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  1. A decor plant concept : p hopefully not so simple
  2. hmm we don't really need rust anyway currently thinking about a carnivore critter
  3. A Rusty Drecko? A "adapted" Moo that don't need to eat that-tree-that-need-absolutely-not-needed-light a wort will be easy, change color, make it on top each other and give it flower haha
  4. So i tried to make something like this, my idea is to make a big room in the center of the desert and only some water in the bottom, coded abit with the existing Oasis map by creating new starting base but maybe someone can make it better, this is just a little idea bonus: i tried to make a big ocean, like real ocean too but it break
  5. -wasn't there an "intended" bug that everything smaller than 1 kg in liquid pipe won't break if they change form? and there's no need for gas layout, the pocket of NG is just an example, ofc I'll put a sensor for it -didn't think that 100% turbin is better, so i'll change that -I know we can use aquatuner, i'm just testing things out and try create my own other than just copy
  6. oh, wait, do you mean the heat will go down after reload? okay... 1. yeah... 2. the methane is heated by the natural gas, if u look close, I built 1 radiant pipe right on the valve output, the valve set to 999g, after a while if there's no natural gas left, there should be enough heat from the pocket 3. didn't know that
  7. I'm using automation to exploit it, didn't see anything go wrong after reload
  8. so, 400 Kg of thermium and about 200 kg of Super Coolant, need 2700 W (gas pump included) I don't know if it's efficient maybe will be fixed soon
  9. Possible reusage of heat

    don't worry, I don't see anything : p
  10. This Arbor Tree is weird

    but the presure, they like 10kg and the water pond is 600kg
  11. Critter Fight!

    if it was i solo, i think smooth hatch will win