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34 minutes ago, stranger again said:

interesting the entire update branch is called RETURN of THEM so that means that these squids must have done this before:lol:

Maybe they're emerging into one being to bring the lunar influence into this nightmare land and we'll decide if join or fight him.

One body, one mind. 




28 minutes ago, BeeClops said:

reminds me of the whole tallbird thing where they mass multiply off screen and when you come there there's 100 smallbirds killing their moms. I don't imagine how it happened with those squids, i don't know much about their mechanics.

The interesting part, is you can still see sometimes a few smallbirds or teenbirds killing their moms, which is something i never understand. Tallbirds are one, if not, my favourite animal of Don't Starve, for their behaviour and design but klei didn't dive too much in them during the Beta, taking dust for how useless they are and then in DST there is the killing mom bug. 

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Ive seen this as well on one world i played on. They all gathered at pigking which was near the center of the world. and even after we killed them, they continued to gather there.

It was fun to watch them literally running across the entire world just to migrate there

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18 hours ago, sinisterrkid said:

This looks really cool. If it doesn't cause too much lag (and only happens late game) I kind of hope they keep it.

Though if what's happening is squids migrating to the same point, that means less squids everywhere else, which is not what I would want.


Well, good news for you, it didn't cause ANY lag whatsoever, which is kinda surprising. No frame dropped, no hit wi-fi.

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