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Does Wendy want to get rid of Webber?

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2 hours ago, GetRektKids said:

Moon StoneMoon Stone (repaired, Star Caller's Staff placed)- "Perhaps it thirsts for a sacrifice. Where's Webber..."



(Annnnd this is what I get for character quote surfing...)

As a Wendy main myself.. I enjoy the company of my ghostly sister, and I can safely say that Abigail needs more ghostly friends- So Yes Wendy Hates everyone and wants them to all Die. :) 

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2 hours ago, ShyRo-Zyerenzy said:

In the animated shorts, they both are usually together . So most likely like 7Meias said, they hang out a lot for everything.

Yeah, besides the animated shorts (the hallowed nights is a big evidence, for example haha) , she has even more quotes about her friendship with webber ^^

Faux Fangs - "Now Webber and I can match."

32?cb=20141210082922 (when he revives her) "You could never be a monster, Webber."

32?cb=20191201031336 "A heart could bring back my friend, Webber..."


A friendship thats reciprocated ofc- these are from webber:

Chocolate Log Cake - "Haha, Wendy! Watch our Woodie impression!"

(when she murders someone in pvp) -  "We're taking my friendship bracelet back!"

Failed to revive Abigail- "Wendy would've been so happy if it worked."

There's even more that I didnt quote- but I already think it's clear from these that they think about each other in a heartful way. So dont worry, @/GetRektKids , im sure they like to play together haha

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