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  1. Shove voles dropping less meat is not an issue. They could really reduce it all around since voles are extremely OP. You can easily end up with way more meat than you know what to do with. In general I feel that barbecue is too good though. It's enough as the standard diet in most cases, which makes food with more ingredients unattractive, no matter the calorie count.
  2. Yeah, but it's not really in a place where it can be expanded Whatever it's supposed to be there should be some more thought into what it's supposed to do and how to to best realize that
  3. As said, your wiring is messed up. You could run that coal generator on a single regular wire, but there is no reason to hook up two transformers to it. For up to 2kW you can use conductive wire. And only beyond that heavy watt wire (or if you don't have refined metal). Heavy watt wire would be appropriate if you use have several coal generators in a row. And then the transformers to distribute that among several 1kW subnets.
  4. The temp shift plate definitely works, almost instantly, but it may be the abyssalite that's the issue
  5. Try some other hot material. Maybe diamond or some stone. Plastic melts at 160°C so you don't need that much heat
  6. I'm not sure there is a place for more recreational buildings either. Sure they can be added, but there are already more than you ever need. There simply isn't enough time to use all of them.
  7. I think the frozen dupes were recently changed so they don't have negative traits anymore
  8. Yes! Easily one of the best building animations in the game
  9. As noted above, no. You world generation will still be the old one, but other changes will immediately take effect
  10. The solid fuel truster is an addition to a regular rocket engine. Just like with many real life rockets See also:
  11. Same issue here all of a sudden. Sometimes it's not even downloading in the workshop. If something downloads nothing is being installed in either mod directories (Steam and the ONI MyDocuments folder). ONI is the only game that does this
  12. I don't know. I liked the idea that it's on a somewhat difficult to tame asteroid and thus endgame content even more clearly
  13. It would make it less useful certainly, but it's still better than having to deconstruct pipe segments that may contain stuff
  14. No it doesn't. Food with a longer (and even unlimited) shelf life has always existed. Can people please stop it with the silly drama every time?