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  1. So do you think they should be renewable if they become extinct ? That question could fit with many things, and it could be a global thread. I think it's fine if some things are not renewable, it's an aspect of the game's difficulty. Trees for example. Once I thought that if I lose all the trees, I would be done. They could burn, being changed into stones. So I liked to keep "tree seeds", few stacks in order to rebuild a forest. I like this possible idea. Sometimes I cleared big areas for future plans, and what a surprise to see those areas full of trees again. Loosing rare things because of accidents is fine to me. We know it about beefalos. It's not so hard to check their area. Sometimes they're on a small piece of land, in the middle of spiders zone. Like in my game, that sucks, but I just had to clear the nests.
  2. That's what I won't never understand, a kind of unfair state with Wolfgang as I'm reading you. But it's not. Why do you force yourself to switch for Wolfgang if you think he's too poweful ? Wouldn't you switch if he was nerfed ? Why would you use him if he's nerfed ? To train him and having the same result ? So you play with Wilson, and at some point, you'll think "what a waste of ressources if I'm fighting the dragonfly with Wilson, lets take the power" ? And beyond that, a "waste of time" with any other character (that time suject kills me). So as always, Klei should totally erase the Wolfgang possibility because you'd be sure you won't switch for him. But without this power, what become to all this waste ? I really hope they'll never nerf him. Especially when nerf is asked for bad reasons. We don't need balance between characters, but eventually good and fun downsides without nerf.
  3. Ok. I saw a picture above, with different steps. Does it mean we have to wait, or is it instant ?
  4. By chance I have my 360 spiced powder cakes. AH AH AH ! And I'm a console true no console player !
  5. Adios 47 gardens and mass producing. Wicker and Warly are crying. Ah you wanted harder ! We need bottles to do a recipe ! Is that recipe worth it ?
  6. Hi, I just get the update on xbox but I didn't find the new biome. Is it possible that my world gen could be a problem (old game), so the new biome doesn't appear ?
  7. Light on top of the mast. Excellent. As it is for the lightning. Now, what do you think of a special boat cooking station ? Smaller than what we have, I mean not as large as the crock pot. Everystuff you'll add for boat and boat only, in order to have space, will be great. I love that light, that was a big wish.
  8. Trees everywhere ! I tried to clear half of a forest biome, but I let some days pass and I think I'll need to do the same work again. What can I do to be sure to let it clear ? Take out the turf too ? And near my base, autumnal biome, that was crazy too. I'll try again then.
  9. There was a small update right now. Important changes ?
  10. I'm playing on console master late race, so I would like so much to try it out. I'll wait. If her stuff is flammeable, yeah, that's my question. Is there any chance to be stopped on the quest road because someting would disappear or be destroyed.
  11. But what would happen if her bee box gets fire ? Or drying meat ? Could we replace the bee box, and still make the bee/flower quest ? Will she react by losing some stuff by fire ?
  12. Is there dogs attack on this island ? I'm thinking about red ones, could fire destroy some important things, lady's things ?
  13. And all these tasks are the only way to have the pearl, in order to make the "good" fight against the boss, in order to have the tribute ? So the boss respawn every 20 days ? At the same place ?
  14. That's the same bug I had with the carrat's reward ? At this place, I see water now, I mean a kind of splash when you drop something in the water. 2 times and it stops. (xbox)
  15. I get that and I'm ok, but its form makes me think to a kind of idol, which could represent a monster. So... Everything related to Them, could it be only on the sea ? Maybe a weird question. The moon biome fall on the sea. This new important piece must be found after a fight with a sea's creature. So other question (Lovecraft inspiration), what the deepness of this sea is hiding ? What do you think about an underwater temple/ruins ? Is it the next step ? Going underwater and explore his secrets ?