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dupes commiting suicide

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i have this water-based airlock, which my dupes use a lot, and they are often about to sofffucate because they do not know how to go through it. usually they figure out how to use it before running out of oxygen, but this dupe didnt. how do i prevent my dupes from commiting suicide all the time?


and here's what happened when im not constantly using "move to" to make my duplicants go to places where there's oxygen.

this is what my duplicants do all the time!


otto starts climbing up and down the stairs while slowly running out of oxygen



catelina have something to do on the other side of the airlock (the reason catelina is here, even though she died, is because i loaded - i always load when some of my dupes die because of being extremely stupid - i might stop doing it in the future, because they do commit suicide very often)


otto just continues.




camille wants to go back inside the base


camille have joined otto's suicide attempt


more duplicants join the suicide attempt






and they died




atleast 2 of them escaped



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I'm using this kind of waterlock setup without issue. I also have doors like yours :-/ try to do without those ladders maybe. That's the only difference I can see between yours and mines.

But clearly we're trying to figure out a workaround here. That does not excuse the fact that it sounds like a bug, so maybe think about adding a bug report.

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4 hours ago, Lutzkhie said:

here is mine btw

How do you remove the CO2 from there, may I please ask? I wanted to make a chlorine room for exosuits as well, but then I found out that dupes breath out CO2 in there even if there's no oxygen in the room.

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Your waterlock is 3x2 tiles, could be problematic. Activate show navigation" for stuck dupe.
Pathfinding sucks in that case.
Should make no difference, when other side is nothing breathable, but try out lutzkies design [1x1 / 2x1 / 1x1] design, path is "better/less buggy" calculated through it..
Are they idle, if so give them some manual wheels with lowest prio, to get them out of there.
Deconstruct atmo checkpoint, it has to be placed best directly connected to a atmo dock
AD/CP --> or <-- CP/AP

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5 hours ago, Oozinator said:

Your waterlock is 3x2 tiles, could be problematic. Activate show navigation" for stuck dupe.
Pathfinding sucks in that case.
Should make no difference, when other side is nothing breathable, but try out lutzkies design [1x1 / 2x1 / 1x1] design, path is "better/less buggy" calculated through it..

I have never observed this problem and I only use the 1-2-1 design. It does obviously reduce the path-length through it. That said, I usually catch "oscillating" dupes (going for O2, not there anymore when they arrive, running back...) before they die and then change the situation there. But I think the only real fix at this time is to have the dupes in suits everywhere they cannot breathe (except for places where the path out is simple, like the H2 at the top of a base).

Having a dupe go for Oxygen while suffocating is probably a thing that does not have a machine-accessible easy solution. With actual intelligence, you can see, for example, that you need to go for a larger scope and run a bit farther or that you need to wait a bit in some spot. That is a judgement call and that requires understanding. It is somewhere between very hard and impossible to implement in a computer. There is basically one option: When the dupe has suffocated, go back in time and try a different, pre-defined approach until you find one that works. That is suitable for offline planning or when you have enough power to simulate enough of the future. For ONI, it is not viable, as just running the simulation real-time is already at the limit.

My suggestion is to just think of dupes as stupid (not a stretch...) and needing a pretty safe work-space to not kill themselves by accident. You need to do that already for a lot of things, this one here is just a bit less obvious. You can also think of them as "panicked" when low on oxygen, and humans generally do not do so well in that state either.

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Personally I am of the Klei fix yer **** mentality in that Airlocks really should serve their expected purpose of allowing dupes to pass without letting gas through. Right now the game has nothing you could call an "Airlock" only series of pressure doors. The optimal solution in my opinion would be an single 3x2 device that is a functional airlock. consisting of two doors and maintaining the central space at a vacuum (Or if you want to go the SciFi route the possibility of simple atmospheric force fields that let physical objects pass through but block transfer of gas). Obviously it would be mid to late game research and require power to operate but at least the game will finally have a device that can perform the common sense function of an ""airlock"" since the original implementation fell victim to Klei's apparent inability to make any system function as a sane person would expect it to.

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