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  1. There should be something like that, I also feel the x2 hunger drain while bloomed is needlessly punishing personally. I think that should be toned down a bit since his bloom only really offers a small speed boost. I also feel his green thumb tab is pretty underwhelming. Ive tried using the bramble traps but they just seem like way too much effort compared to how little they do regarding hound waves. And his compost wraps animation is so long it makes it a pretty much useless healing item once you remember tents are in the game
  2. As a wormwood main, I really like a lot about the character! I love his penalty and how it changes up how i play the game, but i dont know if id consider him a "good" character. What are some of your opinions on the plant boy? Is he perfect as is? Should an ability be removed? Or do you have any ideas for something that could be added to his kit? Id love to hear them. An idea ive had is that applied horticulture should grant wormwood a temporary bloom, similar to wx78's overcharge. maybe lasting 3 days at the most as it fades from tier 3 to tier 1 bloom. Dunno, I love the funky plant boy. I just think he could use a few small things to really make him pop
  3. Klei Forums users are like : Haha wow look at this high effort meme! Time to write a 5 paragraph essay on why it is fake, god i am such a cool person to be around, that must be why i have so many friends. thats what you sound like rn
  4. Going off the canon lore already in the game it is quite obvious to anyone with an in depth understand of the worlds lore that wilson would fall off first. See wilson is someone extremely full of himself (this is confirmed by joe w) and he isnt actual a scientist. He just calls himself one. Its pretty interesting. So being this strange combo, wilson would immediately dash ahead and full into space because while he wants others to think he does, he does not at all know what hes doing.
  5. Nah man, pretty sure this is definitely supposed to work like this. supposed to be a race against the clock y'no? just gotta be quicker with it.