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  1. Light on top of the mast. Excellent. As it is for the lightning. Now, what do you think of a special boat cooking station ? Smaller than what we have, I mean not as large as the crock pot. Everystuff you'll add for boat and boat only, in order to have space, will be great. I love that light, that was a big wish.
  2. Cheese is a bad word. If you use 4 catapults and flingos on Toadstool. It's not a cheese, it's just easier. Especially when you're alone. It's not "unnatural". Easier is enough. Abusing the ancient guardian on a pillar is different.
  3. I have an example, but on Dark Souls 3. When you see that already poor poor guy, but very happy, creating a thread "I beat that boss !". It's the first Dark Souls he play so he's happy to share. And here we come: - GG ! - GG but how many HP did you have ? - Oh, ok. And how many stamina ? - Ok. Which weapon did you use ? - Hmm. But what was your strengh stat ? And then we fall in some stupid (IMO) considerations who leads to: You maybe beat him but you cheesed him. It's stupid when some players starts thinking we shouldn't use what devs gives us to play with. So they... restraint (?) themselves , just because it feels like the "right way" the devs thought the game (yeah sure, by not playing with all they created...). Poor guy, really. Shame on him.
  4. It seems that they'll have a real ground table chess. Damn. Klei, could you create a new set piece like that for DST please ? And why not some mysteries to find out by putting the pieces at the right place ? Playing for real seems hard I guess, but they could move alone, like a script, every full moon. Hmmm. A real chess biome too ? I don't have smartphones, sorry !
  5. I'll be disappointed if this rework would be only about beard. I mean everything you wrote could be the 1st chapter of his rework. I had this idea of "failed crafting" in a recent same thread, but it was from a special crafting station he would be the only one to have (it leads to his own tab), and my idea was not failed craft but random craft if he failed. As you said, he beat the adventure mode and sit on the throne, even if he didn't stay long. So the question is: What power we have when we sit on throne ? Maxwell have some answers: Does he have this quote by looking tall birds: A failed experience or something like that ? So I'll repeat that Wilson deserve his own tab with few unique crafts, like something similar to the alchemy station from Halloween event. Because he should have some knowledge from his throne's experience. His weirds ideas should perfectly fit in a weird world like the constant. A kind of success time, whatever he'll craft. The meat effigy should have a rework though, it should have different skins depending on who craft it.
  6. You can't change the global line of the game. Whatever Minecraft. So in some other games, if you're level 52, you can't play with a level one, just because it doesn't make sense. What I said about settings is something you could see like a step by step. You're not create a long term world, you're just think about the basics. First ressources, first useful items, recognize all biomes. One day you talked about friends who didn't know how to cook on a fire camp. I want to say "Men, come on !". Become a teatcher for them, what could I say ? Then when they'll know how to make a proper first base, erase everything, and restart without warning, add winter or hounds, or whatever. We could imagine tons of "lessons" by playing with the settings. And guess what, you will have this progressive world, on many aspects, which lead to the hardest, the fuelweaver. I'm sorry, but as I'm reading you, you have no choice. You maybe dream of a dream team to rule this game, and I could understand. But if your friends can't learn, Klei doesn't have to do something, or change the game. A studio like From Software never put easy mode on Sekiro or Dark Souls, there's reason, and they're totally right. Casualize games leads to broken games, sometimes. And some people won't be able to play Dark Souls, never. That's it and it doesn't mean something bad. The thing is DST can help newbies, with settings, it's your only option. So help your friends, help them discover step by step and get used to everything.
  7. Some people gave you some answers about that in another thread. I'm sorry for your newbies friends but they'll have to start day 1 and learn the game. And settings is the best tool to make a "Program for newbies". You can turn off bosses, hounds, fire, desease, less rain, very long autumn, etc, etc, ETC.... No needs PC and mods to create a perfect newbie world in order to learn the basics. Make it, do it for your friends. Together doesn't mean specific rules on your character only, as you could fight some enemies your friends couldnt see. NO. This game already give us this kind of progression when we start it. Autumn, then level 2: Winter and first boss. Level 3: Rain, thunder, wet, insane because of being wet, fighting nightmare creatures. Level 4: auto fire, base destroyed. Ground shaking, base destroyed. A non stop learning moment. As Szczuku said, some things should be locked behind a time door, AND behind some specific actions. And we're not talking about difficulties only. It could be about items, or getting access to a specific area, there's tons of possibilities. Like an artic biome could take 3 winters to be done.
  8. We're speaking about pig's village, but we want village before pigs, maybe ? Let pigs being some wild pirates, and to make distinctions with Hamlet, let's hope for new civilised mobs.
  9. I think he should have his own tab, even if he's a bad scientist. As Maxwell acted on his brain, he should know some things. At least he know how to build a portal right ? And more than that, he stayed a few on the throne, another reason to give him some weird craft. For example, there could be one where the result would be random, random because he's not a genius. I would like to see a little explosion at the end, and his hair, and his face, would be messy for half a day.
  10. Perfect place for a question I maybe missed, why no statue for the ancient guardian ? And weird but some "victorious statues" for shadow pieces ?
  11. Wow, scorpions are almost the 1st wish. I'm not against, but there's clearly better to add before that. Pig village with shops on a new island would be good. Add some quests. Interiors leads to many, many things in my opinion. If I'm correct, ruins in Hamlet are technically interiors right ? If so, I think we're all waiting for little dungeons. Then houses, but houses... Weird but I'm not sure as I could be for interior cabin for boat, as someone suggest on the Trash Sailors thread.
  12. If it's related to the water, we'll maybe find this somewhere on sea. I would like to be sure for a new cave biome, unless we find some.... sea cave, why not ? A sort of dark lake with a little island in the middle, with ruins if it could avoid a 3rd server. I bet on a sea biome at the end.
  13. Thank you. Didn't buy Hamlet yet, but I will I guess. I watched so many streams on its first release on PC, want to test it myself !
  14. Is anyone have issues with the world settings on xbox ? It doesn't appear for me. I only have the green back screen, but no board with all settings and then I can't come back to the menu.