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  1. @babba I was replying to OP, not necessarily you. have not yet read your idea. transit tubes do indeed have significant downsides. 1) they queue and checkpoint dupes 2) high tech materials and research 3) very high power use
  2. There is already a proper airlock building, it is called transit tube. But the downsides are not to your liking.
  3. If you get too cold on swamp - insulate your start area's borders, build several composts where a wall was shared with ice biome. You're gonna be short on dirt anyway. Compost is lower labor than the spinner and gets hot.
  4. I must consolidate all the water into 2 tanks before anything substantial gets done. Sometimes they are forced to sleep on the floor and pee right there until they get the job done! Before they are allowed ANY morale maybe even starvation nearly gets us because I was so busy moving water around. Chop chop. Share screenshot later.
  5. In real life shielding is measured in tenth thicknesses. For each tenth thickness, multiply the radiation level by 0.1. He said it used to be 'linear' meaning each tile reduced a fixed amount. Maybe now each tile reduced by a percentage which would be 'geometric', that's how it works real-world as well.
  6. It's an engineering game, adding dedicated buildings removes the need to engineer things. Unless said dedicated buildings have significant drawbacks. (petroleum refinery anyone) What would be an appropriate drawback for a dedicated airlock building? High power use? Wasted gases? Time& checkpointing?
  7. Another in the "ultra basics" category, this is definitely a rehash. As a new player you might think algae terrariums aren't very good - they only make 40g/s of oxygen, and your dupes breathe 100g/s. But terrariums also make polluted water, which will offgas into polluted oxygen if you don't sweep it. So in the long run, after you've dropped lots of polluted water on the ground, one terrarium can support more than three dupes! Links here to more advanced concepts: Neotuck's design - Yunru's manual O2 gen (no algae just sweeping p-water) - (looking for a link to a door compressor / o2 gen) ----- Pros: - it works at high pressure so you don't need gas pumps (the bottles keep gassing above their pressure limit because of other mechanics) - Plumbing errands make your dupes strong - Algae is scarce - this build is very efficient with algae - diffusers use too much Cons: - Plumbing errands, but really once you get it going, very few. ----- Build a bunch of terrariums to get started. I have 3 dupes in this colony, I started with 6 terrariums. We're going to let the polluted water bottles gas off, so also build some deodorizers. The bottle emptier for that p-water tank is set to sweep only, this is very important. I have some extra deodorizers. It's not 100% necessary unless you're OCD like me - the one on either end is usually enough, until pressure changes for some reason. Then polluted oxygen will get out, unless you built a few extra. I don't want to give my dupes yucky lungs. ----- So now I've reached a comfortable pressure. I'm going to cut back to 2 terrariums for my 3 dupes, still more than I should need in the long run. And, like I mentioned, I've actually been able to shut off those two remaining terrariums because pressure got high enough. See how much p-water I have sitting on the ground - those bottles are still making oxygen. These two bottles have about 2T each of pwater in them. ----- Last bit, I don't want to sit around micro-managing base pressure - I want the terrariums to stop making p-water when pressure in my base is high enough, and start again when pressure gets low. Luckily, mechanical airlocks do a trick. When the airlock is open, any buildings on top of it shut off. So I build an atmo sensor, set it to 1400g, and now we don't have to micro manage anymore: Maybe put the atmo sensor a few rooms away, because you're trying to maintain pressure in your base, not right next to the oxygen source. What's the buffer gate for? Debounce logic. An S-R latch with filters on both inputs would work more smoothly, but that's also a bit complicated.
  8. You are correct! I'll update the illustration. I switched it to a fridge pretty quickly and didn't notice. Re corner building, yes. That is more efficient. Put this way I've described in the "very low tech ways without using advanced mechanics, meant to be as intuitive as possible". Same goes for single-tile storage, usually requires mechatronics.
  9. I just noticed this in my new save, dupes will not bring rot piles to my compost heaps. I can't mark the rot piles for compost, Setting a high priority sweep gives a red flag "storage unavailable" Savefile inc. Spacestation.sav
  10. my feelings about this topic are somewhere along the lines of "good grief" I'd be okay with settings for spaceflight needs & morale, but please don't gut this aspect of the game.
  11. So guys I know this isn't anything advanced. I like to share things for people who are newer to the game. As well as my finished builds, but I don't have any finished builds right now. If you didn't know, keeping your food completely immersed in CO2 keeps it from spoiling. The effect is a lot like having a fridge. Dupes can pick up food from the container through the barrier. Update: it has to be oriented the way I've shown it, with dupes standing in the dining room on the left. They can reach through the water barrier and pick up food, from the mess hall. Getting the single tile of water is a little bit tricky - Put a bottle emptier right on that spot. Set it to auto-bottle and empty water. Watch for someone delivering to the emptier, de-select water right when someone loads a bottle. Now mop to leave only that one spot with water. Don't mop 1 tile away, mop 2 tiles away on either side. You'll be left with a single bead of H2O that you can build that barrier above. Keep your cook a bit busy and the space will fill up with CO2. Here it is in action: When you get the tech for it, you can shrink that storage space to 1 tile wide - and use a fridge instead. Even with a fridge, still beneficial to do this, especially in the swamp biome - where the polluted oxygen will spoil your food. And, you don't have to power it. (though this seems to have changed again recently so who knows about the future). And this way you can have the storage on either the left OR the right, (when you use a fridge) ugh, spoilers on this forum software are so frustrating to manage.
  12. Radiation. I also want some form of a damage control game. A machine randomly bursts into flames because of "wrong element" damage. Meteors actually cause an explosion and your oxygen supply is feeding the flames. But I don't think that's coming soon x.x I'll look forward to radiation and just wait for it.
  13. This is a bit of a paradox... I assume you mean getting a good dupe... but if all dupes were good, we'd be looking for better dupes I do hope the mod you need ports soon, but any reasonable change in this direction for the base game should be in the form of settings.