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  1. Wx is lost in the shadows of the game right now because for Wormwood. Wormwood outshine the single part wx shined, speed. Yes, Wx is a bit faster than wormwood with his overcharge but how much can you trigger it? Wormwood can speed up whenever it wants it, instead Wx rely on Wickerbottom or on lightnings or with the telelocator stuff. Apart from speed; it has a perk for eating red food like normal food, which is niche but Wormwood can produce a tons of it, it can eat gears which is cool but you need to go into mid and late game to really use it as well the ability to boost stats. The boosting stats it's the only perk which Wx only has but... it's worth it? In a way yes, you can be a lot less careless to receive damage or hunger or sanity drain and help you in many situation but it's BOOORING. Not only before reaching 400 health, 300 hunger, ecc... you need to stick from early game with a 150 stats. Wx right now is boring and outshined by a character who can do much better and more fun than all what it can do and the only thing special that it can do it's boring. This discussion came from a long long wx main who played till the beta of Don't Starve. Always liked him for his personality and character and still i do but we must recognize his current stagnation in the game. That's why i'm hoping this year it will receive the rework
  2. Wx could be a malovent character, it's always been a chaotic evil one.
  3. Thank you so much for this, thank you from the hearth. No more beefalo massacre will be needed...
  4. If that's true that is a total bummer. Re-playing events will limit and diminish their importance, they will not be an event anymore. I know the philosophy of Don't Starve is "do what you want" but still an event should be an important moment to spend with your friends or strangers. If you can do whatever you want, what's the difference from a normal day you play with?
  5. As a great supporter of the concept: YES! I choose other because i want to expand and improve the mechanic with: -Horror Depth worms -Horror Moleworms -Horror Rabbits -Horror Birds (which include Tallbirds and Gobbler) -Lunar fireflies (which i'm surprised klei didn't think about it) -Horror mosquito (i'm not too sure about this) -More lunar plants that became cutesy plant/animal hybrids (Guys we can have a living potato cup) As for Pigs,Bunnymens,Merms and Rock Lobsters, i would heavily suggest a different treatment. Apart from the fact we already have a "Horror" Pig, which are Werepigs! So klei should just include an immediate transformation in werepigs for pigs in lunar island, for bunnymens there should be a sorta of were-bunnymens too and a special transformation for Merms and Rock lobsters kind. Why such special treatments for them you ask? Is implied that our lovely lovecraftian entities (Them,Moon and gorge) like sentient creatures for their goals, even if we humans and the ancients are the true goal, since they're semi-intelligent and a bit stupid, still make sense in the lore and everything to give them these special transformations. To give them..... a forgotten knowledge
  6. If you heal Wormwood with rot, you're not a Wormwood player