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  1. Winona's downside is her hemorrhaging hunger when she crafts; she herself doesn't have that many perks to begin with in the first place as well though. Willow's downside of taking 2x freezing damage and retaining less heat from clothing is a downside also... a downside being negatable does not mean it's no longer there. Maxwell's downsides is his low HP, and him summoning shadow minions (using his most prominent power) decreases his maximum sanity; his sanity regeneration also makes it hard to go insane (unless you summon lots of minions). Webber's downside is him being considered a monster and being targetted by pigs, catcoons and bunnymen... It's also harder for Webbers to base with other characters because the presence of pigs, catcoons and bunnymen are pretty common in a lot of bases (especially public server bases)
  2. I also agree with the point about kiting; I personally disagree with OP in that aspect because I think the barrier of skill to kite makes his perk of not losing sanity in most situations fair. In good honesty, if you as a player do not know how to kite/avoid damage well, Walter is going to be an abysmal pick for you; even then, there are certain mobs in game that cannot be kited either way so that is a solid disadvantage. I believe personally that character benefits should not be free from any possible disadvantage and should be more useful/become more viable when the player is more skilled, so I am completely fine with Walter's aspects relating to no sanity loss (except wormholes, that's kinda too much for me) My belief that character benefits should not just be flat out free and have no downsides/costs is why I dislike Woby being so reliable (being free from the start of game, not needing any upfront cost, time or resource to be able to use him as storage). His rideability for such a small cost of 3 monster meat I also think is pretty problematic too; that should be harder to accomplish. I find Woby personally unbalanced, but that's only my humble opinion ~
  3. I'm a veteran player who has played DS/T for thousands of hours and that's where a lot of my opinions about Walter come from; you are not the only one who is very experienced at this game. For starters: The Krampus sack is not a guarantee to even have in the typical game you will play, and takes a tremendous amount of work to actually get unless you got it early out of luck. Bundling wrap also takes quite a bit of time to make + use, and if you're using it on the go to "compress" your inventory it requires the raw items to make it, you having already gotten its blueprint, and the time to actually bundle things. Woby circumvents all this by being available day 1 FOR FREE without any upkeep, time or crafting cost required. For me I think most players see the obvious value in constantly having 9 extra inventory slots, whether it's late game or early game. Late game it's not as valuable as you point out but it still has inherent value. Extra inventory slots will never be not valuable. Veteran players (at least myself) still recognize that death is a possibility, no matter how good you are at the game. That's why taking measures to avoid and making death less harmful like storing food/minerals that mobs can take in your backpack, carrying a life giving amulet and Woby not dropping items are all things that are very practical to prepare for. It's only a free benefit, so why not? I don't play DST with a need to prove that I never die or take hits but I would want to be safe either way The time, effort and amount of resources it takes to procure a rider beefalo is massive, let alone one with a glossamer saddle; I don't think any player would claim it's easy to tame a beefalo because of the amount of time in game and patience it takes to actually have it done. It takes 300 hunger of grass, twigs or other veggie/fruits every day to domesticate that beefalo eventually and you have to craft items to care for it (salt licks, saddles, feeding it still anyway) When an alternative exists (that I think is important to point out is immortal, as a domesticated beefalo can die quite readily) that only requires 3 monster meat to ride and provides a stellar speed boost, that's an amazing amount of benefit to obtain at such a low cost. The amount of value you get from a rideable big Woby for the cost you need to get her to that state is absurdly good Are you suggesting that your entire caves maps are all covered in cobblestone turf? That (like the point above) is an absolutely massive amount of work that can just be circumvented by having a big Woby, which by working in caves and surface is massively easier. I definitely enjoy the amazing speed benefits that I have available to me day 1 of any DST world... The slingshot is nice to use against mobs that are slow, immobile (like tentacles) or things like birds or bunnies that have low HP but normally evade melee attacks. The slingshot is by no means supposed to replace melee weapons because if you want DPS of course use a melee weapon. If a slingshot were to out-damage melee weapons why even bother with melee anymore? For me I think Walter should deal 75% melee damage to give his slingshot more value A portable fur roll is always of course an optional and easy way to raise your stats; sure you can do other things with your time but if you need the HP and sanity in a pinch it's there and it's very convenient to use The sanity loss from being damaged is honestly pretty inconsequential when you consider that he has very effective and easy ways to raise his sanity: the tent, storytelling and being near trees all do this nicely. You keep saying that you get hit but plenty of players do, either because of lag, too many mobs around or just by accident; it's natural that people will get hit eventually, it's not realistic to claim you never get hit. Bundling wrap letting you compress your inventory is nice, but I don't think most people find it preferable to do that; if you can, it's always easier to just store things as they are. I think anyone could reasonably see the value in just having more inventory slots because it's only a free benefit, there's absolutely no downside to having more inventory space. For me the ice rounds are pretty inconsequential because the ice staff has much larger attack range and has the same effective durability for the cost of 1 blue gem: 10 ice ammo rounds having 2x the freezing potential of ice staff is the same as having 20 uses of an ice staff, just freeze twice; it's honestly not hard at all to use an ice staff twice. You keep claiming that you are a veteran of the series and claim to speak for veterans when many veteran players find disagreement about Walter; I don't see how your streaming, your alleged world records or your alleged "most hours in the world" makes your opinion more legitimate than anyone else, if that's what you're trying to imply. These are my thoughts in contrast to yours; the points I did not disagree with I think are pretty reasonable/good points ~
  4. For me when I do ruins, I usually have enough space to carry most things but I end up having to drop things; I don't believe that there are "useless" items in DST, I think there are items that are more useful than others though and of course you would drop an item that isn't as useful as another item you'd keep. For instance, in ruins the sheer diversity in loot means you intrinsically (as a non Walter character) cannot hold all of it (except maybe with Hutch, but even then it's a stretch) since there's 6 different types of gems, nightmare fuel, thulecite, fragments, slurper pelts (which are frequently dropped), melty marbles (also frequently dropped), frazzled wires, and gears, among the other things. The items you find inside chests at the labyrinth/after fighting the Ancient Guardian also take up more inventory space, on top of bringing crafted items at the pseudoscience stations back to surface. All of this means that any possible inventory space you have will massively benefit both your looting (in the actual ruins) capability and your transporting capabilities back to base, which is why I think Woby is really too good for the sake of the game. At least make Woby have a limitation/cost to use or make.
  5. I actually disagree about the points of kiting; yes kiting does solve his issue of taking damage and losing sanity, but some mobs just aren't possible/practical to kite (like the bishop, cave spiders) Kiting is also a skills based issue, and shouldn't be factored in for something all players cannot readily do. As I said above, this makes his characteristic of not losing sanity unless being hit something that becomes more valuable when the player has the skill to utilize it, and I think that's balanced. He should lose sanity from other mechanics though, like wormholes; being able to freely traverse them is a bit unfair to me. Above those, the sanity/health loss itself is very conveniently negated by the portable tent which (over-conveniently) counters his biggest weakness though (it has 10 uses, can be deployed on the go and used very easily) as well as his story telling around the campfire. Walter's storytelling should also not give himself sanity, because why would you telling a story restore your own sanity? It should be a purely altruistic ability, because as it is right now it's basically a free and fast way to restore your sanity.
  6. Sure we would all prefer to not lose things if possible, but you have to admit there's always going to be a certain item that you're more willing to lose right? Like for me I'll typically store all tools, torches, low quantity stacks of common resources inside Chester because it honestly doesn't take that long to organize your inventory. I'm not saying that there's things I want to lose because of course we ideally as players wouldn't want to lose anything in a perfect world.
  7. You're right people always did good, but people do better (unfairly better imo) with Woby. Things in ruins are not useless also in large part... How is Woby a downside in public servers also? You can keep items you don't want to lose in your own inventory, and riding Woby means he cannot be stolen from. Also on top of that Walter having Woby + Chester is just at that point too much (nothing stops Walter from having a chester on top) I don't have inventory management problems, but I do find myself unable to do/hold more frequently in places like caves, lunar island and ruins. Those places require you to transport the maximum amount of distinct items back, and there's no way to do it apart from making a second trip frequently. Especially in ruins when there is such a variety of treasure to bring back to your own ruins base/the surface base, as any other character you're just out of luck and that's part of the challenge. As Walter, those problems pretty much vanish no?
  8. My biggest issue with Walter isn't anything to do with his need to kite or not; my biggest problem with him is that Woby's extra 9 inventory slots is almost game bendingly broken. Having a free 9 inventory slots with absolutely no downside is pretty broken no? You don't need to craft a Woby or feed him anything at all to have him be able to store 9 items He's immortal (he can't die, always follows you) He's available day 1 with no cooldowns or anything like that Inventory space being limited is one of the fundamental limitations in a survival game and in DST as a whole, and Woby circumvents this in an overly convenient way. You're not supposed to be able to hold too many items on you because a restriction on what you can harvest/transport makes the game fair. Especially in certain areas like in the caves, ruins or lunar islands Walter's massive inventory becomes an absurdly good benefit with no practical justification. Another issue with it is that his inventory space benefit is completely independent of player skill to use and benefit from. Almost all other character perks and benefits are in some way augmented by the personal player's skill and knowledge of the game, and that's fair right? For example, Wickerbottom's knowledge of tier 1 science means she can't get the free sanity from cheap science tier prototypes; Willow's lighter doesn't last forever; Bernie is only able to take so much damage before becoming useless; Abigail also has limited HP; Wilson's beard which passively grows requires time to grow and is a negative attribute when summer starts. Wigfrid's bonus damage is mitigated by the player's ability to fight and actually use it, and that's fair. But Woby's free inventory ignores any aspect of actual balance. I think this above anything else needs to be changed in some way to make Walter a more balanced character.
  9. @JoeW Could the recent encounters be changed to allow you to open steam profiles of players you've played with again? This would make it easier to add people you didn't get a chance to add in game, find the profiles of griefers among other things as we were able to do before. For the servers I administrate it's invaluable for people to be able to link the steam profiles of people who have griefed, and players often found the steam profiles in the recent encounters before this feature was changed.
  10. One of the vanilla servers we host (no mods) recently crashed, and this was the server log's crash reason we found: from what we can tell, it has to do with haunting a tackle receptacle (and the user possibly being a Willow) Find attached the server's crash log: the server this happened for was DST United States 2crashlog DST_US_2 05_20_20.txt
  11. I would like to concur that I have found the same bug, and have a log for it: The server this is from is DST United States Private Endless crashlog DST_E3 04_28_20.txt
  12. The profile of a a nerd.

  13. There is a bug from the latest hotfix where the carrat becomes unobtainable from the gym (in specific, the endurance gym) after a few days. The carrat was visible, but the gym could only be examined instead of yielding the carrat in return. Upon hammering the gym, the server crashed, yielding the attached log.
  14. I run a series of public servers and I've observed several crashes from the new update today; a few from the winter's feast table, and one from the fishing weighing scale. The crashlogs are enclosed in this post. All of the servers that crashed do not run with any mods crashlog DSTUS10 12_12_19.txt crashlog DSTUS14 12_12_19.txt crashlog DSTUS15 12_12_19.txt