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Volcano does not work under water?

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I tried a design where i had my iron volcano is halfway submerged under water, to produce steam, to run a steam engine, but when the vocano went out of dormancy, no iron appeared, and the volcano was not showing overpressure or any other indication that it fails to spill. Is this a common problem?



No, wait, here it is:


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Geysers are like anything in ONI, they have rules before triggering their status. I have commissioned an artist to explain which tile you can either a) avoid digging to prevent eruptions, or b) must avoid submerging to prevent drowning. 



Mwah. xox

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My little test volcano here was over pressure at 350kg using salt water, but spewed everywhere at 300kg (I worked back from 500kg at 50kg decrements) however once it was erupting it continued to erupt magma until it spilled into the third level above neutronium as shown below.

tl;dr - Someone will already have all these raw numbers i'm sure, I just don't remember any of them sadly. Hope this helps.




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55 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

however once it was erupting it continued to erupt magma until it spilled into the third level above neutronium as shown below

That is what I found as well when testing things last year.



My guess is that vacuum is causing it to not erupt in that top tile. Vacuum has its own rules apparently.

I like to think of geysers/vents/volcanos similar to pumps where the output range is a plus center on the special tile our commisioned artist shared. Gas overpressured at 5kg and liquid at 500kg a year ago. Was gonna test tonight but ran out of time. Should be easy to test tomorrow.

I bet a few mg of chlorine would get the stuck volcano going till it hit 500kg in the third row up.

Of course viscosity and other liquid properties may be involved too.

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Mr. Viscosity - just the man. I noticed It became idle the moment it spewed a packet onto that third level - magma being quite viscous, it took a moment to settle out to the rightmost tiles, but as soon as any magma was on that third row, it became over-pressure.

No time to test tonight as I was tinkering with something for stream, but I wonder if it varies by geyser depending on their output max tile weight, i.e. oil vs pH2O vs magma - all different max tile weights, maybe the checks are tied to that? I'm curious as to why if it's a plus shape as you mention a cool steam vent can be easily swamped with just 2 tiles deep of water :???:

** Derp, you edited as I was reading the thread you linked :D **

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11 hours ago, Lifegrow said:

Someone will already have all these raw numbers i'm sure

They are already known, and available on @f4rtux's amazing website: https://oni-db.com/. He compiles the site directly from the game's open code, so these values are listed in the game file (whatever they actually do is another story). 


This number though may not be exactly at what things stop at, as flow (bound by by viscosity and min.hor.flow) can affect things.

3 hours ago, JoeyMeIs said:

My iron volcano was over-pressured by more then 250 kg of steam pressure, below that it was fine.

The fact that you have 250kg of pressure, whereas it lists 150kg on this site (with viscosity of 100) makes me wonder if the actual value is MaxPressure + (Viscosity Of Liquid) for liquid emitting "magical goodie emitters" (was that the new name @Lifegrow, I can't keep the new vocab straight :) ).

Sounds like a nice place to do some tests, figure out the exact values, make a detailed post, and then plan accordingly.  Unfortunately, work picked up and time is limited. I might get around to it in a week. 

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