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  1. I got this achievement without really trying when I started launching petroleum rockets. Can't explain all the mechanics but it seems like doors get really cold if they melt a little.
  2. Optimistic Laboratory Cycle 2042.sav Interesting that we do not have similar issues with atmo suits or dupes in general. They always find an alternate path, unless they're wearing a jet suit.
  3. Dupe dance of death is back

    @Ipsquiggle thanks! you'll notice that in the specific gif I posted, Ren was not incapacitated. If you reload a couple times and let it run a few cycles you might see my specific outcome too.
  4. Well now, my turn. This should work. They just ignore those seeds on the ground, won't bring one up to that next spot. I don't have a double plant there like that last guy! 3 pips wandering this area, watched them pass the seeds many times. nevermind, I applie rule 1 incorrectly. Momentary lapse of reason - I was planting left to right!
  5. This was fixed for some time. Lots of old bugs cropping up from the past... Hassan, tune up that generator. Hassan. Hassan!
  6. This bug has shown up in various forms over the course of development. This time it seems different in that it can occur either before or afer the dupe becomes incapacitated. It's fairly unpredictable when exactly it will occur but it's bound to if you're sending your dupes into extreme environments with only a sweater for protection. Ren, climb up. Ren. Ren! Optimistic Laboratory Cycle 731.sav
  7. My current base is at 2400 cycles and I have a LOT of systems. Lots of things going on. Conveyors, pipes, vents everywhere. All have a purpose. Sticky Committee.sav Loading this game and focusing on nearly any aspect of the base I run at a pretty smooth 24-30 FPS. After only a few hours of gameplay it slows to a crawl again, down to 10-15 FPS. There is a process leak somewhere. It's more than just a memory leak. Process size gets a bit large but not beyond reason - performance drops dramatically. Very encouraged by the optimization updates - keep up the good work!
  8. [Game Update] - 371502

    I eagerly await the conveyor optimizations is that an accidental omission from the patch notes, or was that code left out for now?
  9. This is a cooling application for space equipment. I pipe in 20 g/s normally, so that my temp sensor can get a reading. At >170C the shutoff turns on and another 100g/s flows in. Thing is, only the first valve with demand gets a gas supply for some reason. The gas will not flow past that second inline outlet to the next valve pair. I re-drew it like this, and now they're all working... As described in body
  10. One thing I am noticing, in this branch I lose a lot of frames if I leave the game paused for 24 hours then come back. Didn't used to happen.
  11. empirical literally just means measurable, evidence based, reproducible. But let's not get stuck on semantics. If a few other people repeated this simple test, & shared their results as well it'd be a lot more meaningful than me going and doing 10 more of them. What I'm saying is, instead of throwing shade - go spend the same 20 minutes I did and count stutters. Let us know your results.
  12. I wanted to do some actual empirical testing, seen a lot of opinions about whether this update improved things or not, but it's important to keep your own bias in view on something like this. I'm using MSI Afterburner. fast save.sav (colony is Sticky Committee, Fast Save is just a backup I made before switching to the fast save mod) I'm running on an i7 5930k hex with 16 GB of RAM. Test 1: cycle 1660, with build 370532: (this performance update) Loaded game, 3x speed, closed ALL programs but afterburner & ONI, zoomed to default widest view and centered camera on my power plant room (one of my busier areas) 31 FPS, one big stumble. Test 2: cycle 1660, build 366134: (live branch) Loaded game, set to 3x speed, closed ALL programs but afterburner & ONI, zoomed to default widest view and centered camera on my power plant room. Allowed it to record data until sunset, as before. 22 fps, frequent significant stumbles. You can see in the screenshots that there are about 180 seconds worth of data in each test. I have to say just really phenomenal work. It comes out to a 43% performance improvement for my late game colony. Rebuttals, one at a time "This performance patch is bad" - please do some unbiased measurement, maybe you're gauging your response to what you hoped for just as much as what you're used to. "There are more stutters" - count them, you might just be noticing stuttering more easily than previously, because it's not happening constantly anymore.
  13. Can confirm conveyor strangeness. This conveyor loop should fill up and circulate until the shutoff opens, instead it's being filled continuously even though it appears full: I can also confirm though that materials aren't being destroyed, they just appear to fall off if they don't have a spot on the exit rail to move into. Instead of just backing up. I'll say though this optimization update seems like a success to me. This is a 2,000 cycle save that runs at around 15 FPS on live, I'm averaging about 5 FPS better on this branch. Could be my save benefits so much because of my heavy use of conveyors.Which is also ironic because that means I can't really use this branch until conveyors are fixed
  14. Oasis is a fair bit harder than aridio. But I also find it less interesting (sand for days) Aridio is 2nd most challenging. Traits, depends on your point of view. Geo dormant, metal poor, maybe magma channels.