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  1. A glass floor allows you to get in lots of decor from below Though I think it's fine if it's impossible or very difficult to compensate. It's an industrial area. Putting in lots of statues doesn't change that. It may become less awful, but I don't think making it super pretty makes much sense
  2. That's not a challenge. It's just waiting for more research
  3. Completely normal. The docks have a huge internal oxygen store.
  4. Not many machines (as opposed to sensors) have outputs. When they do it's to signal a very specific thing like a charge/level or certain things in the space biome. No machine will directly tell you that it's in use
  5. They are still useful for some things. They just aren't the go to solution for industrial cooling anymore, which is very good. They just shouldn't be a replaced for steam turbines and such I use them for certain hotspots until the mid game. Like next to rust deoxidizers. Or when I open a caustic biome close by, a wheezewort can control the hot air drifting in. Next to a water sieve can be good. Another must have for me is in my drecko stable to counteract the heat from the dreckos and prevent the mealwood from being stifled.
  6. The problem with that is that these days single player games are connected to the internet too. People ask questions in forums and read/watch tutorials to learn stuff. And there is an unfortunate tendency in the ONI community to completely dismiss the basic/intuitive solutions and immediately jump to the "exploits"/weird mechanics or whatever one may call it. That's understandable for advanced players who've already tried out everything, but I don't think it really belongs in beginner tutorials. And for newbies it shouldn't be recommended instead of the basic solutions, but that's what often happens. It's also not all that fun when there is one weird mechanic that's obviously so much "better" than some other way to do things, so that it then becomes the main solution for a certain problem
  7. From meteors? That should have been fixed. It's almost certainly voles
  8. Factorio sort of follows that principle. You need a minuscule amount of uranium for fuel cells there. But it works because your power requirements can go through the roof if you build extremely big. In ONI power consumption is a lot more limited and you also have a lot more power generation options in general. So nuclear can't really be too good or it would screw up the game balance
  9. And it has unintended consequences. Other stuff has unintended consequences too. They put stuff in to fix some issue and that has effects that aren't always forseen. Yet people here are acting like all the results of these mechanics are fully intended, are good for the game and can't be criticized. That's such total BS
  10. Why are you tapping into oil wells anyways at this stage? Are you on a map with buried and/or irregular oil? If you are new to the game you should play on standard maps maybe. Normally there is a gigantic pool of oil at the bottom of the map that lasts for a long while. Also if you have to use an oil well, keep it submerged in a tile of oil. Only activate the pump when the oil gets too high. That helps absorb much of the heat. Ranch hatches for coal. They convert part of what they eat to coal. Also produces a lot of easy meat Plastic can also be produced by ranching dreckos. The regular variety produces reed fibre, but if fed live mealwood they turn into a plastic producing variety. You can produce more plastic than you know what to do with without even touching oil or building a plastic press. But even when you have buried/irregular oil, there should be small bits of oil lying around that you can collect and refine. Arbor trees don't exist on all maps. Same with some other things. Some of the asteroids miss certain materials. You can get seeds for them from the printing pod sometimes
  11. Pay attention to the overheat temperature of buildings and what materials can increase it. For basic metals you generally have gold amalgam (+50°) and steel (+200°) when higher temperatures than the standard 75°C is needed. In this case use a steel pump
  12. This principle is something a lot of people seem to overlook when they claim that everything in the game is working exactly as designed and that every weird mechanic is fully intended. Some of these things are just side effects of other mechanics. For example infinite storage. Teleporting materials around may sometimes make sense in general. But the game doesn't check the pressures to see if it should be possible in a specific situation. It's likely that that was done for performance reasons just to cut down on the number of calculations. Maybe infinite storage just wasn't foreseen. Or maybe it was accepted as a compromise where the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. In any case that doesn't necessarily mean that the developers put it into the game on purpose and that it thus can't be criticized.
  13. It was about both. So the petroleum can still help in some situations. Having a layer of petroleum on the bottom also lets you easily make two tile high steam chambers by putting some water on top.