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New traits are amazing! Post yours too!

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Hi ppl having a lot of fun here with the new maps+traits! Especially frozen core, volcanos and my favorite subsurface ocean " really like the salt water colours in contrast with the biome itself". Now i call your creative minds to create traits for the game.

Here are some of mines:

Living ocean: there are 5 salt water geysers open somewhere close to eachother making a flood.

Hatch fiesta: every buried object spawned with the world contains a hatch variant metal tiles with buried always have smooth hatches, granite and sedimentary always havr stone hatches and sand always have the normal hatches, algae and slime have the sage hatches.

Fancy: all dreckos in this world start as glossy dreckos.

Trees of the world: this world have trees in all biomes and have one forest outside the starting biome full of trees, cold tree variant that grows ice branches 30kg each half the normal maturation speed and a fire one that uses co2 to produce heat domesticated it also drinks oil or ethanol.

Jurassic park: every biome has some fossil tiles.



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9 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

Hollow - Space biome "holes" spawning randomly around the map.

Gold rush - Refined gold/copper veins around the map

Stinky hole - Polluted oxygen everywhere

I guess oceania have some of the hollow aspect or volcanea

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I'm thinking some modifications to the printing pod.

Damaged Power Unit: The printing pod needs to have electricity provided to count up the printing meter.

Over-engineered Power Unit: The opposite to the above. The printing pod provides a small, but existing, amount of free power.

Overstocked Bio-ooze: The printing pod's meter builds up ~15% faster.

Bio-ooze containment rupture: Simple implementation would be the printing pod's meter builds up ~20% slower. More complicated idea - The printing pod actually has an inventory of biological ooze and consumes some to print a dupe, and when it runs out, it cannot print any more duplicants. But, there is a way to manufacture biological ooze, and it can be piped in to replenish the stock. (For a bit more fairness, the bio-ooze should be added to the care package list)

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Living - 10 volcanoes granduated
Starting life - 1 critter per biome
Scattered - Big long crack between biomes
Bugged - Start with 6 dup
Death above - a layer magma spawn on top of the map
Asphyxiated - Decrease 2/3 of starting Oxylite mass

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5 hours ago, metallichydra said:

duplicants is made of ooze … so we have to kill our dupes to get more dupes?

I thought the rest of the critters were made of ooze, too? It would make perfect sense to have to use once-living matter to generate bio-ooze. But that's just me, I have a bias in that I'd like to see mechanics with the bio-ooze element. Turn once-living things into ooze, have the pod require ooze to print living things... Have a nutrient-goop type food that is made from bio-ooze, and thus, you'd be able to make soylent green :D

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Loosely Held or Debris Field - The asteroid is actually a bunch of rocks loosely held by gravity, separated by vacuum. The starting biome and maybe the first layer are inside their own chunk, then you have to build bridges to other chunks.

Edit: Very little abyssalite, since vacuum is the perfect insulator.

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