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  1. from a technical perspective just splitting the game into many separate sims should be a huge optimization. Is it actually, well, I have not reached a point with 4+ colonies running parallel, yet.
  2. In real life shielding is measured in tenth thicknesses. For each tenth thickness, multiply the radiation level by 0.1. He said it used to be 'linear' meaning each tile reduced a fixed amount. Maybe now each tile reduced by a percentage which would be 'geometric', that's how it works real-world as well.
  3. I just noticed this in my new save, dupes will not bring rot piles to my compost heaps. I can't mark the rot piles for compost, Setting a high priority sweep gives a red flag "storage unavailable" Savefile inc. Spacestation.sav
  4. Hey, you at least had to leave the starting area within a few hundred cycles *shrug* in the swamp biome you can silo down for a very long time. It's just a somewhat annoying place to live. I'm not a fan. Hopefully they have some bigger plan in mind.
  5. If you haven't gotten in, it's ok. I'm deciding it's ok I haven't gotten in. Just watching some streamers, it seems like the game in its current form could be a big spoiler for me. It's a smoke screen for new major game systems after all, the alpha does what it should. But I don't like the swamp as a starting zone, it doesn't make for compelling gameplay. There's really no need to do anything to stabilize your colony in the early game, you have everything you could possibly need for a thousand cycles. Water, oxygen, easy food. Though there are a lot of annoying things about the swamp it's a very easy start. There's really no pressure in the midgame either, no roadblocks you hit that you need to expand out of. You can really just chill on home planet for a very long time without running into any shortages, without even teching up. Not a fan of the swamp as a gamestart, in its current form, tbh. Though I am sure it's all very preliminary and there should be improvements on launch. Even terra put new players under pressure. Water was limited, oxygen was limited. We had algae but it was easy to run out. Swamp takes away those pressures and just makes the environment annoying instead: mud, polluted oxygen, morale.
  6. We all know the Christmas work blockade is straight ahead; I feel, if we don't hear a firm update within the next two weeks we should expect this to slip to '21. (just every company I've ever worked at becomes a ghost town from dec 1 until jan 1)
  7. I feel the same about it, but some very vocal community members have been giving klei a hard time about it. So it's important to someone at least.
  8. Eagerly awaiting any news. Even if that news is, "hey we missed, this cannot release by the end of the year"
  9. I have seen a few times in this thread, "how can my computer possibly run 6 colonies, when I get 20 FPS with one colony?" Reinforcing @Gurgel's response to this question, above. Actually this will be a much easier problem to solve for optimization. Easy to run multiple separate simulations in many contexts, very challenging to run one large simulation in many contexts.
  10. This concept just feels right. I always wished I could colonize the whole system, harsh and hazardous destinations for resource purposes and comfortable / habitable locations for growth. Really looking forward to another several hundred hours of enjoyment.
  11. Optimistic Laboratory Cycle 2042.sav Interesting that we do not have similar issues with atmo suits or dupes in general. They always find an alternate path, unless they're wearing a jet suit.
  12. @Ipsquiggle thanks! you'll notice that in the specific gif I posted, Ren was not incapacitated. If you reload a couple times and let it run a few cycles you might see my specific outcome too.
  13. This was fixed for some time. Lots of old bugs cropping up from the past... Hassan, tune up that generator. Hassan. Hassan!