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  1. I hope it stays in some way. I guess they wanted to make research rockets more interesting. Doing science in space fits with real life space exploration. But the planetarium has one of the coolest animations in the game. Would be bad to lose that
  2. This childish BS again Heavy-watt backbone + transformers is obviously the way Klei intends most people to play. There is nothing to discuss about that. Same as with other mechanics that are meant to be the norm. The game mechanics allow other solutions and things in some cases. But just because Klei doesn't patch them out doesn't mean they are intended to be standard gameplay for most people. As advanced options for experienced players they are fine, but it's questionable to recommend that kind of stuff for newer players.
  3. That sounds more like a feature than a bug Should be consistent though, so no using toilets or eating in atmosuits
  4. That post wasn't just about branching off with transformers. That was only briefly mentioned at the beginning. It's not really a tutorial about the electric grid, but cheesing things with switching batteries and running multiple kWs over a single normal wire. That's something you can do, but it's not the way things are supposed to work. It's something for advanced players, but not for people who struggle even with a normal grid. So saying "none" was a bit overstated. The beginning under "power grid theory" is relevant. The rest can be ignored. The way the power grid is intended is that you have a heavy watt backbone connecting the producers.You place batteries to buffer power and switch generator prioritiy. And then you branch off with transformers to consumers. Even then you don't necessarily need automation on the consumer side for a long time. Eyeballing things can be fine. You know how often certain machines are used and can spread them over different wires accordingly. There are just some things you know will be very rarely used. Or they only activate for a brief moment now and then like many autosweepers. And then there things you know will run a lot like aquatuners or electrolyzers where you don't want to put more on a wire than they can really handle. With the bunker doors you have the issue that they only run rarely, but when they do they consume a lot of power at the same time because all of them open or close together. At least in case of a meteor storm
  5. None of that nonsense is ever needed. You can easily exceed the limit of a wire just by realizing that not everything on it will necessarily run at the same time. So you can have 3-4 kW worth of machines on a 1kW wire as long as you don't consume all that at the same time.
  6. Yeah as an alternative to meteors it would be a decent incentive to build bunker tiles/doors again
  7. There is a new pill in the apothecary. Just needs coal
  8. Why is the Large Liquid Fuel tank under "Advanced Caffeination"? It doesn't run on coffee
  9. Yeah, in most cases dupe interaction would be perfectly fine. For me the main advantage over vanilla isn't that it doesn't require dupes, but that you don't have to deconstruct a pipe segment that contains something. So you don't get a mess when you rearrange something
  10. From the patch notes. Only the type of oxidizer matters for the ratio:
  11. Ah now I see the magma. It's both though. This always happens on that map. This also happens in regular ONI in the oil biome. In the oil biome you can find certain spots of abyssalite that are hot in the top layer. And the oil always boils to petroleum there. Sometimes to sour gas. Because contrary to what the game says it's conductivity is not actually zero. Same thing is happening here with the water. It's why the upper layer should be cool.
  12. Maybe this is intended, but it wasn't always this way: Also on the left the water is instantly boiling again because the upper layer of the abyssalite is several hundred degrees. Wasn't that supposed to be fixed a few patches ago? I think I checked it and it worked briefly at one point (with there being a cool upper layer). Now it seems to be broken again.
  13. It's how to feed it that I didn't understand. Dupes don't bring anything to it and you can't load it with autosweepers. Apparently you have to drop the food right on the tree tiles
  14. How does the sap tree work? I only looked at it for a few cycles in sandbox/debug mode and all I see it doing was attack things. People say you need to feed it food, but it's not eating anything.
  15. Tungsten volcanoes spawning within the border to the magma biome is causing another kind of failure on the sap tree planet