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  1. Noticed somebody, that after a rocket with a fuel thruster lands, the oxylite and iron is still in there?
  2. If you have luck, you have an exo-planet with gold, but these are mostly far away and not reachable with oxylite (in my tested games)... otherwise you must send steam rockets to get the research databanks for the liquid oxygen fuel. It was something I never wanted to do (cost a huge amount of time), so I cheated the gold into the game. Ranching Dreckos is something, that is also a bad idea just for the fibres. To get enough fibres, you need MANY of them (Performance...AI, Dupe time => bad choice in my opinion!). Many buildings need them too. And you need also 5 for the insulation material. If you have collected 300 for example, it sounds huge, but in reality, it were 60 orders Insulation => 6000KG Insulation. If you want to build Insulated pipes/tiles from insulation it were 15 pieces a 400KG... And now think about how many you need for a large construction project. They added now the care packets with fibres. It is a possibility to get the right amount. As I started the game after the beta launch, there wasn't care packages with fibres. The only solution to protect the performance seems to be just wild planting the fibres with the PIP. Some player told me to ranch to get the missing material, but maybe it is just me or these people don't build big. This Suggestion is bad for big bases in my opinion. If the game is not very well optimized to ranching like an evil genius, it is no possibility for me. Another thing is, this depends a bit of the map. If you have the right traits there were no difficulties. Slime Molts, Geodes with gold etc. If you are a unlucky fellow, you have a problem. As I said in another thread: Oxylite should be possible with other materials too. Another refined metal. Iron, Copper, whatever. Have you build a monument? If yes, welcome in the club.
  3. The dupes drunk the ethanol to warm up themselves.
  4. Ehm, it is not finished yet. The other person in the Bugreport has probably a bigger base. His savefile is 87MB big! Couldn't view his base, because of the error. But the developers wrote in the report and said, the monument is causing it. For all others: Don't build a monument in a room bigger than 500 cells! No questions about it! If you can load my savegame, please deconstruct the monuments and send me the savefile. Would be the easiest thing and I don't must use mods. Thanks Please use the original savegame. It seems you have run the game for a while. Some constructions zones are finished on your screen. Or I became old. Don't know. Have a nice day.
  5. Sure. Abyss.sav This person has the same error:
  6. Index out of Range Exception. Since the last two patches... You broke my 1600 cycles colony... I hoped for this patch to fix it, so i can continue my colony. But...
  7. I noticed the same. Not minutes, but a couple of seconds to open the harvest screen.
  8. I have the same error. I just want to say: Man, Jesus Christ... A savefile with 87MB? What have you done? I have a lategame base with 1600 Cycles, but the save game is just 18MB big. If the game is working again, I will view your colony. I'm curious. Have a nice day. @k_nicole Does it mean you will not fix it? Because this error occurs after the latest Patch! Before, all was fine. It would be sad if my 1600 base were lost.
  9. It is better than before. That's right. I play at cycle 1500 on normal speed, because the others results in lagging. But something in the game cause sometimes extreme FPS loose and slow the game down to 4 FPS from 30FPS at normal speed! That is still present in the game with the actual update. Maybe it is just me, don't know. But I have sometimes the problems. And I don't know what cause the slowdown.... We will see. Maybe the game runs perfect at the release with 30FPS on third speed.
  10. In my opinion, it isn't fixed. I have still the problem, that the game slowdown over a couple of cycles. So, the fix don't work or it wasn't the crab AI.
  11. Doesn't noticed the fact with the gas pipes. I build much more liquid pipes than gas pipes. Then it is like you said just inconsistent. I hope for the possibility to make pipes from mafic rock too. Would make some things easier.
  12. In my opinion, the haven't allowed it, because it were nearly better than ceramic! Ceramic has 0,019 (insulated pipe) and Mafic Rock 0,010 as a insulated tile (ceramic has 0,006 as a insulted tile) if I remember correctly. If they allow it to use for insulated pipes, ceramic need to be changed or nobody would use ceramic pipes any more, because it costs to much time and resources to make it. Mafic rock is lying on the floor. Just pick it up. But maybe they have just forgotten to implement it.
  13. The savefile runs normal at the first look. But it is like my savegame with 1100 Cycles. How you said: "The first cycles are running normal" ~30FPS Normal => 10FPS Fastest. But then, it drops to 15FPS at normal speed instantly... Nothing special is happened. I have all buildings, but something in the beta preview cause the extreme lagging sometimes. After a restart it is normal again as you said. I couldn't find the reason for the lag. I have much more ladders than you, believe me, you are harmless and that is NOT the reason. Maybe it is just the debug code, or maybe the game has an special error with some situations. Maybe the PIP get stuck and don't do anything and cause the lag. The game has still a problem if you are playing over a couple of cycles. ONI use then 6GB in total of RAM out of 32GB. Wait for the launch. If the error is still in there, it wasn't the debug mode.
  14. I thought several times about they have no design for the game. True or not, it is just my opinion. They have not red thread! The design by Klei is to delete all possibilities to solve a simple issue with a simple solution. I think sometimes they are masochists and like to torture their gamers. Klei and the developers, members behind the game has no clue about their own game. Maybe they don't play it by themselves... Who know it. It was a great game several updates before! I loved it! Really! But the most new changes are like: "How can we annoy more people with the update." It is not all of the changes bad. I love the new biomes, but the are unable to balance the game. Yes, they are! The decisions are always the bad ones. And we all know it is the last update till the release. I can see frustrated newcomer! I am frustrated too and I have played the game for 1500 hours...