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  1. Woof so I haven't been doing anything honestly but I did get some pieces done! I think as winter break comes around, I can finally get more personal pieces out So the zine I got to be in (link here) finally released! So I can post these two that I did! And recently I got this dtiys done with some things that I wanted to try in terms of style, I think this turned out pretty ok. (Spoilers for minor blood just in case!) A self portrait And a portrait of Darkiplier
  2. Also what if I cosplayed all the don't starve characters

    Haha jk...




  3. *wiggly voice filter* thannnk uuu I actually had no contacts so I'm shocked the pic turned out ok-
  4. bruh i really got into a costume without being able to see-

    1. minespatch


      And Klei featured you!576210ed6e2ce_tokiisarielsfwweeeeeeind.png.b3ff01901b988d66c96ef0d117a15eb9.png

  5. what happened So I've been doing Blacktober super sparingly because of all my work for classes catching up with me. But when I do get the chance to, I try to make 'em as cool as I can! I've also started to run a zine for Homestuck and here are 2 promo/things I made for announcing things. OC-tober for Valia that I started and quit because I can't commit I also did 2 pages for the Homestuck Redrawn project! <> Page 291 ==> <> Page 317 ==>
  6. Here's the whole thingy for Blacktober that I'm doing on twitter <3 Walter time
  7. oh so my sister has Don't Starve on the Switch!

    So far she enjoys playing it and has got to unlock WX! She's still not great with combat though

  8. Anyway I'm a simp for Dracula, as you all know,


    But did you know..


    I have a degree in art. (Associate's)

    1. minespatch


      No problem simping for a husbando. Mine is Smith.smithneeeeyyy.thumb.png.72bdf4e05a9617c80251546e69dbea5e.png

  9. Pretty well! I do need to line Booker and color him so I'm a little far right now.
  10. Alright homies, classes are in full swing but here's what I've done during that time in no particular order Nandor and Vlad on cool terms talking probably about torture- Skater Mituna (and Latula being supportive) ft. Meenah A DTIYS for one of my real life friends Scrapped page but I kept the sprites I made of myself and my trollsona A tile image I made for my Big Cartel shop Kankri and Cronus just the background of a piece I'm doing for Bioshock Infinite A bust tributary piece for Chadwick
  11. Me: I'm gonna win no simp september

    Dracula from Castlevania : 603783327_draculatalking.gif.09168dd82fda86b0873f6479c3246451.gif

    Me: 898776294_alwaysme.gif.c5897169c52606210822098c239534c7.gif

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      I'm simping for Smith Banquod.

  12. if the assignment allows for it, next art piece will be don't starve. i swear

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      Woot, giid luck!

  13. I took a bit of a break but I finished off these two pieces
  14. tumblr_inline_p0rninweR61s1rbiw_540.jpg.b2f73850b5c41597ce859cb04a550cb6.jpg

    it really do be feeling like this in cosplay tho sometimes

  15. Have I fallen far? perhaps. was it worth it? yes. i regret nothing. buy them here.
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      you haven't heard of the masterpiece that is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2?

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      Okay, that's what it means.

  17. my onion stickers are finally coming and im very happy

  18. Not sure! I just like the OG Harley's jumpsuit I did the entire background for the inkling piece using the watercolor brush on FireAlpaca! :0 The whole background itself was approximately 5-6 layers Last bits of Artfight because I ain't got no fight left in me uwu While Artfight dies down, I also got around to other pieces! (i made myself a fursona for artfight for those who can't draw people) And several doodle pages I do in between my art and a warm up page :0