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Merchandising idea: Don't Starve LEGO

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(I'm not actually sure if this is the best place for this, since it's not a suggestion for something to be added or changed in-game, but I don't know where else it should go.)

I don't know how financially feasible this would be in the near future, so this may just be a pipe dream; but if Klei were to partner with LEGO to produce a line of Don't Starve LEGO sets, that has the potential to be amazing. Here's some of the ideas for individual sets I've thought of:

  • Dragonfly's Den set with lava pools, lavae, crispy skeletons and burnt trees, and of course Dragonfly herself. Lots of translucent orange lava and fire pieces in this one.
  • The Ruins Atrium with the Fuelweaver, atrium scenery like pillars and the Ancient Gateway, and some translucent black shadow creatures that are just 2D shapes with 1-stud-wide bases to stand them up on.
  • Deerclops Attack set with some base structures like an alchemy engine/fire pit/crockpot, and a Deerclops coming in to smash the place up. Maybe this one could come with Lego tooth traps.
  • Separate base set that's not being attacked by a Deerclops with stuff like a tent and a basic science machine and some chests in it. Can be combined with the Deerclops attack set for a bigger base. Maybe Chester could be included in this set.
  • Moose/Goose's Nest set with the GMoose and a big hollow egg that would come apart into a couple pieces so you could hide lego moslings in it.
  • Bee Queen's Garden set with the Gigantic Beehive that can be turned into a Bee Queen, some Grumble Bees, beehives, and flowers.
  • Hermit Island set with moon trees and plugged fissures, a house you can build up, and of course a Pearl minifig. Might also come with a DST-style boat for the player characters to arrive on.
  • Ruins set with an Ancient Pseudoscience Station that you could repair by adding more pieces to it. Maybe some broken clockworks, too, and/or some of the shadow creatures I mentioned with the Fuelweaver set if you want to incorporate the Nightmare Cycle into it.
  • Winona's Machines set with a catapult, generator and/or GEMerator, and a spotlight with a little LED in it so you could use it to illuminate stuff for real.
  • Webber set with a tier 3 spider den and some spiders and spider warriors. The ideal basic spider piece would be exactly the same as the Webber minifig's head, just like in the game.
  • Smallish set with Walter riding Big Woby and another character riding a beefalo.
  • Small set featuring Woodie: a minifig of human Woodie, the werebeaver, the weremoose, the weregoose, and a treeguard or poison birchnut tree + birchnutters for him to do battle with.
  • Maybe a small Warly set with his kitchen machines?

There could also be Shipwrecked and Hamlet sets to add even more variety, such as Woodlegs with a sea base, Walani at the Tiger Shark's den, Wheeler exploring some ancient pig ruins, Wormwood in the deep rainforest with some Snapteeth, and Wilba in the pig palace.

Each set would have 1-3 minifigures of player characters in it, and each DST character would appear at least once in the line. I have specific ideas for Winona, Webber, Woodie, Warly, and Walter as mentioned above, but many characters could go in any of them; still, some might be a more apt choice than others for certain sets, like WX-78 and maybe Wigfrid for the ruins, Willow with the Dragonfly, Wendy and Abigail with the Bee Queen, and Wilson and/or Wickerbottom at the base.

Any of the boss-battle sets would be improved by adding separable armor pieces the minifigs could put on, both head slot (hats) and chest slot (those pieces that attach to the neck and go over the minifigure's chest), and by including various weapons like minifig-scale ham bats and thulecite clubs (maybe with shadow tentacles you could attach to the baseplate nearby) and translucent Dark Swords and Glass Cutters.

It would also be a nice touch to have the boss's unique drops as extra pieces in the boss battle sets, the ones that aren't part of their body like Dragonfly's scales or Deerclops's eyeball. Dragonfly's gem hoard, Fuelweaver's bone armor and Shadow Thurible and the rose, and so on.

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