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  1. It's good and all but Charlie asks Winona how much time has passed, so I think time goes on faster outside than inside.
  2. Öne?! Ha!! A Viking never raids alöne, yöu fööl!
  3. Just to be different
  4. Why don't you want lore for him :c he could explain a lot about the world... Probably about what's happening outside the Constant at the exact moment RoT is happening (assuming he comes from the real world) Perhaps he is the "another one of your kind" that passed through the Gorge!
  5. Humans eat plants, he's only being fair
  6. Writing about lore is the best way to lie to myself and feel like I'm studying...

  7. Better late than never xD Never got over 100 days so that number for me is an achievement already
  8. At which day do you all usually kill them? (have never done it myself)