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  1. Let's ask for an iron mine first. We could... make nails for a better boat, at least.
  2. It would be nice if some set pieces could change every year. I don't know how, but I'd like it.
  3. I wanted to keep a pause option. And we have 2 possibilities: when we open the crafting menu, and when we open map/inventory (these 2 works together). So I desactivated the pause on map/inventory, because when I open the crafting menu, it pause the game, and if I open the map just after, I keep the pause. And finally... it's fine like that. I did refill once my minor hat during a pause but I wasn't sure how I did it, I'll try your trick, thank you.
  4. Could it be possible for Klei to use all Wagstaff do for creating islands like that, with portals which give us a view of other planes. Monkeys this one and some Shipwrecked style, but as Wagstaff testing his stuff, he could make appear other things, from other planes, on other islands. Until... something ?
  5. Why thulecite walls doesn't reset when we reset the ruins ? Did we already have a ruins update/rework ?
  6. Will it be more specific or will they leave that loot as it is: weird.
  7. Ok, I misunderstood (my english...). I don't know why I understood there maybe was a kind of fragile state in these docks, like damage overtime. Whatever. Hmm, I guess a kind of joke I'm not sure to be aware of about this guy.
  8. NEW MASSIVE Curse of Moon Quay Update - Don't Starve Together Guide [BETA] - YouTube I saw that video. At 5'50, he said "docks breaks eventually...", but didn't explain why... I don't get it. Why it breaks in this video ?
  9. Mods on console would sound like christmas. I remember when mods came on console for Fallout 4 and Skyrim...
  10. I read that, but whatelse can destroy them ? If not by me.
  11. What's the condition for them to break ? I have 5 boats between the main land and the moon, is worth it to put these new docks ? What kind of danger should I try to avoid to preserve them ?
  12. He just wanted to chill in Shipwrecked, so he kicked the monkeys to our world for some peace. Next move: the volcano. See, I knew it.
  13. What a pain in case of important stuff. Cursed and big loss. Sound too much but we'll see.