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  1. Hmmm. Now I kinda want to see a toy mush bar plushie.
  2. I usually run through a few random names until I see something I like. Though on this launch preview, I went with "The Rickety Launchpad", "Beyond the Rickety Launchpad", and "Slightly Sturdier Launchpad". I, uh... restarted a few times after seeing update notes. So, then I was making something that would also be a slightly less rickety launchpad, BUT, the random name generator chose simply "Abyss", and I thought I just had to stick with it.
  3. I thought the rest of the critters were made of ooze, too? It would make perfect sense to have to use once-living matter to generate bio-ooze. But that's just me, I have a bias in that I'd like to see mechanics with the bio-ooze element. Turn once-living things into ooze, have the pod require ooze to print living things... Have a nutrient-goop type food that is made from bio-ooze, and thus, you'd be able to make soylent green
  4. I'm thinking some modifications to the printing pod. Damaged Power Unit: The printing pod needs to have electricity provided to count up the printing meter. Over-engineered Power Unit: The opposite to the above. The printing pod provides a small, but existing, amount of free power. Overstocked Bio-ooze: The printing pod's meter builds up ~15% faster. Bio-ooze containment rupture: Simple implementation would be the printing pod's meter builds up ~20% slower. More complicated idea - The printing pod actually has an inventory of biological ooze and consumes some to print a dupe, and when it runs out, it cannot print any more duplicants. But, there is a way to manufacture biological ooze, and it can be piped in to replenish the stock. (For a bit more fairness, the bio-ooze should be added to the care package list)
  5. With CoH coming back from the dead with a player-run group, I couldn't resist making a Dupe character. This Bubbles has the Beam Rifle powerset, because the graphic they use for it looks an awful lot like the ONI digging energy bolts, and the Regeneration powerset, because dupes heal so freakishly fast.
  6. I'll raise my hand and say I hope we someday have nuclear power generation. I enjoy Factorio, and am currently playing a bit of Minecraft with the Industrialcraft2 mod. I occasionally get a craving to play a game of some kind that lets me refine uranium fuel. Weird, I know.
  7. I wonder if that's one of the DLC options they have in their back pocket? A mode where things are flipped around so things that are normally hot are cold, and vice-versa. I'm thinking if they went whole hog, with new biomes that are explicitly designed to be opposite-temperature versions of the existing ones (aside from the safe starting area, at least), and new plants and critters that are adapted to this bizzarro world asteroid.
  8. So, to sate our appetites during the next month, any chance we could get another of those animated shorts? Ideally having some kind of accident befalling the "May 28" statue, with an implication that the cause of the game being delayed a month-ish was some kind of duplicant shenanigans?
  9. You bring up an eminently reasonable point. How dare you?! Don't you know this is the internet!
  10. too many critters

    I'm not as good as some of these folks, so grain of salt this post. But! The save that I played the longest went to cycle 1800. I found 3 of the Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifiers. I set up a ventilation room near each one, encased the AETN in hydrogen in an adjacent room, and used metal tiles for the wall between to cool the oxygen being generated. I added a few wheezewarts if I wasn't happy with the cooling. It does take a lot of materials to put down the air ducts to do this, but they kept the parts of the base fed by them cool and comfortable. Now OUTSIDE the climate controlled rooms fed by these oxygen rooms, the temperature was getting dangerously high. Being the save I've played the longest, I mads a lot of mistakes and did a lot of failed experiments. My oxygen production was actually TOO high, and I accidentally pressurized a large section of the base with O2. You read that right. I made the mistake of having TOO much oxygen.
  11. Question: Can you use crushed dreams as flux when turning iron into steel?
  12. @avc15, Kinda funny, actually. You got Triple-A devs releasing unfinished games, and promising they have a "roadmap". Klei is delaying a game until it's done, because they have a roadmap (and aren't yet where they want to be on said roadmap).