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  1. Hmmm. Now I kinda want to see a toy mush bar plushie.
  2. I usually run through a few random names until I see something I like. Though on this launch preview, I went with "The Rickety Launchpad", "Beyond the Rickety Launchpad", and "Slightly Sturdier Launchpad". I, uh... restarted a few times after seeing update notes. So, then I was making something that would also be a slightly less rickety launchpad, BUT, the random name generator chose simply "Abyss", and I thought I just had to stick with it.
  3. @avc15, Kinda funny, actually. You got Triple-A devs releasing unfinished games, and promising they have a "roadmap". Klei is delaying a game until it's done, because they have a roadmap (and aren't yet where they want to be on said roadmap).