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  1. Imagine when the snack machine fails to deliver your snack and it remains stuck at the end of the rail. You then try to punch it. Ouch.
  2. Because it's cool.
  3. Huge RAM issue

    I have an old rig. Amd FX-6200 3,8 ghz cpu, Asrock 970 Extreme-3 motherboard, 8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1333 mhz RAM. I've been able to reach cycle 1300+ with 35 dupes on multiple bases during early access, although in conditions that many would consider unplayable. Maybe I enjoy the "slideshow" effect and I've grown used to it. There were crashes, sometimes, but they were rare. Since LU I've been playing almost exclusively in debug mode tinkering around, and I experience those cycle 1300+ conditions... at cycle 60/100, with 6 dupes. Automation failing or skipping ticks, teleporting dupes, frozen critters, powerpoint fps, all that cool stuff. I don't think I've seen the game crash after LU. But after reading your post, I'm thinking that it's because I simply can't get far enough to experience it. While it's a 2D game, it heavily strains your pc. It's a "physics simulation" after all. It's not glittering fancy graphics that require power, it's the underlying monster that is the game itself eating away at your CPU and RAM, while your graphics card comfortably laughs in a corner saying "YOUR TURN NOW, B*****S!" I'm upgrading my rig just for this game. Waiting for the delivery =|
  4. There's this one, however it was revealed during normal exploration. This one however still looks "secret" So I hope I'll be able to get it there. If that's the case, "recover a database entry" is somewhat misleading. Thanks!
  5. I smell something here. (No pun intended) Which gases?
  6. Hello guys, I'm currently on cycle 15 in this base. As you can see from the timelapse map, I uncovered a neural vacillator POI and the Gravitas facility, inspected them, got entries, but I was not awarded the "Ghosts of Gravitas" achievement. In fact, I've never ever got that achievement, not even on old reloaded colonies. Am I doing something wrong? How can I correct this? Or should I file a bug report? Thank you, and have fun And sorry if the map looks like a giant middle finger
  7. Aww, that's why excessive showers or brutal mouthwash is actually detrimental. And all those disinfectants that "REMOVES 99,9% OF BACTERIA" yeah sure, what about that 0,01% that survives and multiplies? Real Life Moment: I was born rather fragile, but I've grown up playing in dirt, woods, building huts beside an oil pipeline on a riverside. There was a sewer outlet in the middle of the beach I used to go to. I ate insects just to know what do they taste like, but just once for every species, then never again because I'm against killing if not necessary. I've cut, scraped, bruised, broken almost all of my body parts during all these years, washing everything with copious amounts of (polluted) H20 and extremely limited amounts of H2O2. Like most kids from the 80s. I'm still here.. and fine, I guess. Meanwhile, this next generation of kids (born from people I know) live in a bubble where their parents are obsessed with hygiene, they disinfect everything and use massive amounts of chemicals to ensure that "99.9% of bacteria IS DED". They don't want their kids to run, since they may fall and get a bruised knee (duh....).... Those kids are very often ill. They are physically much stronger specimens than I was at their age, yet they are being hurt from something, way more than my generation was. They have access to better nutrition and a more controlled environment with less pollution. So the cause must be germs. That super strong 0,01% that grows and multiplies on "free land", sterilized objects. Or something from the "common" % they don't have to fight every day, since they live in a sterile environment. I think that all those extreme hygienic measures are gonna play a big part in our future suffering. Well, not mine, but ours as a collective being, for sure.
  9. That would be awesome. Maybe even a tier 4 architect job, +2 building skill and +1 multitool range. There could be equivalent skills in other trees, but I'm not sure that splitting multitool type range is a good idea, or even if it's possible. Gating it behind the construction tree however would prevent uncostructive dupes from learning it... But does anybody ever print an uncostructive dupe? =v
  10. the gasdeleter

    This one uses power, requires two or more different gases, makes clever "useless" use of game mechanics, is harder to setup, is limited by pipe capacity and looks kinda like a skull. So, in my book, it's better in every way.
  11. I've found this to be unreliable sometimes if there is not enough liquid. For example, if they drop from above while flopping, they'll reach the floor and keep flopping. Here you can see liquids used to block movement. I also use liquids to reduce the available zone for pufts to a square around the grooming station. I don't normally stack liquids where dupes walk if I don't want to use exosuits, to prevent debuffs. Here is drecko herding. No weight plates, smaller version in the third post, could be improved.
  12. Hey wait wait wait. I understand there is a capital P, but this is still a physics simulation. You should not be so harsh () just because it does not follow the same laws our universe, or pocket of universe follows or we suppose it follows. Maybe somewhere else ONI Physics is a well established theory and they play a very complex game where humans are uh.... printed.... .... .. . . . . It's still a physics simulation, it just obeys to similar but different rules from the "real" world, and you have to build your own theoretical model/framework to think, elaborate, use your brain inside of it. Which is something that you did at least once in your life while trying to understand the real world, probably did it twice, maybe again and again.. many people in the past were forced to think different too. And thank the Printing Pod they did. Actually, we aren't even so sure that our world obeys to the laws we think it obeys to. Ok, we almost are, we have proof, large amounts of it, but who knows... something weird might happen... Too bad there is no Dev around to blame
  13. You can look up the results of the research in the post I linked at the end of the first post. It depends on the critter type. There's a comparison table between critter cooling and acquatuner cooling using DTUs.
  14. Usually my bases start out as a big ol' messy garbage dump. I tend to lay a very loose layout like @nakomarusaid, leaving a 3 or 5 tile gap between 18x5 blocks. I build temporary structures, often not respecting the layout, all on one side of the pod, because I like to have my bases mirrored whenever possible, so I try to keep the other side "clean". Wiring is a mess until I discover some geysers, explore a bit and settle on long term power options, plumbing is a mess until I decide a layout, and I leave almost everything as it is as I start building more permanent and well laid out structures on the other side of the pod. Once those are operative, I start relocating dupes and operations there, then tear down the old mess and start taking in more dupes as I proceed with mirroring.
  15. You could try something like this, thrown together in a hurry. Not amazing nor complete, but you get the point =v The eggs have to always be in a vacuum, and need to rest on a mesh or airflow tile in vacuum, or insulated insulation. Items going on a rail won't exchange heat in vacuum, nor mesh and airflow tiles or pneumatic doors in vacuum, nor bridges. They will exchange heat with any solid tile they cross and the one below it, except insulated insulation. So yea, it requires some work, but can be done =v EDIT: If you want to deliver cool eggs and superheat them locally to save yourself the hassle of a long vacuum corridor, you'd probably need them to rest on a drop of molten metal or something that can go super hot, and provide heat by running a radiant pipe on the tile under it.