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Do Eat [An Art Thread]

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So I'm compiling all my Don't Starve drawings here in this thread so I can keep my non-DS art separate!

My Non-Klei thread: Clickity-poo

I also lowkey contributed to "Don't Let the League Starve" with Minespatch and others-. Link-lonk.

I'm starting off this thread with all the old stuff I've actually done in the past that I've had to dig up so I have something relevant to put in here! That means some of these have been pulled from my DeviantART (that I rarely use) to show these to you all! <3

My original DS thread can be found here in the shadow realm!

And a couple of things too!

 Advanced issue found

Don't Starve Jonathan! - Don't Starve/JJBA by Toki-WartoothxXDon't Starve Joseph! - Don't Starve/JJBA by Toki-WartoothxX

Made these using a tutorial I found here on the forums!


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So not finished but I did wanna put up some content- (and I'm on my phone again so no fancy format until im back on my computer)!Edit: I cleaned it up for the viewing pleasure!


So I tried my hand at a rubberhose style Wilson to get my hands used to drawing the characters again and he turned out like this-


And my WIP for the Daily Art Stream as well as a meme I wanted to finish and digitalize for this thread uwu!

Edited by toki-dokke
formatted to look neat uwu
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12 minutes ago, minespatch said:

"Wilson's cuphead-sona" IT's fun drawing the starvers as noodle people from the 20s.

Oh geez, nightmare knight as Grievous.:wilson_ecstatic:

It's also his Bend-sona. is that what they call it?

it's going to be beautiful. i've created a monster and it will exist-

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