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  1. And Winona's repair kit. Easier to craft than the normal one.
  2. One day, on DS reign of giants, I had a wormhole which lead me to a small island. Forest biome, almost the screen size. That was weird. I didnt use it for anything, but the archipel idea in DST could be something. Or at least 1 or 2 separate pieces. On your screen, the moon biome is so close that building a real bridge is like a priority. Could Klei manage to put the moon island always far from the main land, or as we see, its random, but should it be random or should we all have a minimum of distance ? I'm fine with the random thing. But give me "constructibles".
  3. I want to see DST in 5 years. There is so many good ideas readable on this forum, that it's impossible to not see some of them in the game. One day MAYBE. I would like to complete the iceberg one. They could come from a frozen land, temporary, in winter only. We would have to follow the iceberg path to find it. And seeing some mobs doing specific things is a must have. We already have a pig turning upset if we steal his vegetables during the day, right ? So why not seeing him working on his garden. Maybe reacting if we steal during the night: He'll put some traps or any defenses the next day. He could buy a dog... Theres many things which make me laugh as I'm writing, even things like seeing a pig taking a flower, smell it and being happy, dancing. With his old hat, old beard and his old doggo, defending his 9 carrots agains players. I like the idea of one time/thing, rare, but I think some evolutions would be nice too. This pig could turn crazy if we steal more than once, or sad, he will depress, givin up his garden, or we could help him by some ways, or let him be. We could see different stages depending how we interact with him.
  4. I found a funny one, nerf the possibility to give 160 light balls to a werepig. He could die, or worst, after like 52 balls. - He could explode with a white light effect. Give you back some balls, not many, with half durability. - Or he'll transform in a bigger werepig. Kind of mini boss. Will give you big theeth, for a new weapon. Random surprise. Biggy werepig could be rare.
  5. The thread idea could be more specific, because "nerf and buff" in general way, leads to a kind of messy thread. At the end, if you play with all the ideas, you're in a world where you need 3 meats for meatballs, but if you eat more than 2 meatballs a day, you'll die. Maxwell has like 20 minions, with marble armors, no speed penalty. Building a boat would be dangerous if you have already one. Farming carrots or corn would ask for a blueprint, which is hide somewhere, where you'll die. I could fix a torch on my helmet, having 2 weapons, one per hand, with amulet, armor and bagpack at the same time. Books are more expensive, but we can still having 160 poop in less than one day. So lightballs plant would be nerf. Papyrus ? Well I'm stacking some, close to a full chest. Sanity ? Im ready with 160 green champ. Because I prepare that phase (in real). And when I'll be ready I'll switch to Wicker to switch then to Warly. But nerf the book is not the problem imo. Make it disappear would be easier. I agree with someone above. Its not a competition. Survival doesnt mean hardcore for everything. It also means time and patience. Do you want to nerf my habilities to stack 360 papyrus, 360 poops and mushrooms ? Do you think I'll get impacted by a higher price for books ? Do we really need that nerf on books ? What can we do when we did everything ? Make it harder until it will become easy ? A friend bought the game yesterday. It was SO funny to hear him screaming because he died 3 times because of the night while he was looking the craft tables. "Fuuuuuuck AAAaaaah I dont have a torch ! Oh crap I'm dead. Pffff". Day 1. I told him. He wont be patient, I'm sure of it. And I'll give him all the advices I can. I dont know why but I'm really happy to see someone starting this game. He's innocent ! Ah ah ah ! I dont want to fight with people and theirs ideas, because I'm sure there will be some good things, so you can take me easy. But its already a game which doesnt give you any rest, or just for 1 or 2 minutes. And when I think about it, I think about more real contents than nerfing my poors 2 honey ham. I think more contents and mobs and bosses and biomes and islands could lead to a more difficult journey. A long hard path, if you want to explore it. But as a personnal wish, I want a first buff on SET PIECES. Structures, one or two people somewhere, like that crazy goat and his little friend, locked ways, buy or find the key, the tree guard rings and the spider ring. Theres always space for that. There's space for many set pieces. My world is so poor speaking of set pieces. Its a shame, but I can't have few games of 1700 days each. We should have them all, no biomes without 1 or 2 set pieces. 1 big, 1 small. It will give a different look, and not a bad one. And Klei already have them. I wish I could please them for an update "all_set_pieces".
  6. When I see all the new fishes, all different spinners and spoons (damn, how many new guides on youtube ? I wanted specific animals per season, does it mean some fishes will be available on some seasons only ?), well... I just want a proper sea station, where I could leave my boat, hard and secure ground for my fisherman's home. Just a small piece, nothing more, with space enough for few things. Pleeeease.
  7. I'd rather like to see improvements on food and how to get it. Like specific vegetables each seasons, or more specific animals that we could only find in the right season. An official table for crafting potion would be nice though. We have the halloween one but we could easily complete it, with potions for light, damage, speed, dark vision, friendly potion, make an enemy a friend, dark magic, ETC.... Drinks for magic ! Where's the ancient dungeon to find the blueprint ? I'm ready !
  8. I wanted some tentacle spikes, so I visited all big tentacles. I dont have many of them, like 6. But with gun powder and a good torch, I bring 11 spikes. More than expected.
  9. Ancient Gateway

    So let's go for bridges too. Now that we use boats as bridges, we could have this possibility, wood or stone, both. That would mean great sea mega base.
  10. Ancient Gateway

    The fact is that the sea leads to so much more than something related to The Return of Them. The possibility of any type of island you want, any biome, is huge. I hope they'll have unexpected ideas. If "new lands", so the moon is just the 1st one. Do you think we'll have a cave one ?
  11. Hi, I'm playing on xbox and I have few questions: Am I supposed to find pumpkins on the ground ? I explored all my world, on surface, to find trinkets and I realised there was no pumpkins anywhere. I didnt go back in the cave since Halloween, do we find trinkets on the ground there too ? And I understood the candy bag has no limit, but I'm stuck at 40 per slot. Maybe I misunderstood ?
  12. Great music always helps to make great games. I wish we could have more different musics each seasons. And what about the music on the moon biome ? Will we have one ?
  13. I would desperately check the forum ever day and wait for the update, speculating on this, imaging further, on something else that wouldn't never happen. Happy to see the show goes on. Klei, don't let us starve.
  14. Dark Sword Skin!!!

    Maybe... But if you check the new pick axe skin, it is for the normal one, which we dont use anymore once we have gold enough. I'd prefer to see, in this case, a gold version too. As I'm far in my game, I'll never craft the normal one, even for a new skin. The numbers of different spears just above is a good exemple too. We'll prefer craft hambat or dark sword.
  15. 2019 Hallowed release on Xbox?

    That's weird. Do they have a larger issue ? Still nothing.