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  1. Shove vole farm?

    They can't fly either, I leave mine wild on a mafic platform. They can burrow all they like and go on the top and bottom of the tiles, but with ladder access only, they can't leave. You do have to watch for egg drops if they lay while on the bottom of the platform.
  2. New Player Needs Direction

    The guide was okay, but branch out whenever you want to experiment. Starting over is no big deal, neither is backing up a few saves when you see something you did wrong. I would personally add, look into algae terrariums at around the same time as oxygen diffuser, make sure you have deoxidizer researched, and leave the polluted water bottles alone to off gas polluted oxygen which the deoxidizer will convert for you. As early as possible, use the room guide and make rooms, these will help your morale a lot, and a room just needs to be enclosed and have a door, don't worry too much about the size of the room, and natural walls and floors count too. Latrine and barracks should be your first, but go for a great hall as soon as possible, +6 morale. The printing pod is lighted, good place for anything improved by light, ie research station, bristle berry planters, etc. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  3. My current glossy drecko farm has 5 glossies with 6 bristleberries. No problem, no starving, no unhappiness.
  4. This is the one I've been using. Not simple to build in survival, but doable. Here's Brothgar's video, sorry for the monster link: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=metal+volcano+exploitation+with+steam+turbine&qs=n&sp=-1&pq=metal+volcano+exploitation+with+steam+turbine&sc=1-45&sk=&cvid=0946FEC6B9714021AA3E84306921FC25&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dmetal%2bvolcano%2bexploitation%2bwith%2bsteam%2bturbine%26qs%3dn%26form%3dQBLH%26sp%3d-1%26pq%3dmetal%2bvolcano%2bexploitation%2bwith%2bsteam%2bturbine%26sc%3d1-45%26sk%3d%26cvid%3d0946FEC6B9714021AA3E84306921FC25&view=detail&mmscn=vwrc&mid=F37B5BFC0CC1687CD348F37B5BFC0CC1687CD348&FORM=WRVORC
  5. Easter Eggs?

    Looks like a face to me. I saw it immediately. I'm going with Easter Egg
  6. Looking forward to the new experience.
  7. Use the room overlay, rooms just need to be closed in. Door doesn't have to be closed and tiles don't need to be manufactured. Natural tiles work just fine. The latrine, bedroom and messhall bonus can help you out immediately.
  8. Works great, sadly, the dupes won't analyze it until you remove this last block. On the bright side, you can wait until it goes dormant, then remove it.
  9. I use a variation of this, I think it's a Brothgar setup, using gold tiles to help transfer the heat a little faster. When the recovery metal drops to around 220F, the steel door opens and drops it into a petroleum water lock (which also allows the dupes access to the vacuum area if you need to). The dupes manually retrieve the cooled metal. Almost no power usage.
  10. You can still do it, you just need to add a liquid reservoir between the output and input. Thanx, should have thought of that, since I already had a buffer liquid reservoir between the loop exit and the oil refinery to keep that from backing up.
  11. Oops on my loops of oil through the metal refinery until well heated, then on to the petroleum refinery. Now the oil stops when it gets back to the input pipe, will now have to be made without continuous loop.