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  1. As title states, happens on vanilla world / no mods after latest hotfix update. Logs attached below crashlog DST_GE 08_18_22.txt
  2. People saying that griefing claims just don't make sense don't get the point; there being easier ways to grief doesn't mean that more difficult ways to grief just don't matter anymore. Machine guns being very dangerous doesn't mean that handguns aren't something we have to worry about anymore. In general things should be designed with their impact on other players in mind, that is pretty common sense. Like how eating a mandrake doesn't put others to sleep anymore in non PVP, it took almost no effort to make a good change that (even though rare), makes it no longer impact another players. In that sense, making the hostile flare spawn a boss/pirate raid/attacker who is then only fixated/only going to target the person who summoned it is pretty common sense. It would take next to no effort to implement (like the above) and would be generally good and sensible in my view. Small things like that should be done more frequently whenever possible. (On the same note, the person who turns on the terrarium should be targeted by the eye of terror/twins. I never got why that wasn't the case already) The same people who mentioned that the griefing claims don't make sense also then claim that wickerbottom's bookshelf being accessible by everyone means that they're going to grief the books, but books have always been incredibly easy targets of griefing. Even right now in the game you cannot store them in an exclusive container, and books are readily burned by a torch or in a firepit. I don't get it honestly
  3. It could also be used for some insane griefing; spawning bosses / pirates on people who are either not wanting or not willing to fight is certainly not pleasant.
  4. lmao the lack of the oxford comma is better :PES2_LulPoint: does the hostile flare also work on antlion / bearger as well? or only deerclops
  5. The deconstruction staff is designed like this to prevent duplicating gems. The ruin staves (including the deconstruction staff itself) are made out of 2 gems of their respective colour, and deconstructing and then crafting them with a construction amulet basically equates to infinite ruins gem gear.
  6. As described in title; I did not cause this crash myself, it was found to have crashed a server (DST United States Beta Endless). Unsure if relevant, but this crash happened in caves shard. crashlog DST_B4 07_15_22.txt
  7. It has always saddened me that the value of yellow, green and orange gems differs very, very greatly (in particular, the yellow and green gems are great, but the orange gems are quite bad). It's not even that the items that orange gems make are bad per se, but in my view they are not well designed and that leads to their lack of value. The lazy deserter and forager not being refuelable is a very sad caveat for both's use, considering the magiluminescence is arguably a lot more useful but also refuelable. The lazy forager's actual function isn't the most useful in the first place even, and it has a short use time nonetheless. The lazy explorer likewise has 20 limited uses, but (jarringly) is very easy to accidentally use, which I find deters a lot of people from using it. Other things such as its breaking when you use it up (which makes you lose the cane that went into it) while instead using a cane will have make last forever, the fact that walking canes deal 17 damage versus the 10 the lazy explorer deals and the said accidental triggers means they are very impractical to actually make and use. Changing the way how both of those works would easily make orange gems just as valuable as the other ruins gems. (I find it strange that the lazy deserter has infinite uses, but the explorer and forager are both finite and quite limited)
  8. Crash on palmcone scales and bananas inside Pirate Stash. Confused, because this problem for these items (the bananas) was supposed to be fixed, and I wouldn't personally know why palmcone scales would have an issue, as they're stackable simple materials that do not perish. Excerpt attached below. NOTE: crashlog came from DST Starving Floor 1, a heavily modded server; the crashlog itself does not have any implications that the crash was caused by any mods though. crashlog DST_L8 07_09_22.txt
  9. As title states; it was strange enough that an accursed trinket was somehow buried into the stash, so the bug is likely that vs the crash it caused (as I don't believe they are intended to be stored in the first place). Log excerpt attached of the crash crashlog DST_AUS_1 07_10_22.txt
  10. Bug where the pirate ship was unable to change directions after they started retreating from a naval battle. Their boat seemed to be stuck sailing in 1 direction. (Ignore the sweaty frustration panic, I had just died to two rockjaws and was dead + my crewmate was just STANDING THERE not helping) Note: the server has a few mods, but none of them in any way shape or form affect how the new monkey pirates / their boats work. Monkeys stuck rowing.mp4
  11. As title states; player was formerly winona, and then turned into Wonkey. Crash was from nil "health" field, and they were taking fire damage, which caused the server to crash. Crash is generally hard to read through. From DST Creative Mode 2, modded but no mods appear to contribute towards the crash. crashlog DST_F2 07_10_22.txt
  12. As described in title. A player casted the Strident Trident near a boat with an (active) Nautopilot Beacon. The error itself appears to be a nil Physics field; the server it came from is modded with two mods, none of which appear to have caused the crash itself. (crash from DST Creative Mode) Crashlog attached below
  13. It arguably should have never been a feature though. It has never made sense in any way whatsoever, and is a gimmick/flaw versus a feature
  14. Will the accursed trinkets be on your body (and likely picked up by yourself on retrieving your items) to clarify?
  15. This has been (to my memory) a very longstanding "bug" that has been in the game since before the Return of Them updates (to my memory, it originally came about back when the Caves Beta came out in late 2015). Pengulls as a herd do not wake up / fight back when you attack them at night or when they are asleep, and this behavior has never made sense. (Even the targeted pengull does not fight back as much as it normally would). After playing the game for long, and eventually hosting servers/learning how to make mods and code, I eventually ended up reading the penguin.lua code for the pengulls themselves, and seemingly discovered the cause of this behavioral change: their sleep/wake up functions being commented out in the game's code inst:AddComponent("sleeper") inst.components.sleeper:SetResistance(3) -- inst.components.sleeper:SetNocturnal(false) inst:ListenForEvent("entermood", OnEnterMood) inst:ListenForEvent("leavemood", OnLeaveMood) inst:ListenForEvent("onignite", OnIgnite) --inst.components.sleeper:SetSleepTest(ShouldSleep) --inst.components.sleeper:SetWakeTest(ShouldWake) I wanted to ask formally if this behavior (them not fighting back properly on being attacked while asleep as a herd) was intentional or not, as they are the only herd mob that exhibits this behavior in the game, and it makes attacking herds of them at night almost completely a nonthreat (and laughably easy). No logs for this one, and possibly not even a bug.