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  1. It is slime in conveyor that cooked into dirt. When their spawn location is blocked, they will spawn on first available tile on top of it.
  2. Let's say we are using 161kg ~50C (to simplify calc) of phosphorite (SHC 0.15) to make phosphorus tiles. To melt it, we need 161 * 200 * 0.15 = ~4830 DTU per tile To cool it down from ~244C liquid phosporus to 44C with SHC 0.77 we need to remove 161 * 200 * 0.77 = ~24794 DTU per tile Mass requirement for liquid to make tiles really make this method become inefficient. Also need to be careful about temperature in farms, more than 44C will endanger our tiles. @Nogard78 In asteroid without algae, probably coal is next option.just like @nakomaru mentioned before. Just use 1kg of coal To cook from 30C 1kg coal (SHC 0.71) we need 1 * 240 * 0.71 = ~170.4 DTU per tile. To cool down refined carbon back to 30C we need to remove same amount of heat. A bit higher than 5kg algae (which only need ~100 DTU per tile to cook) but I think still easy to manage. I never test it though.
  3. Is there any ways to get phosphorus other than melting phosphorite? Phosphorite melting point is 243.9C
  4. Help! A black hole ate my game!

    Hello, dev will need some files to figure out what happens in your game. For more information how to get these logs: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2744766-logs-and-useful-information-for-bug-reports I hope it can helps your case to be handled faster.
  5. Terra no longer has features

    Since this update 355043
  6. Ladders, obstacle to pathing.

    Currently, when they on grabbing position they only can jump to the side on same level. Unless our dupe have "Spiderman" trait. It is also applied in reverse, they cannot jump grab diagonally At this point, I'm not sure about my personal opinion whether Nails should be able to jump-grab that ladder diagonally or not. I'll be happy with dev decision on this matter, as long it works both ways. If able to grab-jump diagonally, then should be able to jump-grab diagonally.
  7. Shine bugs not creating light...???

    Since this update Could you check whether they overcrowded or not? Because light overlay didn't include overcrowded status.
  8. I'm using insulated ceramic for the pipes, is it not too high to make wild farms?
  9. Change to sweep only for container that accepting algae or add door to block access
  10. Let's not just documenting success, documenting failure is important to avoid exact same test again in the future. Puft not part of the test, even though almost buried few times Insulated ceramic pipes, 3x game speed Using algae under metal aluminum Using insulated ingenious tiles around, valve value: 2084. algae 5kg/tile
  11. A bit out of topic, where glass from middle vent? edit: probably we can make it more efficient using 1kg valve? Would prevent state change too
  12. It's a bug that happen to metal door. Possibly related to metal cannon bug Multiple reports about this, but I just link one that I see first.
  13. Complete explanation in one place. Thank's for your effort making this.