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  1. Yes I think if you could keep from actually wasting power, with only 2-3 batteries, losses from jumbo batteries wouldn't matter much at all. So you either lose power when your battery is full, but the generator runs it uses up its fuel, OR Build a large bank of jumbo batteries to avoid wasting power, but then, you are multiplying battery losses by say a factor of 10.
  2. Eagerly awaiting any news. Even if that news is, "hey we missed, this cannot release by the end of the year"
  3. Rails inside a solid tile used to get a x20 heat transfer rate multiplier or something. But the limit with rails is how much mass you can move through them. (is the rails-behind-a-solid multiple still a thing? I only check back here from time to time now) Try with more rails in parallel through a refined metal floor tile, but the rail only needs to be something like 3 long. Or attach your debug save and let's have a contest? Who can get the lowest benchmark with these dimensions?
  4. Indeed, terrariums are the MOST sustainable oxygen production and don't generate heat. Just don't let your dupes empty the bottles, and water them by dripping water onto the ground... Eliminates the lion's share of dupe labor required for upkeep, and cuts down on algae consumption by a factor of 8 (because most of your O2 is made from water if you do it this way) Really their strength is that they use a tiny bit of algae but produce lots of p-water. Left on the ground that bottled p-water converts itself into oxygen on its own. Without being heated. Every other source of oxygen makes hot oxygen.... Terrariums produce oxygen at the same temp as your water source) Terrariums are only a trap if you're under-engineering. Using pufts to make algae, though, that's a trap. Use neotuck's design above and you'll have enough algae for the first several thousand cycles. When you start to run out, you can be getting algae from your rocket launches. To answer the original question. Pick any improvement to your base and go build it! - A bigger / more efficient power plant - More efficient pathing? - Launch a rocket? - Make a mechanical petroleum boiler? - Build a sour gas condenser? - Plant an arbor tree farm? Start producing ethanol? It's not a trap. - Figure out how to sustainably prevent heat death? (delete large amounts of heat somehow) - Get better quality food? - Figure out how to reach maximum dupe morale?
  5. Make your pump out of gold amalgam, should be able to pick up the oil unless your entire biome is way too hot (can happen if there's lava leaking through a crack in abyssalite somewhere). The oil well drops crude at 90C, a pump made from gold amalgam can handle up to 125C. Other metal ore pumps can only go to 75C.
  6. I know this isn't the norm, but it's my preferred way to remove massive amounts of heat from my colony: superheat some gas and vent it to space. There are disadvantages compared to a steam turbine, probably the most obvious ones being that you throw away some power and some mass. But the biggest advantage is that you can fit a huge amount of cooling into a tiny space, once you get high tech materials - by heating your exhaust up to the operating temp for thermium A/Ts. You'd never operate a steam turbine at 1000C to get more cooling out of it - that'd take more power to cool than the power it produces. When you're ready to bump your hot tank up to those kinds of temps just put some lead in there and let the petroleum boil off as sour gas. Basically this cooler doesn't get more complex, it can handle the heat input from however many A/Ts you can fit in the hot tank, all running supercoolant loops at 100% load. No need to tack on more and more steam turbines as your cooling load grows. It does throw mass away, but at that kind of exhaust temp, we're talking about a fraction of what one geyser makes. It's a different topic. It's the non-exploit mode and somewhat-realistic version of the chill pill. No matter how much cooling you need from it, it doesn't get any more complex. Build it once and you'd be hard pressed to ever use all the cooling it can give you.
  7. That's fine, and you're right, it's not exactly a burden. But, context - OP is asking about most efficient setups. 30% more cooling, 30% more fuel. It's not the most efficient setup. Some alternatives are to dump the H2 into an infinite storage (nakomaru's post), or to actually heat it and then burn for electricity, for cooling (let me see.....), or also to use the difference in heat capacity between water & gases to get free cooling. I wrote some more stuff about this but it's not quite on the point of the topic either. Basically you can also delete a bunch of heat at the same time if you're willing to do a bit of engineering. And that build isn't about efficient gas separation (in fact, it's a bad example for gas separation)
  8. Now take nakomaru's system and give it a natural vented output for O2 into your base, then only the H2 needs to be pumped. Water cool in place. That's the ultimate efficiency level. - Does power efficiency matter late game? Yes it still matters. Your base will survive a crisis better when you use simpler systems. This is fine but, letting the hydrogen out directly means 30% more load on your space coolers. In this shot you're making liquid H2 so It's totally break even, but in an early game base, reducing cooling load by a fourth makes a big difference.
  9. Okay I officially have restart-itis. After about 100 cycles I get bored and take a break, then it's more interesting to start a new colony than continue the old one. (cannot wait for DLC btw - this is just me killing time before that drops I guess) So this time instead of brute forcing my way into a farm, here's what I've got. I'm on aridio. Pips are for eggs - hatches are for meat (hatches take a long time to get started!) What's interesting about this is that the arbor trees help to moderate temperature in my base, and I don't have to worry about building a cooling system quite so early. Just don't pick up any new dupes until you've got a sustainable food supply.
  10. I have seen a few times in this thread, "how can my computer possibly run 6 colonies, when I get 20 FPS with one colony?" Reinforcing @Gurgel's response to this question, above. Actually this will be a much easier problem to solve for optimization. Easy to run multiple separate simulations in many contexts, very challenging to run one large simulation in many contexts.
  11. This concept just feels right. I always wished I could colonize the whole system, harsh and hazardous destinations for resource purposes and comfortable / habitable locations for growth. Really looking forward to another several hundred hours of enjoyment.
  12. Optimistic Laboratory Cycle 2042.sav Interesting that we do not have similar issues with atmo suits or dupes in general. They always find an alternate path, unless they're wearing a jet suit.
  13. @Ipsquiggle thanks! you'll notice that in the specific gif I posted, Ren was not incapacitated. If you reload a couple times and let it run a few cycles you might see my specific outcome too.
  14. This was fixed for some time. Lots of old bugs cropping up from the past... Hassan, tune up that generator. Hassan. Hassan!