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  1. This is still happening. Tested myself, on live, steam.
  2. Some algae produced by the Algae Distiller is deleted/lost on a reload. I can reproduce this in a way that isolates variables and can identify which piles of Algae are missing. I've waited out a full cycle with no recovery of the lost Algae. I amassed 33 tonnes of Slime and started up the Distillers. 10 cycles later I had around 10 tonnes of Algae in reserve and ~600kg Slime. Saved and quit, started up again today, less than 2kg in Algae and 600kg Slime left. Lost 80% of algae upon a reload. Tried to reload all autosaves in the last few cycles, all of them had around 2kg Algae and the expected proportional loss of Slime. Mozzopolis 3 Cycle 134.sav
  3. I think it's just psychological. The first time you hear them it seems like they take ages to come, so over several attacks you get lulled into a sense of safety as you attempt to finish off whatever you were doing at the time just before the hounds approach, so that you aren't just "standing there" looking stupid as the hounds take their time.
  4. I think feeding pigs meat is considered a "nice" act since it plays a sound as you do it.
  5. I made over 30 pig villages around the existing pig king village in order to 'go to town' on them to get krampus. In hindsight I should have supplemented that with butterfly killing. In the end I think I killed around 50 Krampus until a sack dropped. Trainer if it's supposed to be a 1% drop rate it's pretty obvious that it's expected of you to kill Krampus 100 times before you get a sack, since every kill is an independent trial. Killing less than that would make you lucky and more than that would make you unlucky.
  6. Catching bees doesn't cause killer ones to spawn, and neither will any other bee try to attack, it's completely safe now. And they don't permanently lose bees over time either.
  7. Hide it somewhere and try to forget it exists
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Free bee mine effect upon continuing save Steps to reproduce Put 1 or more bee mines in a backpack and keep the backpack on. Save and quit, and go back in. Go hug a monster. Describe your issue The bee mines in your backpack do not get eaten, while bees will "burst" out from you and attack whatever monster you got close to, like a normal bee mine, except free. In case it matters I was wearing the Krampus Sack and had 2 bee mines in the 3rd and 4th slot. I'm also on the most up-to-date version as of the date of this post.
  9. wasd movement drives me crazy if I want to move in any non-cardinal direction. So I mostly use mouse, even for combat because it just feels more 'accurate' somehow. Maybe since when left clicking something you'll attack as Soon as you move in range of it instead of using keyboard to: move in -> stop moving -> attack.
  10. I learned of Don't Starve through Etho's vids of it so unfortunately I already knew what to do to survive, but it was necessary to get me interested in buying it. After hitting the content wall there's nothing else to do except find out what other little things you missed. Also reading patch notes is effectively the same thing as looking up a wiki, I'm not going into a newly updated game "guessing" what they added since last time I played.
  11. Quick question while we're on the topic of reeds, what's the benefits of using sleep darts over a pan flute? I've made my fair share of both but hadn't had the chance to use them much. At first glance it's obvious that pan flute is so much easier to make.
  12. I dislike how actual meat (from pigs etc) is made useless because morsels and monster meat make better substitutes for recipes requiring "meat".
  13. The only excuse for this is gobblers, everything else you hit once and back away until they come after you.
  14. How is this better than approaching them to scare them off instead of baiting them to you? You clearly haven't noticed the hunger drain each time you sleep. Along with the grass requirement there's nothing OP about this. Not a big deal. And Krampus isn't supposed to be the "end-all" fix for slaughtering pigs. Tough luck. Not happening.