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How old is Wortox ( when he is a baby? )

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Time works differently in The Constant, so it is hard to say. He is not exactly a Krampus, but he might be a subspecies of Krampus, since ol' Kramps did tell him that 'his powers should grow in soon', so I'd assume he's pretty young compared to his old friend. So I'd guess around a few thousand years in Constant years, and perhaps 14-23 in human years.

Not to mention he's an Imp. His growth cycle could and probably is vastly different compared to a mortals.

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1 hour ago, -Variant said:

You actually ******* made the discussion...

I can't tell if me and +Variant should be scared, or worried.

Or scurried.

Wait what, there are more variants? When did this happen? 

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20 minutes ago, 4 Da LOLs said:


Says the spider boi. ;)

Anyway. I think that nobody knows his age, even Wortox himself. All he knows is that he's younger than Krampus, and older than other characters... except Maxwell I  suppose.

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