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  1. And we don't know yet if the fuelweaver's journey will have a role at the end, like having some specific items in order to help us.
  2. Hi, I would like to confirm something. This update let us with 2 unsolved mysteries, the sealed portal in the archives and this "under construction" orbe around the 3 celestials on moon island ? Some infos or theories on that ? Maybe use this orbe to open the portal ? Could lead to a boss fight ? A kind of atrium-like ?
  3. So, as I said, it's a communication problem. But it's not a dst problem. In many multiplayers, we have some specific goals, and when they are only a few goals, it's easier to play without speaking. Dst is so large that we can't expect a good organization without organization, that's all I said. Is it a default, I don't think so. Teamplay is your only way, like in every multiplayer, but more in dst. Go in public, find one or two serious people, and restart a proper game. Don't take my words so bad, it wasn't mean, sorry. It's your only way to enjoy a long game.
  4. Communication. That's what you search for. Like in EVERY multiplayer. Basics. "blablabla" is the purpose, not necessarely making friends. I can't understand why people complaining that there's no teamplay when they play with strangers who doesnt communicate. What do you want ? What do you need ? Teamplay is not a magical feature when you have so many open roads in front of you, in front of each players and their needs. You're maybe weird too !
  5. You can forget any different modes. It would be a waste of time and ressources for Klei. One sand box, one mode only, and yes, it means no hard mode. All the contents should be in the main game, the only mode we have. It's the same reason why they don't want to restart gorge or forge, for now. They have to make a choice. But I'm for dungeons, or any ruins. Interiors like in Hamlet. Npcs of course. More islands, more biomes, increasing the size world, because we'll never have many big islands with the actual size. Wilson will have his own rework, so more than his beard I guess. For hounds, there's no better than a trap field. I'm not sure if I want to let red hounds alive... We never know what can happen. We need more "journeys" like all the quests we make until the fuelweaver. Or pearl, then pearl's pearl, crabking, artefact, etc... We don't know where it leads yet. And my favourite old idea which replace any hard mode: being able to change the nature of the entire world, with a kind of spell, after a kind of "journey", which create new challenges.
  6. The biggest problem is the knowledge. Thanks internet, guides and wiki... Because what would it be without them ? There's no guide at all ingame. The question could be not about the difficulty, but about the amount of players who figure out by themselves most of the things. The Fuelweaver journey is a good exemple. Starting by repairing the marble statues and return to them on full moon. Then it's only the start... What is the chance to be at the right place, at the right time for some things ? You could beat a first big tentacle, going in that hole and reappearing on the other side of the map. You could think "ok, shortcut, is it worth it ?". And if you don't try all of them, you may not discover the atrium. I guess there's tons of exemples. So I think it's a hard game, because it's hard to find out everything this game has to offer, on your own.
  7. The duo hunger/thirst is not such excessive. I'd add dirt meter for shower.
  8. Hunger and thirst are the basics in any kind of survival. Many people here are asking for more survival aspects. So why not ? "boring" ? Well if you give me a new crafting station for drinks, few new ingredients, so not only for simple water but it could lead to few special potions, I wouldn't say no. "Survival", you remember ? "where is the survival in the uncompromising" ? In the basics first, maybe ? I'm actually trying Fallout 76, whatever we think about this game, and thirst is a big part. It's not easy at the beginning to have clean water, but we have food recipes for hunger and thirst at the same time, like soup. Saying it's boring seems like... a false state ? Is it boring as chopin trees ? Going for grass ? Making food recipes ? With a new station, new ingredients, new recipes, new effects, I would sign for, and everybody should. It would have to be really complete, a total crafting system.
  9. Bridges, as seen above. Great idea for cave. The same for main land but the opposite curve. Different types, wood, stone, marble. Time would slowly destroy them and we'd have to repair them. Improve the sea chests loot. More specific items for boat life. Let us forget the firepit. I would like a new heat source where we'd able to cook too. A kind of small furnacle.
  10. People have problems with "wip". Work in progress. They don't take it as what it is, and sometimes, even if they watch a 48 minutes video with "work in progress" on the top of the screen, + "work in progress" on the bottom right, + a narrator saying "all what you see is a work in progress, it can be changed or modified, dont forget it.", then all of this is not even enough. Sometimes, on some forums, it's a real nightmare. I'm not talking about DST. So you could be disapointed, at the end. But why would you be now as everything still grow ? As it's not finished ? You're not only have your answer in your question, but you see it too. RoT is still growing.
  11. I agree with that. (For boats... I like what we have, but we can have more and I bet on more upgrades to come). But it makes sense that the bigger parts will come after. I mean the atrium came without the fuelweaver, right ? Did someone complain about the empty arena at this period ? She sells sea shells was a major update, just because it gives us an important tool, even if we don't know his role yet. And it's not difficult to say we'll have to do Pearl's quests, then beat the crab (Just like the ancient guardian, and the shadow pieces) in every game if we want to go forward. Isn't it what we wanted ? A reason for sailing ? With danger as we're sailing ? Dangerous sharks, plants, biomes full of weird creatures, and probably more. What ? An idiot's whispering in my head, "let's wait for the finish line". Yes, that's all I could say. If we miss something, I'd say... the end of this large changes. Yes, that's what we all want. Stop, we're, you're not ready. The big secret plan, it's coming. I said stop. It will come. Patience is a vertue. Not for everyone. You're right. I'm wrong. Down is the new up. We're all done. The constant win, always. There's no end, fools. What's next ? After the end ? Yes, after the end. What's coming, after the end ? Should I ask Wilson, or Wes ?
  12. Light on top of the mast. Excellent. As it is for the lightning. Now, what do you think of a special boat cooking station ? Smaller than what we have, I mean not as large as the crock pot. Everystuff you'll add for boat and boat only, in order to have space, will be great. I love that light, that was a big wish.
  13. Thank you. Didn't buy Hamlet yet, but I will I guess. I watched so many streams on its first release on PC, want to test it myself !
  14. Is anyone have issues with the world settings on xbox ? It doesn't appear for me. I only have the green back screen, but no board with all settings and then I can't come back to the menu.