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  1. Then Banhi should have thought about it 10 cycles ago. Now she's starving and she deserves it, next time she won't dilly-dally.
  2. Anti-Puft ranch

    Eggs should not hatch while being carried on the rail? Or is that some kind of bug? Or is some quirk involving rail corners and bridges, which make the egg appear in another place? There should be just one prince egg there every X cycles, right? You mean that the regular eggs don't get delivered to the pool but to the "prince room" instead? If that happens is definitely some strange behavior due to rail/bridge/solid tile interaction. I remember that it could make automation fail consistenly.
  3. Anti-Puft ranch

    It doesn't work because there are no pufts? Because It should definitely work. Unless automation decides to do nasty things. Having the eggs go through the rooms, however, is bad, if they trigger the cramped debuff. Ah, just noticed the the Prince egg is delivered to the stable ”room". That's no good.
  4. Ranching vertically.

    I don't understand the part about automation. Do you mean sweepers and loaders? If so, they usually require the same amount of power regardless of layout, since they only draw when they are performing a task. You can have one sweeper and one loader doing all the work on a small surface full of goodies, or many sweepers and loaders on a long surface with sparse items. The workload will be (most of the time) the same, the only downside is that if too many of them turn on at the same time due to an unlucky alignment of stars they may overload the wire. A single sweeper+loader combo on a small surface will draw the same amount of power, but on a longer time span, because they will be slower at performing the same number of tasks.
  5. Ranching vertically.

    Well this is awesome, but isn't it because dreckos replenish all of their calories upon eating? I remember those old research papers by "he who does not want do be named".. 2 domestic plants per drecko should be the minimum, 3 for glossy dreckos. Don't pips suffer from a similar problem? This has been around for quite some time, enough that I almost feel like this is a feature. Also, wild pepperplants for style and reed fiber! Maybe after suffering the hassle of planting "wild" plants you deserve it? Please, anyone, or Klei, prove me wrong. Or prove me right. Because if it's a feature, using wild plants to feed dreckos or glossy dreckos as a source of everything by going plastic>naphta>sour gas chain seems fun.
  6. Do any of these setups create more of a certain type of gas than they should? Or are they true to the tooltip? I'm tinkering around with some flooded electrolyzers and deoxidizers, but I don't want to end up with free hydrogen/chlorine. Also, any experience with reversed deoxidizers, with chlorine on top? Will they break?
  7. Fridges, being automation capable, are awesome right beside an espresso machine for storing pincha peppernuts. Also for the juicer, I suppose. While I cannot "justify" disproportionately large costs for some buildings, I'm fine with them. Gives you that luxury progression feeling. What else are you gonna do with all that power coming from your boiler?
  8. Niobium paintings or bust.
  9. It says "too cold", so it empties itself. I tried pumping in 60° C water and it says it's good to go, but the bleach stone inside evaporates at the speed of light, even in a pressurized environment. It says emitting chlorine: 0 g/s. And dupes don't use it. The surfboard works fine, the chair seems to take a bit too long, I guess it's the ultimate in total laziness... There is no stress reduction during its use however, which seems weird =v
  10. It does accept gas canisters. Its internal storage is 2 kg, which should be enough for 2 uses according to the tooltip. Kinda low number... A "working" dupe has to deliver the canister, those in downtime won't fill the fountain (ok, obviously, I guess) Also, they don't seem to use it. Not in the recreation room, not in the mess hall after a meal. Never. They just fill it with CO2 once it has water in it, and that's it.
  11. Please, input pipe or gas canisters for the soda fountain. I want to put zombie spore infected CO2 in it and see what happens. Also, maybe it would be appropriate to increase the maximum size of the recreation room now? Gone are the days of a lonely water cooler by the printing pod with a couple stifled plants.
  12. Edit: useless post. Temp outputs would be cool, yeah. Great job btw
  13. I think that Gravitas caused the apocalypse. Their first experiments with time manipulation technology didn't go too well, and neutronium was created as a result. It's documented in an entry where it's described as a non reactive, "immobile", useless substance, and there is a lot of neutronium in the map. Then there is that evacuation order stating that a reactor is about to melt... The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  14. Oh. Yes. Shut up and take my oxygen.