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  1. wow guess who's been dead for a while

    anyway, i have school things? a job? all that funky stuff. I am playing DST a little more now too so that's neat. I'll be lurkin

    1. minespatch


      Got a big event next month. 57f49805ed939_arielbadjoke.png.95c6962789303bf4e43aa1110072c854.png

  2. anyway i've been doing literally nothing beneficial for this site to know uhhh

    Wes rework looks sick tho!

  3. not me not posting for like 30 years again, sorry lol

    I got scoo. Anyway, this is what I log back into



    1. minespatch
    2. toki-dokke


      it was 88 if you were wondering

  4. Also what if I cosplayed all the don't starve characters

    Haha jk...




  5. *wiggly voice filter* thannnk uuu I actually had no contacts so I'm shocked the pic turned out ok-
  6. bruh i really got into a costume without being able to see-

    1. minespatch


      And Klei featured you!576210ed6e2ce_tokiisarielsfwweeeeeeind.png.b3ff01901b988d66c96ef0d117a15eb9.png

  7. Here's the whole thingy for Blacktober that I'm doing on twitter <3 Walter time
  8. oh so my sister has Don't Starve on the Switch!

    So far she enjoys playing it and has got to unlock WX! She's still not great with combat though

  9. Anyway I'm a simp for Dracula, as you all know,


    But did you know..


    I have a degree in art. (Associate's)

    1. minespatch


      No problem simping for a husbando. Mine is Smith.smithneeeeyyy.thumb.png.72bdf4e05a9617c80251546e69dbea5e.png

  10. Me: I'm gonna win no simp september

    Dracula from Castlevania : 603783327_draculatalking.gif.09168dd82fda86b0873f6479c3246451.gif

    Me: 898776294_alwaysme.gif.c5897169c52606210822098c239534c7.gif

    1. minespatch


      I'm simping for Smith Banquod.

  11. if the assignment allows for it, next art piece will be don't starve. i swear

    1. minespatch


      Woot, giid luck!