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  1. These look absolutely nothing alike, I really dont see it. Dont draw similarities out of nowhere just cus youre jealous of bobs artistic skill
  2. Stop attacking bob he did nothing wrong
  3. Woah! that art looks super original and good! Good job as always bobbo keli should add this to the game!!
  4. Im looking for a group of people to play DST with as at the moment I dont have many. Some Requirements are : Be experienced and good at the game ( 300 hours minimum though slightly flexible) Be LGBTQ+ Friendly (Edgy jokes and saying slurs to be funny wont be tolerated either) Be able to use a mic and speak english with little to no background noise Im in the EST timezone so ideally be in the same timezone / a similar timezone. (Or just have a super flexible schedule that works too)
  5. Nah man, pretty sure this is definitely supposed to work like this. supposed to be a race against the clock y'no? just gotta be quicker with it.