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why does dupes look happy when dying?

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"Go on without me, my friends."


Speaking of which, some new death animations would be cool.

Gasping for air and clutching their throat when suffocating.

Getting dizzy and swirly eyed before succumbing to a heat stroke.

Their stomach turning into a monster and roaring before they pass out from hunger and die.


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4 hours ago, Gurgel said:

They are happy because they know they are finally rid of that incompetent invisible overload that tells them what to do.

Precisely what I was about to say, except I would say they are happy to no longer be overloaded with chores from an incompetent sadistic overlord.

Looking at Max's expression reveals @metallichydra's base layout. The toilets are all piped into a 5 C room and Max was then living in that room since there is no way to enter or leave the room post construction. All he could do was walking around in pee from other dupes, get down to mop it up with his hands and sleep in it. His only oxygen supply was the polluted water bottles degassing. Who wouldn't want to get away from that? :p

Other dupes would likely be happy though. They can't see the room in question and all the polluted oxygen goes through deodorizers before reaching the rest of the base. All they know is that the great leader has provided them with an endless supply of oxygen.

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