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  1. This is intended. As one update of SW (sorry I can't remember the exact patch), the hammer is made to be unusable via pressing space to avoid accidentally using it. Actually, if you start a vanilla or RoG profile (be sure that the profile is NOT compatible with SW or Hamlet), you will find that you are still able to do so.
  2. I don't think it as a bug, rather it is intended. In DST code, Wigfrid is able to consume "MEAT" and "GOODIES". As for the update of Warly, the food type of taffy is changed from "VEGGIE" (still used in DS DLCs) to "GOODIES". Thus she is able to consume taffy. The so called "very few expections" are the "GOODIES" mentioned above. For example, the jellybeans and certain event candies are classified as "GOODIES", so she is able to consume it. The event food that are classified as "VEGGIE" is inedible to Wigfrid. (One exception is eggnog, which is directly classified as "MEAT", so you should notice the longer eating animation compared to other foods.) As "GOODIES", taffy certainly benefits a warrior. Besides, I think the change of food type is intended. In real world, both taffy and jellybeans are sweets, so it is reasonable to change its food type. (As for why taffy is classified as "VEGGIE" in DS, I think it is due to the absence of food type "GOODIES" in DS. And for honey, I think it is regarded as typeless, so it is neither "MEAT" nor "GOODIES". The similar thing is applied to glommer's goop.)
  3. Yes I meet the same error. [00:01:33]: pushing event wormwarning_lvl4 wathgrithr nil [00:01:33]: houndwarningtype nil [00:01:33]: [string "scripts/prefabs/player_classified.lua"]:15: calling 'set_local' on bad self (number expected, got nil) LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C]:-1 in (method) set_local (C) <-1--1> scripts/prefabs/player_classified.lua:15 in (upvalue) SetDirty (Lua) <13-17> netvar = net_tinybyte (0x28f44620) val = nil scripts/prefabs/player_classified.lua:148 in (local) fn (Lua) <146-149> parent = 113823 - wathgrithr (valid:true) houndwarningtype = nil
  4. Yes, I have the same issue. I can start a server without cave but I can't start a server with a cave (my game mode is alone because I'm playing 1-player DST, but I guess the game mode does not matter). The identical dialog box pops up when I'm trying to do so. This happens both in the stable version and RoT beta version, and both when trying to start a new profile or to continue an existing profile. My OS is macOS, perhaps I guess this is because something wrong with dedicated server? (Cause I can't open dedicated server in the tool page of steam when using macOS)
  5. As long as the chess piece is made of moon shards, it will neither shake nor spawn its respective shadow pieces (upon hammering). Besides, when hammering another chess piece (marble or cut stone), it will not autonomously break, however all other pieces (made of marble or cut stone) will autonomously break. The followings are my experiments. The 4 pieces. 2 moon shard knights, 1 marble rook and 1 cut stone bishop. The date is Day 1 (a new moon), and it is night time. The marble rook and the cut stone bishop is shaking, but the 2 moon shard knights is stationary. Hammer 1 knight, nothing happens. Hammer the rook piece. Shadow rook spawns. The bishop piece also breaks and spawns shadow bishop. (Both are indicated in the red box). However, the knight piece doesn't even break, and there is no respective shadow knight.