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  1. Which one? Somewhere in the development, they changed so critters doesn't fall anymore... but they still fall vertically (place door normally, not sideways), or if there is no space to stand
  2. They great if you count off-gasing PO2, so there is no need to dispose bottled polluted water. Like this example
  3. "Gas pipe germ sensor", as the name suggest, you should use this on "gas pipe", not the air. If you still confused, tell us so we can take simple pic.
  4. It is slime in conveyor that cooked into dirt. When their spawn location is blocked, they will spawn on first available tile on top of it.
  5. Hello, dev will need some files to figure out what happens in your game. For more information how to get these logs: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2744766-logs-and-useful-information-for-bug-reports I hope it can helps your case to be handled faster.
  6. Currently, when they on grabbing position they only can jump to the side on same level. Unless our dupe have "Spiderman" trait. It is also applied in reverse, they cannot jump grab diagonally At this point, I'm not sure about my personal opinion whether Nails should be able to jump-grab that ladder diagonally or not. I'll be happy with dev decision on this matter, as long it works both ways. If able to grab-jump diagonally, then should be able to jump-grab diagonally.
  7. Since this update Could you check whether they overcrowded or not? Because light overlay didn't include overcrowded status.
  8. I thought battery has run-off, doesn't it going to stop working at some point if we use a battery instead?
  9. Some building works before consuming power using fast on-off state. In this picture top side continue to increase temperature, bottom side continue to decrease temperature. Power Overlay Powerless.sav Based on general discussion thread.
  10. Please disable mod and see if this problem persists. If it is not created again after disabling mod, please report to mod author instead. I believe they want to hear feedback from their users. Likely duplicate with
  11. There is no problem with mine, you can watch when they are docked. Are you already using atmo-suit before, or this is the first time? If you using it many times before and suspicious with this one, my suggestion is try with one dock first if you don't want to lose any O2, you can start a new world in sandbox mode to test things out attach your savefile because it does not happen to everyone But if this is your first time using it:
  12. Odd, My mushroom farm always give resources back. I always notice because resource inside is slime, need fast sweep errand if I don't want it to gas-off. Btw, resource spawned in same tile as the farm tile, not in top of it (which probably you expect to see them on top?). This also apply to plants with reversed orientation like pincha and saltvine.
  13. All internal storage is changing temperature with building itself. What example of a building that didn't follow this rule?