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  2. Took some time but i did it- gonna post in case someone else gets this same doubt on the future All I did was make a new "ItemApathy" component (with a ListenForEvent ) and add this lil "CreateApathy" function in it if v.prefab and self.inst.components.inventory:Has(v.prefab, 1) then self.task = self.inst:DoPeriodicTask(1, function(inst) if self.inst.components.temperature.current < 90 and self.inst.components.temperature.current > 4 then self.inst.components.temperature:DoDelta(-2) end end) else if self.task ~= nil then self.task:Cancel() self.task = nil end end I'm going to test some more of the task's speed and the modifier- but the hard part, which is this basic skeleton, is already done and ready :>
  3. Hello, everyone, It's one of my first times modding on DST, tho i have experience with C++ and a bit of java lol And I was trying to make a new character with an item perk but found a couple difficulties, hoped someone could help . Well, what i had in mind is that, depending on things on their inventory, they'd get certain penalties or bonuses as long as the item remained with them. My first idea was to make my own itemaffinity component, much like wurt's. function ItemAffinity:AddAffinity(prefab, tag, sanity_bonus, priority) table.insert(self.affinities, {prefab = prefab, tag= tag, sanity_bonus = sanity_bonus, priority = priority}) self:RefreshAffinity() end Except what i wanted to happen is that instead of a sanity bonus the item would cause a temperature modifier (or a temperature penalty?). For example, if you had a certain amount of ice in your inventory, your temp would slowly start to drop. How would I do that? Is it even possible? My idea was also that the most ice u carried quicker you'd start to freeze but if we can only make penalties through item type priority that's fine. Analysing how wurt's component worked thats what i found function ItemAffinity:RefreshAffinity() self:SortAffinities() self.inst.components.sanity.externalmodifiers:RemoveModifier(self.inst) for i,v in ipairs(self.affinities) do if v.prefab and self.inst.components.inventory:Has(v.prefab, 1) then self.inst.components.sanity.externalmodifiers:SetModifier(self.inst, v.sanity_bonus) break elseif v.tag and self.inst.components.inventory:HasItemWithTag(v.tag, 1) then self.inst.components.sanity.externalmodifiers:SetModifier(self.inst, v.sanity_bonus) break end end end I'm aware that what is changing depends on the "self.inst.components.sanity.externalmodifiers:SetModifier" , and I also thought about stealing smth from the chilling amulet or the heatstone to put in its place (since they also drop ur temp with time) but i, honestly, didnt undertand much how their code worked KLSFLDFD Any ideas? Is there another way to do this? Thank you in advance ^^
  4. Wow omg I really like your style!! Your brush feels almost chaorcal-ish in the lates wes piece, which is lovely, and I also loved how you handled the shapes on ur outifit drawings /7\
  5. Just remembered I forgot to post this here!! Honestly one of my most fave pieces i've ever made Also an idea for older wortox because why not B)
  6. THE FLOWER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ((Regardless of who the short might be about, thank yo SO much klei you guys are doing an incredible job <333 ))
  7. I just LOVE illustrating some of the little things that happen when I play aaaaa Here's the og pic too
  8. A very rare soft maxwell sight
  9. Both of them live on the same ruins, right? Now we just need them to meet! haha It's the first time i get to join the weekly challenges, had a lot of fun drawing this small distorted nightmare voice: ".......cute."
  10. hELLO!! I brough two other drawings this time I'm dooding some of my fave character dynamics haha
  11. My sis installed one of the newest mods in my pc as a surprise before we started a world and needless to say i was NOT prepared for this if u also want to have fun/question ur sanity, here's the link for these maxspiders omg https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952540206 Edit: the humans vs spiders war is over and i also wanted to share this pretty image of all of us sleeping
  12. This winter's feast got me SO excited, i just had to draw maxwell's skin Local man gets bored while reading about own supposed death: "Do people seriously believe in that? tsk"
  13. omg you actually guessed WX's skin Also, awesome work!!
  14. Just received a request about winona so ofc i had to draw her all fierce and confident