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  1. I blame my slow pc working in my favour then, seems like the hatches didn't have enough time to path inside the final room, bar those two occasions. Maybe now that pathing is multithreaded I'll see that happen more often. I'm curious.
  2. I've seen that happen a couple of times indeed, on a cycle 1000+ base. Btw I'm currently not playing.. Autosweeper issues forced me to take a hiatus, and I haven't checked if the issues were fixed yet.
  3. Long (long) ago I read something about a particular arrangement of tungsten diselenide layers. It was reportedly the most thermally insulating material ever found. Maybe it melts into tungsten because also some dev has read that, or maybe just because it has the highest melting point, dunno. Can't provide any sources nor proof.
  4. I would really like to be able to deconstruct these things after they have been inspected. The pedestal idea is great, you deconstruct the thing and get an "artifact" from the past, and you can display it. Also being able to rebuild the thing elsewhere as a purely decorative item, using the artifact as a necessary component. These items should probably be in their own special category, and you'd get the usual sound effect when you become able to build one, along with an exclamation mark on top of the icon. This belongs to the suggestions section. I'd totally support it.
  5. This deserves a place in my museum of evil things and mad scientists, next to the borg cube. Dupes shall never forget. Even if some of them say that those are just legends, stories to scare the dupelings. (?)
  6. It works. It's just that memory toggles heavily contribute towards ugly layouts.
  7. S/R gates can't be mirrored =( However, almost everything is well concealed in normal view, and that's gud
  8. They target machinery. Stress situations are most likely to arise (if ever) in the early game, maybe due to low oxygen and food, low decor, clogged up toilets, debris, rushed jobs and low morale. And what kind of machinery does one have in the early game? Generators, batteries and diffusers, not much more. Makes sense they target that. The OP's dupes should totally punch him for his megalomania, and making such a bold statement in such a rude post! Then everyone else in this thread. Because why not. They deserve revenge for all the hardships we put them through. This is so cool it makes me wanna do that. Need punching bag item now. Also, using the rock granulator should reduce stress!
  9. I've adapted this a bit to a Hatch dispenser. I'm using the "not full" signal from the critter sensor in the stable to keep the door to the stable open if needed. It also goes to the active port of a memory toggle. The "critter not present" signal from the sensor in the last cage goes to the reset port of said memory toggle. Since now hatches can happily walk on the open door to the stable, it works. As soon as a hatch steps on it, the sensor in the cage slams the dummy door shut and the poor critter falls. The dummy door is always closed unless the stable is not full. Less not gates to control the central airlock that send the eggs in the pool due to lack of space and will to tear down everything and remake it bigger, but who cares, they are a bit redundant anyway.
  10. "If I can't have what I want, then nobody will!"
  11. Yes, it does. I've seen this happen in my base where the terrariums are serviced by autosweepers. I had a band of slimelung infected o2 above and to the sides of the deodorizers. It didn't last long tho: slimelung dies in PW and, if the bottle becomes big enough, germs will start dying off due to underpopulation. Also, I've seen a duplicant with food poisoning on his hands put slimelung infected algae inside the terrarium, removing the slimelung germs and replacing them with food poisoning germs. That was superbad, since it resulted in a 3t bottle of poisoned pwater.
  12. The fluid goes in the place being flooded. Genius. Go troll somewhere else, in a place with no oxygen preferably.
  13. Don't be a Protoss! Wrong game. FOR AIUR, btw.
  14. Co2 appears to go down, then slightly to the right because of how the game tries to distribute a portion of the mass in a tile to adjacent tiles. If there's a conflict between gases, the lighter gas wins when going left and the heavier gas wins when going right. If you have your buildings in a recess one tile deep, co2 will try to go there, because it's further down. Eventually the layer above will become a conflict zone, if hydrogen pressure is sufficient. If the floor is flat, co2 will have nowhere to go, and will stay in the bottom layer. However, if something happens that causes enough hydrogen to occupy a tile on the bottom layer it can lead to the situation you described, which can take a long time to fix itself. https://imgur.com/a/HvW7LmQ explains gas distribution a little in a section. It's black magic, literally