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  1. The challenge and being able to play with friends should be the best part of playing DST, I love reskins too, but let's not forget the reason we play.
  2. I do, that's probably it, thank you. Gah! Tech is so hard to understand...
  3. I'm so happy to be able to play return of them on my low end laptop, you guys did great on the spec support, thank you guys. However, I think I've ran into a minor bug, whenever I hop on to a boat and hop back on land, the camera seems to be off, my character is no longer in the center of my screen which makes it look kind of odd, I wonder if it's just me, I don't have any server mods enabled and most of the client mods I use don't really mess with the interface. I do like how when you hop onto a boat, the camera pans into a boat view rather than track the player, so that's pretty cool. Would love to know if this is just a bug. Keep it up guys.
  4. Thank you Klei, I've been waiting for Warly to be added officially to the Constant for so long, ever since I played him on shipwrecked, I've completely fell in love with the character play style and cooking! This is wonderful news! Looking forward for the updates to come! Again, thank you haha.