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Sustainable Petroleum WITHOUT Volcanoes

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I am new and still playing my first map ever. I started on the stable version but have since updated to the Beta branch. In my entire map, I only have a single volcano which is an Iron one. I also have two useless chlroine geysers and a single underwhelming natural gas geyser. I have 3 oil reservoirs so that seems like a good option for energy. I also set up tonnes of hatches for BBQ/ coal which was lucky in hindsight!

My problem is that I need dupes to run the oil refinery which not only wastes half of the oil but also needs dup labour. My plan is to keep my dup numbers to a minimum (I was at 12 for most of the game but now that I have rockets I think I will go 15). But despite trying I cant figure out a good, sustainable way to boil crude without having any volcanoes on my map.

These are ALL the geysers/ volcanoes on my map (I standadrised the numbers to actual kg/s for all of them):

Cool Steam 1.55
Cool Steam 1.42
Cool Steam  1.13
Cool Slush 1.25
Steam  0.67
Water 2.9
Iron Volcano 0.35
Natural Gas 0.1
3x Oil Reservoir 9.99
2x Chlorine  Who cares

Looks pretty underhwelming for a first map.?

So please suggest some ideas for non-exploity ways to boil crude. I tried using the metal refinery but it didnt work mainly because the metal refinery only runs some of the time since I simply dont have enough lime to make steel in it (despite having 4 full hatch farms with 8 incubators!). I also dont want to look at exploity designs on the internet. I want to make my own non-exploity designs but I am often confused by the anomalous bahaviour of various machines which dont seem to sonserve energy or mass for some reason. (Why is that btw, wouldn't it have been better if they all followed the laws of conservation of energy and mass?)

Maybe I should get rid of the hatches and switch to molten slicksters? Will they give same amount of meat and lime as hatches?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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I am not sure how you would categorise something as exploit? But hopefully this one is not. It didnt use any mechanic aside from heat transfer, and it utilises the fact that petroleum is lighter than oil. 

you can try using the magma core? It wouldnt be easy to set up and you might need to clear quite some space. There is a guy in reddit that have a nice setup for the volcano but I adapted it for the magma core and it works fine. 

pre-space petroleum boiler

You would need steel access and be careful when making the setup as not to heat it up too much and ended having too much sour gas, like i did. What i did basically seal off a section of the magma core, a big portion of it, to keep the heat transfer. The real challenge is the pumping of the resulting petroleum. In the design he run it off and let it cool down until below the overheat temp of steel pump. Managing that in the magma biome is a bit harder, especially if you initially accidentally boil petroleum to sour gas and have the entire area into more than 200 °C area. 

However if you pump in the oil from reservoir which will never be more than 100°C, I think it is possible to keep the ptroleum cool enough so you dont break the steel pump. 

I had to sacrifice some steel initially to get it working but now most of my petroleum is within 100-150°C, which make it safe enough to be pumped with steel. Hope this helps. 


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Every phase change that alters SHC can provide either free heat or free cooling. Exploity is an opinion on this, but since you want a boiler then you are ok with at least low level SHC abuse.

A regolith melter will provide you with endless amounts of magma. But this is SHC abuse at its finest.

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Since you have access to space materials at this point, why not just use a niobium aquatuner cooling supercoolant at this point to heat up the crude? This gives you a very easily controlled process at the cost of some power to run it. But this cost can be considered negligible... the power gained from boiling crude to sour and condensing it to natgas far exceeds anyone's need for power.

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@mathmanican I am assuming that means Specific Heat Capacity abuse? While I am not happy that such a thing exists, I dont think its an exploit in THIS game because the devs have made it ubiquitous. Everyone uses an electrolyser and that is probably a major example of SHC abuse. I think the game would have been better off by preserveing energy but that is another story. I'll experiment with some designs. 

@nivodeus Thanks, I looked at that link but I have the same concern as the OP who replied to you in that thread. "You can but the magma at the core doesn't regenerate, so it's gonna "die" in a dozen cycles or so then you have to move the shop to another magma." 


For now, I am continuing with a combination of just manually working an oil refinery and molten slicksters. And using coal for power instead of petroleum which I will save for plastic and rockets.

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Naphtha in the metal refinery is a better coolant for this application. It has no problem carrying the heat of steel with room to breathe.

Here's something that's way bigger than it should be. (pre space / pre aluminum)


Based on this:


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