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Strange things happening in my SINGLE-PLAYER world???

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I've tried posting about this before, but its been taken down every time I've tried, I don't even know how long this post will stay up for... I just don't know whats going anymore.. I just want an explanation for this..

So a couple weeks back I started a single player world to practice getting better at the game. But the more I started playing the more weird stuff i started noticing as you can see this is a local only world so i'm honestly quite confused on how something like this could be happening, I don't even have any mods on!

So when I first got into the world everything seemed to be going fine, I thought id check out the caves since i hadn't explored them much. But then in the darkness i started hearing something behind me, I took some screenshots when i could it seemed to be that.. Wilson was following me??? But... he had white eyes??? It may be hard to see it, in some of these, but it seriously freaked me out.. so i got out of the caves as soon as I could.

As I explored the world more i started noticing... beard hair scattered around the world along with some strange burnt structures? I was seriously scared at this point. But regardless, I pushed forward. As i started walking by the yellow grass area, I heard sounds of beefalo dying, I started running over immediately, to catch this thing in the act but by the time i got there, all that was left were the drops from the beefalo. 

What happened next really messed me up. I found this shrine in the woods surrounded by dead mandrakes and beard hair, and then for a split second it showed up, luckily i was quick enough to grab a screenshot. I didn't see much more of it, but i saw all the damage he had left on the world, Burnt structures and forests littered across the world, with strange beard hair scattered along..


I- I just don't know what to think of all of this. Please if anyone has any explanations please tell me. What are your thoughts on this?










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1 hour ago, Owlrus98 said:

"Man this is gonna be so cool when I show the forums how creepy I made this world, huehuehue."

- Xanadu2003

what is going on with you? he literally said in the post that he didn’t make anything that he found, that it was wilson

if you’re not going to reply with anything helpful, why reply at all. we need to get to the bottom of this

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5 hours ago, Canis said:

This would've gotten more of a reaction 7-10 years ago. This is an alright shitpost, at best.

It would have been a good one if it weren't for the last photo in the post showing that the user is clearly in creative mode.

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7 hours ago, Terra M Welch said:

It'd be better if the player slots was at 1, local doesn't necessarilly mean alone, now 1 player limit means alone.

EDIT: Also noticed creative mode enabled for the final couple pictures.

That was because wilsonbrine hacked my world, obviously.

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The myth that was herobrine in Minecraft lol  I remember that, I also remember how in beta for a limited time it was REAL.

This was a “test” creature they built that took on the exact look of another player who was in the game with you, except their eyes were just pure white.

You could see them and mistake them as your friend from behind or if your not paying attention and then they would attack you unexpectedly.

For some reason or another this was a short lived mob that was pulled from the game and never returned... BUT when I first saw the trailer of Return of Them and Gashalts entering into Wilson’s Body I honestly thought that was the exact direction the game was headed in..

Clones of Ourselves.

Sadly it does not appear that is the case. But you could imagine how Terrifying it would be to see a mob run by looking like your friend and you mistake it as your friend only to be betrayed and attacked!

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18 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

It would have been a good one if it weren't for the last photo in the post showing that the user is clearly in creative mode.

what the m*nure are you talking about the proof is right there that his world is being invaded by an outside force!!!!!! :wilson_horror: clearly he went in creative mode to stop the damage!!!!!~1!!

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