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  1. AI.... issues....

    Sometimes issues you describe can be just because of your base design and tapping out dupe labor. I mean, there might be too many errands for the number of dupes you have. Look at things that you're absurdly far ahead on and don't need as much of. For instance, if you have 1million kcal worth of cooked food in storage, you could reduce dupe workload by uprooting a few plants. Kill off some of your ranches. Etc. Sometimes, it's just time to start over and see what you can do better next time around. If you make your base more efficient, all the things will be done and more than half your dupes will be cycling on idle.
  2. H2O to PH2O?

    You don't have to use temperature sensors at all for a petrol cooker design. My favorite way is to use pressure detectors and the fact that petroleum has lower per-tile density than oil. (in other words, pressure goes down when the phase change happens) It's a bit tricky to get right because during the "boiling" you can wind up with a partial tile of oil left over that gives you a false positive. But fiddle with your sensors and logic just a little bit to work out the kinks.
  3. Here's a visual example of how I keep my refinery below whatever temp I choose on a thermostat. I am using liquid because it's more efficient, but you can use gas if you want. A bit off-topic, on what the other pipes are doing That temp sensor is set to an arbitrary value, I have it at 40C. See the cooling loop runs across a single tempshift plate. It goes shutoff - flow control (set at 400g again arbitrary, just very low to maximize the amount of heat the coolant draws in) -> then dumping into the hot tank. Automation can be just a single wire from temp detector to shutoff valve. I'm not going to show my automation here, because it's different from that and it wouldn't make a good illustration.
  4. Are you off your medication?
  5. Perhaps I'm missing something? There's no way to make an exosuit. I tried deconstructing it, reloading my game, ...
  6. "cooling down the cold biome" is kind of a fool's errand. The thing just has too much mass. It's better to have some use in mind for all that cooling than to just store it indefinitely. I know, I once tried to "heat up the lava biome", back before we had special materials for doing so. That was a failure.
  7. no, you are correct, thanks.I never use dense pufts
  8. nothing wrong with an oxylite refinery, it ramps from nothing to full production immediately without waiting for breeding cycles, doesn't waste 50% of your oxygen, but does consume 5g of gold per 1 kg of oxylite and 1200 watts.
  9. oh, here's something. You're still losing heat to the outside because of the mechanical airlocks. Simplest way for you to deal with that is to vacuum out that entry chamber. Just get it set how you want (then dupes will never go back in), and pump the entryway empty. Then that room becomes like a thermos for those two metal doors - the heat can't creep through. That will get rid of the lion's share of insulating losses you still have. And lower the load your AETN is under. It's more important to make sure there is *only* hydrogen in there (i.e. no CO2) because the AETN stalls if it gets anywhere near condensation point for anything it's near. For instance, a pocket of one tile gaseous CO2 is floating around there - your AETN would never go below around -40C. But you will know this is what's happening when you get a "too cold" message and the thing just stops. If that's not what you've got, it's a loading issue.
  10. Please don't remove the ability to place eggs in un-powered incubators, this is useful for some builds. They incubate at the same rate as if they were on the ground, and your rancher can't serenade them, so the benefit is minimal. Just another way to automate ranches now that there's a continuous setting. Maybe some other things could change to make things more intuitive, like, maybe dupes and sweepers shouldn't be willing to load it when it's disabled via automation.
  11. Nullifier has a limited energy output, so once you've got it insulated if you want it even colder you need to: - first make sure nothing is restricting it from going lower (it can't get near the condensation point of anything it's touching, so, no liquids, no gases that are near condensation points. This is why you fill the room with H2 and purge everything else - H2 has a very low condensation point. Its high thermal conductivity and heat capacity help, but the condensation point is the biggest thing for AETN since its cooling output is stated in DTU not degrees. - Now, if it's still stalled at -25C you have to cut down its cooling load. In your case that might mean throttling H2 flow through that radiator you've got. - If you prefer not to throttle down H2 flow, add more cooling. Get H2 in that room to high pressure and put 12 wheezeworts in there next to it, to double the cooling capacity. But the H2 has to be at high pressure once you start using wheezeworts.
  12. the flailing death bug is back again. In this save mi-ma is incapacitated from analyzing a hot geyser (I know, exosuits, color me lazy). She refuses to be picked up, because she keeps flailing around resetting Care errands! Reloading the save does not help. Rosy Trainwreck.sav
  13. serious question, why don't the co2 exhaust pipes break?
  14. I find this very informative actually, and it makes sense. Most of my industrial builds involve vacuuming something or doing some kind of air ejection, but it hadn't occurred to me that small pumps would be both more efficient & therefore also faster (by building several) at low pressures. Thanks for the post.