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  1. It would make it less useful certainly, but it's still better than having to deconstruct pipe segments that may contain stuff
  2. Or we could just not take the whining so seriously. People whine every time something is changed. Mostly because something has changed. The allegedly outrageous power consumption of fridges is really not that bad. And you don't multiple powered fridges until you can afford the power cost, if at all. The automation change fridges really need is to give them smart logic
  3. Those are different dupes. R1 has the skills and R2 is on the rocket
  4. Jeez. It's 500 DTUs. As much as a lamp. It's really impossible to take some of this drama seriously
  5. Never mind. You don't even need a rover really. The easiest is probably to send two dupes in trailblazer modules. That gives you the right amount of materials for a rocket platform:
  6. Have your rover build a rocket platform. Then the rocket can land. For landing on the magma asteroid you'll want to build a crew module that they can live in for a while. Don't plan on building a base there right away. They'll have to live in the rocket until things are set up. For regular asteroids it's possible to drop a dupe with a trail blazer module and have them dig towards oxygen. They can seal the breach after they're in.
  7. The 10 dupes thing is for transporting dupes to another colony. They don't need beds for that. Even then you'll never really move that many at once. For short term living it's usually 1-3 and that's doable That was a stupid exploit. Not the way it was intended to be used
  8. They've teased a radiation powered microwave at some point
  9. No it doesn't. Food with a longer (and even unlimited) shelf life has always existed. Can people please stop it with the silly drama every time?
  10. Ranching hatches is really easy. And you can turn their meat directly into tasty BBQ. BBQ is very overpowered for how easy it is to get
  11. Sandbox and more goal oriented modes are also in no way mutually exclusive. Plenty of games out there do both (e.g. Factorio). If something like this were to get implemented it would just be an option.
  12. The liquid is just there to have something to conduct. And a tiny, bare visible amount is enough for that. It won't cool anything by itself though. You still need a cooling loop through all that.
  13. Using a hydrogen atmosphere isn't strictly necessary. The total cooling doesn't have anything to do with the gas the AETN is surrounded with. But based on my experiments using hydrogen results in a higher rate of cooling. This is noticeable when run something past the AETN in pipes - especially when it's a little hotter. I really like to use it for oxygen cooling. If you use hot geyser water as input for the electrolyzers it can't really cope, but it's perfect with other water sources.
  14. You can turn the AETN on and off by building an airlock door underneath it and open/close that depending on a temperature reading. With that you can run the liquid or gas you want to cool directly through the hydrogen.
  15. Where do you expect them to pick up that water? You either need a pitcher pump or water bottles (from mopping). Then options will appear