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Would you like to see a new finale boss?

Would you like to see a new finale boss added to the Lunar Island (similarly to Fuelweaver)?  

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Ehhh, I dunno, I think I'd prefer more naturally spawning mini bosses in the constant, something like Varg or Spider Queen. A "final boss" doesn't really sit well with me ever since all the hub-bub with Fuelweaver leaving on a cliffhanger. For all the effort, you get some spooky scary skele-bone stuff and a portal swirl animation. :distrust:

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Personally, no.

We already have a boss with a bunch of "final boss" vibes. If you never defeated Ancient Fuelweaver, then that would fill your void.

And as don't starve does not have an actual ending, i think that's the closest we will get to a having an actual final boss.

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1 hour ago, TheGoldenDonut_ said:

The Crab King could be part of something bigger, like different bosses drop different parts of the celestial tribute, ya know?

As we're almost sure that the celestial tribute will have more craft possibilities, you're right. We could see the crabking as the ancient guardian.

Add a craft which need an item from a 2nd boss to come, before that "final boss", and it's done. As we have to do all Pearl's quests first, we have our long journey to that big boss.

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I’m not a fan of bosses in this game, I didn’t buy the game to fight boss after boss after boss, I bought it to explore biomes and fight not bosses, but mobs in general. Fun mobs.. with unique attacks, that do not just feel like reskins of already existing mobs They took for example the Deerclops Ice smash attack, and applied that to Lunar Islands shattered Spiders- a smaller non-boss mob now has a feature that was formerly exclusive to a boss.

I would like to see a epic fight between a possessed Charlie spawning new and terrifying shadow creatures as you fight her and Them, and you have to free her from Them’s influence which in turn- Unlocks Charlie as a playable character. 

But outside of that, I want more biomes, with more places to explore, and more mobs over “Just one more boss..”

that’s what you guys always say, they add it, you beat it and then your back wanting more. Meanwhile- I want Large biomes full of familiar and not so familiar mobs.

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