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  1. I smell strong Spore vibes here. Gassy moos are not useless, it's just they can barely supply their rancher colony.
  2. Did you use debug mode before, maybe in another save, without disabling it/quitting the game? Once discovered by debug, stays discovered.
  3. What I almost always do: deliver an egg every x cycles, where x is (adult critter lifespan) / (Number of desired critters in the stable). So 11,875 cycles for hatches and the like. Let the eggs flow freely towards their "final destination" and only be intercepted if it's the right moment. With a shutoff, a meter, an automated chute into a dispenser. Whatever. This requires culling until the stable is full of properly "timed" critters, then it's hands-off. I use a critter sensor to warn me if culling is needed. Once all the critters are properly spaced out in time, the sensor is used to prevent the new adult from entering the stable if some old critter decides to stick around in this plane of existence for more than expected. Tada, stable always refilled with 5/6 cycle old critters. It just works ™ It could break if critters go glum and stop laying eggs: this relies on good ranchers and a steady supply of food. Never had a problem tho. ok, no I had tons of problems many patches ago due to automation stuttering. But it is reliable now, for now
  4. Let them sleep on the hat! When the dupe wakes up and picks up the hat they both complain with a "censored" reaction balloon. Sometimes have the drowsy dupe pick up the hat but the critter clings to it, so it stays on their head for some seconds. +1% stress and +2 morale, or whatever! And make cuddle pips and longhair slicksters emit allergy germs!
  5. That mechanic is completely normal in the game, and it's what allows some builds to work. The more mass in a tile, the more the game tries to spread to other tiles. This creates a gradient. In your screenshot you have a carbon skimmer, which "uses" 300 grams per second of CO2. Now suppose you have a one tile wide column bringing CO2 to the skimmer, while at the top you have your CO2 source. It can be your base. Let's use a vent, coming from your base, which generates exactly 300 grams per seconds of CO2. (how convenient) CO2 will generate a high pressure zone and start to spread, by giving some of its mass to the neighbouring tiles. A little bit of CO2 will eventually reach the skimmer, the skimmer will use up to 300 grams of that, creating a vacuum. The skimmer will not work with 100% uptime and will stutter. Pressure inside the system will continue to rise, until it reaches the point that the final tile of the column has just enough mass to transfer 300 grams per second of gas to the carbon skimmer tile. This should be around 600 grams if I'm correct, assuming a one tile wide gap. (Yeah, the skimmer is two wide, but you get the point) Once that point is reached you have a perfectly stable system, with a high pressure zone near the entry point, a vacuum at the end, and just enough mass in every tile to allow the mass transfer to be 300 grams per second in the final tile. That's just how it works.
  6. Why not? A regolith melter and a diamond melter have entirely different inputs and outputs. With a diamond press (spaced out content) a diamond->liquid carbon->refined carbon chain can run using its own output. Is it viable? Or has someone already done that?
  7. Aww, this is so much better. However, as a fan of Rube Goldberg machines and avid player of TIM3, I say it's TOO much better, and has no failure condition! That's simply unacceptable. Thumbs down! (I've not used the signal counter since spaced out launch. I would have never figured this out, unless by mistake!)
  8. My very soul hurts just by reading that and my brain shuts down. Nope. I slap two buffers, two filters, and concede defeat without fighting. Left buffer-filter at X seconds, right buffer-filter at X/2 seconds. Green at output 1/2/4/3 as before. No readers, it's not dependant on its own output signal (This makes me uncomfortable, I don't know why. Feels less "controlled"?). Less flexibility, since you can't set different timers for each port (Well, technically you could, it's not fun nor immediate). But if you need equal intervals it just works. I don't like it tho. I don't know if automation delay can screw this up, and that's no good if it's a critical application.
  9. A signal distributor? By cycling the two control inputs, as: A red B red, A red B green, A green B green, A green B red you get green at output 1,2,4 and 3. Assuming permanent green at the distributor input. Ok, it's not necessarely easier and that gate is bulky, but it's something that does just what you asked while staying in the background. Edit, I slapped this together to be more clear: As you can see it's pretty big and not necessarily elegant! But the large gates are cool. You can make some real abominations with this. You can ditch the memory gates and only use filter/buffer timers if you want.
  10. -Voice Record Starts- <<Yes. A big play, with lots of spectators. The noise, the tears, the laughter... Then the clue scene.. And she'll grab the rover head. With a small c4 charge inside. Everyone will mark it out as an accident. We might know how to put together a rover, but we don't actually know how they work or what could happen to them after they shutdown. Right? Right. And then that pesky Ada will be gone. I am the one doing masterworks here. She won't steal my stage ever again. Until another one gets printed? Guess I'll have to build some more rovers. "Prototypes". For science.. And for my crowd's enjoyment.>> -Redacted-
  11. Now Marie must have glowstick by default! Her flavor text demands It. Mae can probably get Starry Eyed. But loner? Turner? Max? I don't think Banhi is a true loner.
  12. I would not consider a T shaped liquid lock to be an exploit by itself. That's how toilets prevent you from enjoying the smell of your and everybody else's digestive byproducts. Granted they don't have vacuum on one side and nuclear fusion enabling pressure on another. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trap_(plumbing) The multi liquid lock instead... "ONI physics"
  13. Then Banhi should have thought about it 10 cycles ago. Now she's starving and she deserves it, next time she won't dilly-dally.
  14. It says "too cold", so it empties itself. I tried pumping in 60° C water and it says it's good to go, but the bleach stone inside evaporates at the speed of light, even in a pressurized environment. It says emitting chlorine: 0 g/s. And dupes don't use it. The surfboard works fine, the chair seems to take a bit too long, I guess it's the ultimate in total laziness... There is no stress reduction during its use however, which seems weird =v