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  1. It's a nice concept they'll have to make the space area on each biome taller but it nerf free solar power a little bit (space) the tiles and walls will be annoying. it might destroy the game because we haven't see any movable tile and wall yet. not to mention that you might want to build a rocket in a big building full of walls. the tiles in space have to be unbreakable but I do want to see the future of space base: rockets on same hex will appear in a same pocket dimension, wall breakable to compare, the released rocket is a given machine (ex: oil refinery), the present dlc rocket is the given machine with automation we made around it (oil refinery with timer/temperature or hydro sensor set for your need), and this will be a complex building to make work better (petroleum/nat gas boiler) I'll do with any
  2. "Seeds self-plant after sitting on the ground a certain amount of time" wuttttttttttt
  3. hmm, I don't think I will update soon, you just killed Verdant-before-updated-map :<
  4. so... they eat 100% -----poop----> 50% -----dig----> 25% ? or wut?