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  1. I guess living in exo suits is a solution to dealing the CO2 I get distracted by having lots of big plans and making tons of changes. And I'm not one to dig out the whole map, but I do spread a lot and could never be that super compact. Earlier I noticed that my dupes most of their time traveling. So I installed transport dupes. With plastic thanks to glossy dreckos I got very early on. That made getting heavy industry up less pressing, though I've wanted to do it for ages. I do have a metal refinery up and running though. Just for some small patches of steel here and there. I simply pump up polluted water from a pool and dump it right back in. No fancy cooling needed for that. Not a long term solution obviously
  2. I like this too. That was pretty annoying in aquatuner setups
  3. Maybe I'll try it my next base. It's certainly nice. What I meant is that the sensor doesn't help when you use it naively. I don't think such contraptions should be required and that sensor should be more easier to use. If used "properly" it's fine, but it's just not immediately obvious. And it doesn't make sense. The chlorine gas interacts with the tank, but not the sensor
  4. If it's germ free it's fine, but let's say you have tank -> sensor -> valve -> pipe. So if the sensor detects germs to block the flow, then the germy water sits in the sensor and never gets clean. This is not very intuitive.You'd have to redirect that water back into the tank or something. This could be solved by allowing chlorine to disinfect water in the sensor.
  5. I found the germ sensor doesn't really help. There is a bit of germy water in the sensor, so the sensor blocks, but the chlorine doesn't interact with that water so it always stays contaminated. A low tech solution for the bathroom water is to use manual valves. It takes a long time for excess water to accumulate. So now and then you can close the valve between the water sieve and the clean water tank. Then wait a cycle for the germs to be gone. And then open the valve to empty the tanks into some basin