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  1. Somewhat unrelated but ive found if a hound wave appears on day 20 fire hounds can appear even though its the first autumn
  2. I got that way before it went up in price, what really hurt was goh wendy
  3. Id love if every boss had a rare chance at dropping an item that would let you have a critter! Similar to what terraria's master mode does. And similar to dflys dragon egg critter. Imagine how cute some of these would be!
  4. Whenever i get an elegant now i have to unravel it, i wish they were made tradeable since i get so many of them.
  5. Keep talking ****, Wormwood himself will show up at your door with an infinity supply of dark swords
  6. Im pretty experienced and on pc if youre interested, Xanadu #1898 is my discord.
  7. Nah man, pretty sure this is definitely supposed to work like this. supposed to be a race against the clock y'no? just gotta be quicker with it.