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  1. Dirt production

    I didn't remember conversion ratio about this, and cannot open my game right now. Can someone remind me why using sieve is way better?
  2. @nakomaru, can you try to kill one of them after eating some arbor tree? Reason for this is, usually critter has internal storage, and only poop after reach a certain threshold. Gulp fish is an easy example where his internal storage materialized after death. I want to test, but don't have arbor tree right now. To set up a new one will need to wait few cycles.
  3. Most annoying "drop things" that happens to me is them dropping morb when relocating to pen. I never carry magma in bottle, probably that even more interesting to watch.
  4. I just tried it, no problem in lastest launch preview build.
  5. AFAIK, only raw eggs can do that. It is common knowledge at that time when that raw eggs introduced. At least brainstorming post by @Lilalaunekuh made me aware of it. You can search forum for some idea on automatic omelet.
  6. They are, yield same as we crack it using egg cracker. Both raw eggs and eggshell. We can complete it with automatic cooking by sending those raw eggs inside 75C room to cook it into an omelet.
  7. carry capacity broken

    There is instruction on how to get save file for various OS.
  8. carry capacity broken

    To test it, lock him inside a room with 2 compactors so no other dupes can reach. One full and one empty. Observe how much he can carry. Because there is no savegame attached, only you can test it. Btw, dupes only carry 1kg if their destination only can afford 1kg more, no matter he has 2000kg carrying capacity.
  9. They are two different objects with the same name. They have different size and lime yield. During their lifespan, pokeshell will drop shell twice (or more? I only observed twice). When they matured from baby, they drop a small one. When they died they drop the big one. Dev should rename one of them to avoid confusion. Maybe babyshell?
  10. I didn't see sushi in my existing colony consumable menu. Didn't see it on a new save too. They only listed food that already discovered, which is the same behavior as before. You sure you didn't make them discover it somehow, via sandbox or debug maybe? Yes, but if it removed... wouldn't all existing sushi will disappear?
  11. Your sand cooler than your Pwater
  12. Probably if you had them before it won't disappear. Otherwise, people with many sushi will cry if their food supply suddenly disappears.
  13. They seems okay now. I even move them around mid-work and they just resume as like it used to be. However they restart upon save reloading, which is understandable. Any news for Balm Lily seed?