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  1. If i may offer a tip: meteorites will not destroy the naturally occurring regolith layer on the macro scale. At a certain thickness of around 7-8 tiles it will not be eroded but not grow either. This means there is no rush to go cover the entire surface. It can also be used as naturally occurring cover so you can save your steel on areas where you dont explicitly need a door.
  2. I would like to know if it is possible to mod the thermal overlay so that the colour scale can be adjusted. In vanilla the scale is rather coarse. But being able to set the scale to a finer range or make it start and end at different points might make it easier to diagnose some setups. Is this technically possible? Could someone attempt this? I myself am not familiar with modding at all. Any input on this idea?
  3. Can confirm this happening in my game as well.
  4. So anyone get to the new log entries? We have otto's story now as well as some other stuff.
  5. The meter on the solid oxidiser tank has a tendency to disappear or in this case remain in place when the rocket has left the launch site.
  6. Or maybe the devs just tricked us into finding out for ourselves how snellius' law works. And what other things Debye contributed except for one of the principle molecule interactions. At least this little dive into wikipedia with that list was educative for me. Thanks a bunch Klei.
  7. Well those are not all astronomers... I see a lot of mathematicians, chemists and physicists there... Like Niels Bohr, Feynman, Heisenberg, Dirac, Gauss... What they all have in common is that they have a unit or some formula/theorem named after them. I wonder what that list is for.
  8. I loaded my save and the two rockets I had on their way appeared partially in their silo's, the command modules and the storage modules were gone though. The one on the left having four solid cargo modules, the one on the right four gas storages. If I wait for the rockets to land the command module will descend from the top like normal but the storage modules will not come back. The fuel tanks and engines are selectable and deconstructable. The stack that appeared also is no longer labeled as being part of the rocket that launched. I have included pictures of the rockets before and after landing; and a save where the left rocket is about to land. Spacestation Cycle 1137.sav
  9. The issue seems to have been fixed by reloading without a continuous order. I can't seem to replicate the issue anymore either. I'll add a save anyway... Spacestation Cycle 445.sav
  10. When coming out of time accelleration the animation for the centrifuge building doesn't always line up with the position of the dupe, creating this hilarity: Looks like ren's seatbelts need a patch
  11. Placing an order for processing fossil into lime continuously in the rock granulator results in nothing happening, dupes will not deliver or work even when fossil is left over from other cancelled orders. Placing a full queue of individual orders works fine though.
  12. After having spent the last hour trying to deal with every demand from the building it still will not have a dupe man it to do research. I cleared the area around it, built it in space, supplied it with over 300kg of oxygen, plenty of glass available, I have a tenured scientist, what else does it need? EDIT: I found out that the telescope does not work when the oxygen is supplied in batches, it will give the "empty pipe" error. It can be fixed by installing a valve and constantly allowing a small packet (1g) of oxygen to be supplied.
  13. In the starmap when hovering over the world compositions, the tooltips for gasses and liquids seem to be swapped. Hovering over polluted water will show the tooltip: "This rocket needs a gas cargo tank to gather polluted water". Vice versa, it will say for polluted oxygen and carbon dioxide that a liquid cargo tank is needed.
  14. Gasses spawning near geysers

    The pump makes sure there is only one row of water tiles. The screenshot had been taken after activity by the way, that geyser was dormant and the temperature had dropped to the point no steam was present in the room. So it's not just the steam compressing the other gasses, after the liquid has been pumped out the gass pressure should be the same as before the eruption occured.
  15. Locking a cool steam geyser in a room inexplicably causes more of the other gasses to spawn. As an example: in this screenshot you can see this sealed chamber has managed to build up a pressure of 5kg/s of oxygen making the geyser block up. The pressure only seems to go up when the geyser is errupting. I have encountered this phenomenon in multiple bases, it seems to not be limited to oxygen either, within the same base I have another geyser that spawns hydrogen for no reason and in another save I had one that flooded with Polluted oxygen over time.