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Slurper and Skittersquid as critters?

Would you like Slurper and Skittersquid as light critters?  

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  1. 1. Would you like Slurper and Skittersquid as light critters?

    • Only Slurper
    • Only Skittersquid
    • Yes, both
    • No, neither of them

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So with the addition of Lunar Moth critter we are now free to give Klei ideas about other critters that could produce light. And what would make better light-pets then 2 creatures that have lightbulbs as eyes. Slurper and Skittersquid.

Slurper- requires 1 slurper pelt and a meaty stew. Since according to Maxwell Slurpers don't actually breed this could be a small Slurper

Skittersquid- requires 1 rotten fish (big) and Surf'n'Turf. A baby Skitterquid.

What do yall think?

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10 minutes ago, Owlrus98 said:

ngl, skittersquid is creepy as balls; wouldn't want that as a pet personally.

How do you find them creepy? they are so freaking cute, i would love a pet little squid with a big eye and it glows just like the mothling

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22 hours ago, csc_unit said:

The saladmander, most of all

This.. and as a light source it can set on fire (but without burning an entire forest down)

But instead of Light Sources i would rather see critters as a whole Reworked entirely.

take Carrat Racing as the example- We can change their colors, we have to feed them or they will die, they can be trained and improved and all in all-

Carrat Pet > All other current boring Critters.

But that could and SHOULD be changed.. Vargling should be able to assist in finding Hunt tracks maybe it can dig stuff up like graves without needing shovel, Kittykit should be able to easily sneak up on and kill birds, Rats or Fish like a real Catcoon can.

just in general make Critters less of a Cosmetic that tags along beside you doing absolutely nothing except get in your way. :( 

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7 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:



Critters were made to be useless and look cute and that's how they should stay.

The only way Klei can improve them is by removing the 'Hungry!' animation and sounds.

Besides this is not a thread for this kind of discussion so take it somwhere else

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