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  1. Sad, they doesn't fix it before the official launch. After the launch I tested my old colony with 1800 cycles and what can I say? I have the same FPS like in the beta. Is that right? Have they maybe forgot to disable the developer logging or is the performance just bad? Sorry for my honesty. In the old updates I get around at least 20 FPS more in the released version than in the beta launch. It is disappointing. The error with the rockets is still in there (Huge FPS drops after launching a rocket). Seems like the game need another months to be finished. But! They have fixed the huge FPS drops to 20 FPS, if you reveal the whole map via the debug mode. That is great! Still 60 FPS if I reveal it. Hope for the best.
  2. It is misleading. U have opened the infoscreen of the Heavy Conductive Wire on the left. Why they are talking in the next step about normal wires with a link to the wrong entry? The link should point to the heavi normal wire (same category), not the small ones. Make no sense! The sentence is still wrong and misleading. if you have opened the conductive vs. normal wires, okay, that would make sense. In this constellation not! So, either they remove the toptext of the heavi wires or they change the max wattage and point to the right cable category.
  3. That is a point. Never seen this. But the fact that a Heavy-Watt-Wire and a Heavy-Conductive-Wire have the same KW limit is the real issue in my opinion. The game says: Heavy-Conductive-Wire can transfer more KW than the normal one! That is not true currently! They still break like the normal heavy wires at ~20,8 KW usage (Guessed/Round about). In my games I reach very fast the 20KW limit. So, what's the point to build Heavy-Conductive-Wire, if they breaks at 20KW usage too? The only difference is the better decor. That's it. With the spacerelics you don't need the "better" wire. The worse decor place can raise up in the positive. They should change it. Maybe they can transfer twice as much (40KW).
  4. Because he was finally redeemed? It's hard in the colony.
  5. Runs fine. Thanks a lot.
  6. Noticed somebody, that after a rocket with a fuel thruster lands, the oxylite and iron is still in there?
  7. If you have luck, you have an exo-planet with gold, but these are mostly far away and not reachable with oxylite (in my tested games)... otherwise you must send steam rockets to get the research databanks for the liquid oxygen fuel. It was something I never wanted to do (cost a huge amount of time), so I cheated the gold into the game. Ranching Dreckos is something, that is also a bad idea just for the fibres. To get enough fibres, you need MANY of them (Performance...AI, Dupe time => bad choice in my opinion!). Many buildings need them too. And you need also 5 for the insulation material. If you have collected 300 for example, it sounds huge, but in reality, it were 60 orders Insulation => 6000KG Insulation. If you want to build Insulated pipes/tiles from insulation it were 15 pieces a 400KG... And now think about how many you need for a large construction project. They added now the care packets with fibres. It is a possibility to get the right amount. As I started the game after the beta launch, there wasn't care packages with fibres. The only solution to protect the performance seems to be just wild planting the fibres with the PIP. Some player told me to ranch to get the missing material, but maybe it is just me or these people don't build big. This Suggestion is bad for big bases in my opinion. If the game is not very well optimized to ranching like an evil genius, it is no possibility for me. Another thing is, this depends a bit of the map. If you have the right traits there were no difficulties. Slime Molts, Geodes with gold etc. If you are a unlucky fellow, you have a problem. As I said in another thread: Oxylite should be possible with other materials too. Another refined metal. Iron, Copper, whatever. Have you build a monument? If yes, welcome in the club.
  8. No Ethanol lakes on Rime's Rust Biomes

    The dupes drunk the ethanol to warm up themselves.
  9. Ehm, it is not finished yet. The other person in the Bugreport has probably a bigger base. His savefile is 87MB big! Couldn't view his base, because of the error. But the developers wrote in the report and said, the monument is causing it. For all others: Don't build a monument in a room bigger than 500 cells! No questions about it! If you can load my savegame, please deconstruct the monuments and send me the savefile. Would be the easiest thing and I don't must use mods. Thanks Please use the original savegame. It seems you have run the game for a while. Some constructions zones are finished on your screen. Or I became old. Don't know. Have a nice day.
  10. Sure. Abyss.sav This person has the same error:
  11. Index out of Range Exception. Since the last two patches... You broke my 1600 cycles colony... I hoped for this patch to fix it, so i can continue my colony. But...
  12. Yeah, I want to see barf dupes. Poop on the floor, fall in love with the toilet and hug the basin. All what a dupe need.
  13. [Game Update] - 353289

    I noticed the same. Not minutes, but a couple of seconds to open the harvest screen.
  14. Said the Human Resource Manager! Not so human, but otherwise it is handy.
  15. I send a rocket to this location several updates before... This rocket came back with the dupe! Was it changed?