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  1. Looking forward for more islands, ocean exploration is kind of underwhelming after you've located the Lunar Island, Salt Formations and Deep Sea Bass spawn locations, maybe adding more islands or resources like the salt formation might be interesting or potentially adding a hidden underwater ruins you could explore, similar to the ruins we have now. I do enjoy catching different fishes, so I would be interested if they added more varieties of sea life, tropical fishes and maybe a GIANT CRAB MONSTER as a boss haha. I'm also hoping for more food recipes in the game, can never go wrong with more recipes (I really like cooking and finished recipes in the game haha) When it comes to characters, it's always cool to see more characters and refreshes being made, but I feel like, adding more world generations or world mechanics such as the Lunar Island and the Ruins would be more interesting, but regardless, looking forward to the new character/refreshes nonetheless.
  2. Thank you Klei, I've been waiting for Warly to be added officially to the Constant for so long, ever since I played him on shipwrecked, I've completely fell in love with the character play style and cooking! This is wonderful news! Looking forward for the updates to come! Again, thank you haha.