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[Game Update] - 436739

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24 minutes ago, Wardin25 said:


Just saying, in last patch it was said that Wurts new skins' visual bugs had been, fixed, but the tam o shanter still has a piece of the forehead missing and bonesaw doesnt work either

we need another hotfix

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2 hours ago, PeterA said:

More are coming, we were still fixing bugs when we cut the new build. There will be another build, coming likely on Monday to address more issues.

aye aye Sir! We are just joking, you guys have been repaired very fast. Have a nice weekend~

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I'm not sure if this is where I should post this but, my cookbook is still not updating when I look at the new incomplete filter I have the 3 new recipes that were released with this newest update not filled out because I have not actually made them so I understand that, but as for my waffles and stuffed pepper poppers, Those haven't been complete since the cook book bug first appeared. You guys corrected some of the cookbook bugs, but my cookbook is still doing the same exact thing. I have made stuffed pepper poppers well over 10 times in solo saves and public servers. Although every time I make them I make sure I am the one who but the ingredients in the crockpot, I am the one who pressed cook while the ingredient are in the crockpot and I am the one who picks it up and eats it. I even put it in my inventory before eating it, I tried eating it straight from the crockpot as well to see if that would help with this problem although it still shows up as the picture shows. Thanks in advance if someone replies. :)

Cookbook still bugged.png

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Hi, not sure if it's patched yet, but I've recently purchase the batling skin for the broodling critter, but when I try to adopt it or switch its skin with the clean sweeper, it just turns into the default broodling skin, haven't run into any issues with the others skins. Thanks for your time. 


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