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  1. in other news, I'm getting a new graphics tablet! This tablet will be my first display screen one since I am kinda working my way into graphic design and would rather not squint at my laptop screen that's so far away from my face when I draw digital art and use Photoshop

     i'm s uper exciteddd

    Image result for spooky month dance gif

    1. minespatch



  2. If I've shown this before, forgive me but I'm happy with gummyboy. *I swear this might be the first one I redraw for the first time with my new tablet uwu!!
  3. This is a bit old but I am still happy with him! Dr. Jonathan Reid from Vampyr was someone I wanted to tackle because of his face shape and beard so I made three solid attempts.
  4. So there was a hot topic hot Cash sale meaning I've got stuff

    First I got some iron on patches for my canvas bag that I use around college. The Arthur fist, plague doctor, and Billie Eilish sideways man icon are new while the Freddy Kruger patch and the pins are old!


    And I finally got my hands on the Billie Eilish sweatpants I've been wanting to finish off my Billie look (look we're matching)


    1. minespatch


      So that titled body person thing is the Billie Ellish icon?

    2. toki-dokke


      Yup! That's her thing. The Blohsh 

  5. 919f66d7-71ab-44f8-9788-002e649bdf09.thumb.png.d3273eddd35ee3f6280560f82d09dc52.png

    (If you really talk to me you'd know-)

  6. Do Eat [An Art Thread]

    It's also his Bend-sona. is that what they call it? it's going to be beautiful. i've created a monster and it will exist-
  7. Another phone post but I swear I'll clean it up once I'm on my laptop again! (And crop the images since they're huge bc my camera is huge) Edit: Formatted! So I have been up to doing lots of late-night drawings while talking and roleplaying with local nerd @minespatch so here's the result of those nights in no particular order. (Edit: but they will be big but not long!) Drew busts of some of Markiplier's ego characters after not drawing them in a bit of time. I wanted to make a solid attempt at changing facial structures to identify each of them since technically they're all played by the same guy. Rule63! Seigfried that I drew out bc of a plot point in the rp I'm doing with @minespatch. I looked up a couple references of Integra Hellsing from Hellsing for help. On the same page, I did softly redesign Julie with my knowledge on drawing females now is getting a bit better. So at first this was one page on its own with Bim Trimmer in a skirt like Miku and a Han Solo Johnny and then I decided to add more to the page later. I used the original Han Solo pic for Johnny's pose and clothing as reference. Right below John Solo is a mini doodle of his hubbies in Star Wars outfits too-. Ariston being Chewbacca, Bob being Leia, and Sawan as Lando. uwu More Star Wars stuff because honestly I love it a lot and I'm legally obligated to. So my characters on the left and middle are Liechy as Rey and Max (Johnny's kid) as Poe while Mines' character Sniper is Finn. New gen. Topping off this despair cake is my Loki dressed in a disguise for plot purposes! I did say his skin and hair made him look like General Hux and I, of course, made him wear the outfit with slight tweaking like making the sort of skirt piece look longer than it originally was. And he's got a knife-!
  8. Hewwo! Some asked and I'm openly answering:

    It's pronounced "toe-key dough-key"

    Or if you want

    "toe-key dough-kay"

    1. Auth


      You mean to tell me it's not pronounced Tock Dock?

    2. toki-dokke
    3. minespatch


      "I T S A L L I N Y O U R H E   A                 D"

  9. Do Eat [An Art Thread]

    So not finished but I did wanna put up some content- (and I'm on my phone again so no fancy format until im back on my computer)!Edit: I cleaned it up for the viewing pleasure! So I tried my hand at a rubberhose style Wilson to get my hands used to drawing the characters again and he turned out like this- And my WIP for the Daily Art Stream as well as a meme I wanted to finish and digitalize for this thread uwu!
  10. "Hey! Do you like Hatsune Miku? Would you like to join a group that loves Miku just as much as you? Then Miku Club is for you! Come visit us in Mr. Archibald's room (room 420) during the second half of lunch from 10:30 to 11! be there or be square!" (95% accurate announcement for when i was in high school for literally any club)
  11. A song

    1. minespatch


      Is that wildspartanz in the thumbnail?

    2. toki-dokke


      I'm unsure! Probably! I only like the song because it's the intro for my favorite makeup drama channel, Tea Spill. :D

  12. So I'm compiling all my Don't Starve drawings here in this thread so I can keep my non-DS art separate! My Non-Klei thread: Clickity-poo I also lowkey contributed to "Don't Let the League Starve" with Minespatch and others-. Link-lonk. I'm starting off this thread with all the old stuff I've actually done in the past that I've had to dig up so I have something relevant to put in here! That means some of these have been pulled from my DeviantART (that I rarely use) to show these to you all! <3 My original DS thread can be found here in the shadow realm! And a couple of things too!
  13. Yeah it was just gonna be a regular ol piece! Until I drew the eyes and I was like, "that's spooky. let's continue"
  14. Hmmm, i saw Junji ito in this when I first started the lines so I decided to further it sorta. This is Equivian Johnny, he's from another universe uwu! Covering up juuust to be sure but-
  15. oh yeah totally. Just if it's a new burn and stuff, it has to be protected while it heals up.