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  1. Server crashed from someone fighting rockjaws, there is an error in the RemoveEventCallback function. Crash log provided. crashlog DST_SG_E 01_21_21.txt
  2. Same as the critter logic crashes, but the pipspooks avoids in a different logical script I believe? It avoids target versus avoiding hostile enemies. crashlog DST_GE 10_26_20 smallghostbrain.txt
  3. The crash comes from laststartattacktime and has something to do with the boss/mob's attack period? I am personally not sure and did not experience the crash myself in the server.
  4. A script about critter's behavior code for running away from enemies is causing crashes in servers; the bug also affects Woby for Walter. Many critters have caused crashes in servers, and the following logs are all non modded servers.
  5. Server crashes during crab king fights when he transitions to the claw phase; the crash reason is listed below. The server is DST United States Endless, fully vanilla with no mods. It appears to be related to the clamped state of the claws? I did not personally witness the crashes myself, I am only going from the logs. crashlog DST_US_E 10_24_20 #2.txt crashlog DST_US_E 10_24_20.txt
  6. A big thanks to the developers for working (presumably) overtime fixing these! Thank you everyone <3
  7. The update number is the same as the last update number; I believe that will likely cause issues with running the update and servers no? @Jason
  8. Traps not working after: Traps are made and placed. Can only be picked up if it catches its target mob. Videos of bug: This happens in vanilla servers as well, though video has a modded server. Applies to both bird traps and normal traps.
  9. Apparent crash from mast being on fire (possibly a Wolfgang bug too?) Server has no mods enabled (pure vanilla server) Crashlog enclosed crashlog DST_US_7 10_12_20.txt
  10. I don't really know too much about what caused the crash, but the logs indicate that Woby's state change was involved in it. The crash log for the server is from a non modded server and has been provided crashlog DST_US_8 09_08_20.txt
  11. One of the vanilla servers we host (no mods) recently crashed, and this was the server log's crash reason we found: from what we can tell, it has to do with haunting a tackle receptacle (and the user possibly being a Willow) Find attached the server's crash log: the server this happened for was DST United States 2crashlog DST_US_2 05_20_20.txt
  12. I would like to concur that I have found the same bug, and have a log for it: The server this is from is DST United States Private Endless crashlog DST_E3 04_28_20.txt
  13. The profile of a a nerd.

  14. There is a bug from the latest hotfix where the carrat becomes unobtainable from the gym (in specific, the endurance gym) after a few days. The carrat was visible, but the gym could only be examined instead of yielding the carrat in return. Upon hammering the gym, the server crashed, yielding the attached log.
  15. I run a series of public servers and I've observed several crashes from the new update today; a few from the winter's feast table, and one from the fishing weighing scale. The crashlogs are enclosed in this post. All of the servers that crashed do not run with any mods crashlog DSTUS10 12_12_19.txt crashlog DSTUS14 12_12_19.txt crashlog DSTUS15 12_12_19.txt