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[Game Update] - 360489

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  • Developer
  • Fixed the hounds freezing in mid jump when near the shore.
  • Booster Shot can now be crafted in Wilderness mode
  • Freshly planted Bull Kelp Stalks are no longer ready to be picked right away.
  • Added a setting a Seafaring Camera Options menu to toggle the camera behavior while on a boat.
  • Camera now centers on the player properly after hopping off a boat while using some mods.
  • Fixed Werebeaver’s Plank / Abandon Ship action strings.
  • Fixed waterfalls disappearing at certain camera angles.

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21 minutes ago, 359368170 said:

Mast should not be built on land.

I prefer this way since these make quite a good decoration especially if you want to make a  land ship decoration with the use of turfs and walls.

Also it makes quite a good flag with the roseate skin on. So Klei don't fix this as much as it isn't logical as it sounds.


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Thanks for the fix klei, I honestly thought there wouldn't be one, I figured it would've had to be entirely on the modder's end.(Which since the mod seems abandoned means someone would have to fork it, forking it is beyond my current experience with lua code.)

Kudos to klei, always making sure everyone can have a good time with their games. :)

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Here's hoping we get a fix for that thing with getting dunked into the water mid boat jump due to lagspikes/soul explosions/inconveniently edge-hugging buildings.


I've now drowned to all three.

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