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  1. It seems I've gotten an extra Helm skin on my account, but I've already weaved all three belongings before they added it as a bonus with the Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe that I've bought. Would I be eligible to obtain the 5k Spools from the Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe Set? (Don't really need the extra Helm skin but more so the spools I've spent, but no rush!) Thanks for helping out.
  2. Don't mean to be rude but just curious, I've purchased the Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe but weaved the Winged Victory Belongings separately, does that change anything, do I get an extra Winged Victory Belongings or do I get the spools spent on the items refunded?
  3. Thank you Klei, I've been waiting for Warly to be added officially to the Constant for so long, ever since I played him on shipwrecked, I've completely fell in love with the character play style and cooking! This is wonderful news! Looking forward for the updates to come! Again, thank you haha.