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  1. Have you seen it?


    Have you seen her?

    The game finally begins...


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    2. Lucenix


      Hmmmmmm Rube Goldberg's solution:

      Setup a disposable e-mail either at home or on your phone while at school (I personally have a and send to yourself the files you need to drop off. While at school, log in into that e-mail and just download the files into the supposed computer (that is, if it has access to the interwebs)

    3. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Wouldn't the files get infected too? I feel like... AUTORUN.inf does that... What a wonderful idea, though. I email myself... Most of the time at least. It's a worm virus, worm viruses can pass through emails too... Shoot.

    4. Lucenix


      Yeah if the target/drop off/supply drop computer is infected, the garbage email gets infected... make sure you never access it through something you want to keep safe and never email out from it: it only receives emails. I'd believe that would keep your "real" email safe.

  2. Öne?! Ha!! A Viking never raids alöne, yöu fööl!
  3. Just to be different
  4. Humans eat plants, he's only being fair
  5. Writing about lore is the best way to lie to myself and feel like I'm studying...

  6. Better late than never xD Never got over 100 days so that number for me is an achievement already
  7. At which day do you all usually kill them? (have never done it myself)