. Since it doesn't mention full flow or 10kg/s, nobody can blame you for not finding this in search results.
  3. Actually I thought of one benefit to giving them 8 water tiles per Pacu. If the feeding Pacu is dropped in there early it won't lose its reproduction buff. So one possible design option is to have each Pacu only in the feeding chambers for 2(.01?) cycles only, feeding it algae at the start, middle and end of that period. And of course the retirement home on the bottom needs sufficient water. I could try that to double or even triple the output of my Pacu farm, but probably at the cost of double or triple the vertical height at least. Probably not worth it but it could be fun. This might be a new bug with DLC. I don't have DLC and loaded a save file which has nested buffer-filters, and there was no problem. Also the bug might not be with filter gates, but whatever is giving them the ON signal, it must be turning off briefly upon load.
  4. You reckon every 4th Pacu only gets 2.5 cycles to feed because you think there's a 11.5 lifecycle, but I don't really see how that 11.5 is forced. If anything there's a lifecycle of 3 that occurs (12 cycles per 4 Pacu). Also if a Pacu was only getting 2.5 cycles to feed, it wouldn't be able to lay a 3rd egg before dying of old age. This isn't a concern. They only need 1 tile of water and 8 tiles of room size. I haven't experienced this, but be wary of critter sensors. They seems to toggle to the opposite state for a varied amount of time, usually less than 0.7 seconds. After each critter sensor, a filter or buffer or both may be necessary to prevent anything disastrous.
  5. Hey nice one. It's a bit hard to follow what's going on though. Could I get a save file? I don't have any advice just yet. Below are my designs though. The 2nd one is for a single breeding unit which possibly the same goal that your build is trying to achieve. And the 3rd design is the scaleable version.
  6. Seems like it, but what's weird to me is that it's half and half. The benefits of killing them would be to keep critter count low to save frame rate, but it's not doing that, it keeps them alive for 25 cycles. Some other options would be: 1. Breed gulp fish, and hatched fish that flop right will flop into hot water, kept hot by tepidizer (probably needs vacuum and insulated tiles to keep heat in). 2. Make omelettes instead. 3. Do the usual 1x1 pit except don't confine them.
  7. This is still happening. Tested myself, on live, steam.
  8. Some algae produced by the Algae Distiller is deleted/lost on a reload. I can reproduce this in a way that isolates variables and can identify which piles of Algae are missing. I've waited out a full cycle with no recovery of the lost Algae. I amassed 33 tonnes of Slime and started up the Distillers. 10 cycles later I had around 10 tonnes of Algae in reserve and ~600kg Slime. Saved and quit, started up again today, less than 2kg in Algae and 600kg Slime left. Lost 80% of algae upon a reload. Tried to reload all autosaves in the last few cycles, all of them had around 2kg Algae and the expected proportional loss of Slime. Mozzopolis 3 Cycle 134.sav
  9. I think it's just psychological. The first time you hear them it seems like they take ages to come, so over several attacks you get lulled into a sense of safety as you attempt to finish off whatever you were doing at the time just before the hounds approach, so that you aren't just "standing there" looking stupid as the hounds take their time.
  10. I think feeding pigs meat is considered a "nice" act since it plays a sound as you do it.
  11. I made over 30 pig villages around the existing pig king village in order to 'go to town' on them to get krampus. In hindsight I should have supplemented that with butterfly killing. In the end I think I killed around 50 Krampus until a sack dropped. Trainer if it's supposed to be a 1% drop rate it's pretty obvious that it's expected of you to kill Krampus 100 times before you get a sack, since every kill is an independent trial. Killing less than that would make you lucky and more than that would make you unlucky.
  12. Catching bees doesn't cause killer ones to spawn, and neither will any other bee try to attack, it's completely safe now. And they don't permanently lose bees over time either.
  13. Hide it somewhere and try to forget it exists