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  1. To avoid germy water sitting inside pipe, use mechanized door instead of valves. This is example using clock sensor and door. Screenshot your power overlay please, it will be easier to explain (or you will see the problem yourself after looking at this overlay). I suspect you're using single small transformer which only have 1kw continuous supply. Insulated pipe when you don't want liquid inside to exchange temperature with environment, for example in transit. Radiant pipe when you want much faster temperature exchange than normal pipe with same length, for example in your cooling source and destination.
  2. Proximity tooltip said based on hidden hierarchy. On previous version, this hidden hierarchy is just from left to right. I cannot guarantee for recent update because I never test it again. For example you only have building and operating on highest priority, everything else is low. Enable proximity on: they will choose nearest errand, it can be building or operating Enable proximity off: they will choose from the left in priority screen, meaning operating first, building secondary.
  3. Puft feed

    Your second picture showing starving 0kcal. But 3rd picture not starving 1.9kcal. They are eating, you just didn't notice it. Perhaps slow down your game speed to 1 if you want to admire them eating? Me too, sometimes hungry, sometimes not Joke aside, use their calories instead of "hungry" status. Hungry just mean they have room in their tummy, but they only can eat once every few seconds. In most case you will see hungry status more than not, but don't worry as long they have high calories. I just check my puff inhaling just like usual
  4. It is slime in conveyor that cooked into dirt. When their spawn location is blocked, they will spawn on first available tile on top of it.
  5. After save reload, exploited tepedizer not capped to 125C?
  6. They drown if there is no space to float. I never seen one that "voluntarily drown themselves" though. Even if I spawn them underwater, they just swim back up immediately unless I intentionally trap them underwater.
  7. That's odd, I don't think I've encounter this before. Save reload didn't resolve? Save as. then disable all mods. reload, check pathing again. I know there is little chance, but for troubleshooting, this is needed.
  8. I thought so, only steam can fix it. Any new windows process that started by a game will be counted by steam as part of the game. I remember seeing bug report about exit game but still running in steam, just realized might be opening another process from game. Well, at least we know. So we can give explanation if someone confused when his steam said game still running.
  9. Umm, I found issue. This is not actually mod issue, but people might be confused. Step to reproduce: Close browser (I'm using firefox) Open the game, generate seed, upload Click on that "visit site", will automatically open browser Exit the game Steam will see that game still running until we close browser too. It will prevent opening game again. Rime has volcanoes in magma biome, not just magma like other asteroids.
  10. Sorry to bug you @Cairath Can we have "open in map browser" instead of "visit site" link in manual uploader? so it will open link like this https://toolsnotincluded.net/map-tools/map-browser/map/48197
  11. It is counting germ in air (or liquid) on a single tile where it is placed.
  12. It is helpful. with some limitation of course. Thanks, I will tinker in sandbox with it to see how far I can "play" with priority to handle this combination. My current colony using storage bin + sweeper now (just built few hours ago), but I still interested to explore alternatives for next playthrough.
  13. Auto-wrangle help

    There is few condition for auto-wrangling to work Storing more critter than setting, You passed this one Critter have to be able to be called to drop-off and not too far away, check critter navigation Critter have to be adult, no baby auto-wrangling I'll add if I remember anything else Looking at your conveyors, are you aware that we can drown them by drowning the eggs instead of drowning adult?
  14. Thank you for your suggestion, although I didn't look for stable but storage
  15. I don't mind using sweep only for temporary measure just like DemainaNyx. Didn't want to use it like that for long.