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  1. This is really cool, i never attemp to speedrun the lunar island but congrats to you comnrade! Did you know if there is a world record? And with woodie is more fast or slower, or depends on the situation? It's a reallllyy reare bug of the world generation. I don't consider it as spedrunning, since it's just there.
  2. 400 health as minor positive ok, but as Wormwood spring's bees? I don't think it's that useless xD Exaclty what i told before. Too long to wait for a perk that it's niche and even boring. It's more cool and creative if with gears you can decide to upgrade Wx with various perks and abilities, transforming him into a cool cyborg!
  3. It's still beneficial to have more hp, even outside combact. In a game like Don't Starve you can't expect to do a hitless run for how it works, so you can still receive stupid damage and for the "4 or 9 hits" is the number of hits when you don't have armor, obviously with armor is much more. Overhaul i don't understand why having more hp is a bad thing. There is nothing bad about it, just a positive buff.
  4. In fact i already said in my last post i will re-consider Wx now, because Wormwood is showing all the bad aspects of Wx, where he become boring pretty fast, where apart from the perk of eating rot food, before you saw the other ones you need to wait too long, where it doesn't change so much playstyle like exactly Wormwood, or Wendy, ecc... This is why as a once main Wx i'm eager to see his rework, klei could do so much creative things with Wx. However, i'm sorry, i don't know what DSA stands for but how 400 health is not different from 150!?!?!? You can do a lot more mistakes with it and you can even tank more without problems. Yes you need to heal like everyone else, but doesn't mean a difference if a Treeguard ( i know, obviously is not a threat the treeguard, i'm making an example) with 4 hits can kill a normal pg meanwhile with 400 it needs 9 hits ? It's more hp nonetheless.
  5. I mean 2 living logs, 2 purple gems and 4 nightmare fuel, not so much expensive, not so much cheap but I didn't know, appreciate the information . So hmn.... you have right, i need to re-consider the Wormwood > Wx..... and now i'm a little mad that a plant boi became the speedy character and better than the true speedy character
  6. I dunno, the staff, yes is pretty bad, but still an option. Doesn't the staff add more time for overcharging like wicker and lightnings? In any case, i don't want to start a debate over Wx and Wormwood but i can still safely say that objectively is still far better for the 400 hp and easy healing, however we can just all agree that Wx is much much less fun and boring in comparison to Wormwood gameplay, said from a Wx main till 2013.
  7. If you say that because you can have the speed boost when you want and it's more fun, i can't deny it. However i must remind you that, you can indeed activate the speed boost for WX on your will, without lightinigs or Wicker, but using a telelocator stuff!
  8. Wait, wait, correct me if i'm wrong, but even if items become wet in the inventory it doesn't cause sanity drain, i remember it during my sessions that i had only temperature and slippery malus. Maybe i was too concentrate to be a happy child because finally we have a character against one of the worst annoyance and difficult part of the game?
  9. I....could ironically write an argument how the healing from the life giving amulet could not be atleast the worst healing possible.
  10. Well in the end, that's the meaning of a challenge, isn't? Understand it and overcoming it!!! Good job
  11. To balance and suggest feedback of your game, you NEED to understand it to the base and SO in the default settings. What are you playing is a customable experience, so no, there aren't opinions for this because if everybody doesn't use the same metric, then i can customize a world full of manure, with mods, PVP ON, chaos and tell to klei that Wormwood is ez, pls nerf poop. To add the most simple and easiest way to heal with wormwood was and will be always healing salves or sleeping. I don't want to sound mean to you or everybody who's saying that rot is too easy, but trying to reason and get you to understand, that is not a good viable way of heal breaking my finger for spamming M2 and waiting till my 60's!
  12. I can agree with the easier part, but still a challenging character in the end for everybody just less hard than before, don't you agree?
  13. Wormwood was and still is one, if not, the most intrigue "changing your playstyle" character. I will ripeat it, i never had so fun, for how much years i played this game, and still found enjoy because of one negative perk, thinking all new strategies and behaviours (which tells us how much is strong food in dst). The update in general did a great justice for Wormwood status, as he already had a rough moment before and during the beta of Rwys. All this new perks and blooming revisited, give so much dynamic to the character. It's still perfect balanced? No. He still more love? Yes, as you feel it, the part of farmer was weaked. I will wait patienly when Klei will bring us more needed changes for him, because i mighty say.....after 6 years.... i'm maybbeeee changing my new main..... add even all the new spectacular skins!!! Now..... Since i see a lot of discussion and maybe confusion around this which baffle me, since not many people don't see it because it's a common thing in ALL videogames AND we're not talking about a subjective opinion, because i'm sorry, there is 0 subjective view about it.... I want a clear but mostly, HONEST answer from all who states that rot or rotten eggs are so strong to be nerfed... I repeat i want a honest answer. Did you honestly play Wormwood ever? And after the RWYS update?
  14. Oh don't worry they will The game is now full of life thanks to you and new arrives! We do daily 35.000 k of players and in 2019 we did for the first time, in all 7 years of Don't Starve, 66.000 k players!!!