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  1. No oil on map.

    Mind sharing your seed? That's a bug of wordgen worth reporting, but devs won't be able to fix it without the seed I'd think.
  2. Gate charity

    At a risk of being obvious - lock your bristles behind a door maybe?
  3. So you keep your pacus in a "space" room? I'd much prefer a "more than 128 tiles no room" place, if I could understand how to get one. Or is it a bug that this cavity does not constitute as a room? My images are from the same debug map and taken at the same time.
  4. So I was thinking how do I avoid overcrowding wild pacus, and went to check how many tiles disqualify a space as a room. I remembered that I got there on my previous bases, but did not remember the number. Turned out I have no idea what makes a room at the moment. For some reason, space is counted as a room and a small cavity is not. Can someone help me with a criteria? Do you keep wild pacus from the pod in the latest patch, how do they fare?
  5. As far as I understand, anim file contains all the images of the building, so you need one. You can just use the one that's already in game, like orifinal gas filter anim. Look in the decompiled game code to find the Config class of the original one and use the line from there.
  6. So I've tried to implement the simplest solution to this issue that I could come up with. I have implemented a mod with a building that marks critters around itself to be killed by dupes. Section Food, area 7*4 (3 tiles left, 3 tiles right, 4 tiles down), refined metals as all sensors, using critter sensor skin. I am not at all proficient with modding using Harmony, so I am not sure if this one is stable. Also making it configurable, adding a custom skin, uploading it to Steam and all that is above my current understanding. I may consider it later when an official modding guide is added. So I am publishing it here - both the built file and the source code. Please feel free to do anything you like with it - use it, edit it, publish it on Steam, etc. Thanks a lot for all the modders out there in Discord and on this forum who helped me a lot with this one, both by answering my questions and publishing their source code on github! CritterKiller.dll CritterKillerPatches.cs CritterKillerSensor.cs CritterKillerSensorConfig.cs
  7. I confirm that renaming the mod folder to all lowercase fixes the loop. The mod loads correctly now. Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Placing mod in Dev folder (as for testing during mod implementation) results in an endless "Content changed"/"reload required" message loop. If I reload, no amount of reloads removes this message. I can enable the mod in the mod list and ignore the messages, but the mod won't work in game like this. I have tested this on two Ubuntu PCs, 18.04 and 16.04 and the behavior is exactly the same. I have tested exactly the same mod on Windows, and it works without loop - I restart the game once, and then the mod works for me. The issue only happens with Dev and Local mods, Steam mods work fine. This mod enables bigger camera zoom out, so you can easily test if it is working by scrolling out with mouse wheel in normal game mode. If mod works, you can scroll the whole map into your screen. Big thanks to @Cairath for helping me and providing the mod. Here is the log snippet that happens on Ubuntu each time the game is started (and looping with reload-required), please note I've edited out user names etc: [18:41:04.617] [1] [INFO] Initializing at 2019-08-08 18:41:04.616 [18:41:04.617] [1] [INFO] Save path: /home/<USER>/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included [18:41:04.798] [1] [INFO] Load mod database [18:41:04.850] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod biggercamerazoomout [18:41:04.852] [1] [INFO] ModLoader.dll failed to load. Either it is not present or it encountered an error [18:41:04.852] [1] [INFO] Load content (DLL) for mods: [18:41:04.852] [1] [INFO] Load content (Animation) for mods: [18:41:04.852] [1] [INFO] Load content (Strings) for mods: [18:41:04.983] [1] [INFO] Distribution platform: Steam [18:41:04.984] [1] [INFO] Localization.Initialize! [18:41:04.990] [1] [INFO] Load content (Translation) for mods: [18:41:04.990] [1] [INFO] Register mods/Local/ and mods/Dev as mod distribution platforms [18:41:05.008] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod biggercamerazoomout [18:41:05.008] [1] [INFO] Already subscribed mod: biggercamerazoomout [18:41:05.009] [1] [INFO] Uninstalling mod biggercamerazoomout [18:41:05.026] [1] [INFO] Logged into Steam with ID:<ID>, NAME:<name> [18:41:05.027] [1] [INFO] [Account] Requesting auth ticket from Steam [18:41:05.032] [1] [INFO] Load content (LayerableFiles) for mods: [18:41:06.057] [2] [INFO] [Account] Got login for user <USER> Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) BiggerCameraZoomOut.zip
  9. And this number is either logged or stored for your future analysis, which is an IO operation likely to go outside of CPU cache or push out actual computation data out of said cache. Now if you want to do a lot of them for a whole lot of things you do on said CPU, your program will slow to a crawl. Which is why there's a technique of stack sampling instead, that's used to look when you don't know where exactly to look. Also note that Factorio uses its own game engine, which means that developers can instrument all of the code that runs directly, by simply adding subtraction statements as you suggest. ONI uses Unity, so it's likely that the engine runs the code written by developers that's hooked into it, and to get a whole picture they need to instrument both the engine and their code together. Unity comes with profilers to address that, but these tools are likely using generic instrumentation techniques, as they need to work with any game code completely unknown to profiler. Which, inferring from my experience of using another generic profiler tool for another domain, may cause things to run so slow that a cycle of ONI running under profiler can slow to a point of simply freezing or crashing due to too much data being collected and saved for analysis.
  10. I think that players here have benchmarked ONI on all kinds of things. I am not quite sure from the specs what makes Ryzen 3600 special - I have i9-9900K which seems to be similar and can test any save game if that's interesting to anyone. I have also tested previously on Ryzen Threadripper 1950, which fares worse because the game is still heavily single-threaded, but just for sake of illustration I can test on it still as well.
  11. The image is mocked I assume or do you know a way to profile like that? I agree that it's not possible to speculate about performance degradation causes - either profiling or very specific sequence of steps to reproduce are needed. With the latter we can try to help, the thread with saves on rockets and digging a bottom of water reservoir is a great example. It's hard to isolate causes enough like that without profiling though. But profiling is not an easy cure-all either. Unfortunately in a lot of cases you see too many stuff there with nothing standing out, then profiling can be inaccurate when we talk about lots of things happening really quick, then instrumentation required for profiling can alter the performance a lot.. I think as a community we can help if we work on isolating causes. Not just telling "if you tile the whole map it helps", or "if you get debris in certain order it helps" - a save should be prepared with certain FPS in "bad" state and certain higher FPS in "good" state, and the smaller the change between the two, the easier it would be for developers to use this to optimize the game. Ideally, it would be good if we could crowd-source awful saves that are really slow, share them here and try ways to improve them, and then file as bugs when we isolated the cause (causes). For example, a bug in pokeshell aggression was fixed like this during preview, exactly thanks to this sequence. Awfully slow save was posted as a bug - players crowdsourced that critters removal helped a lot - developers quickly isolated what was slowing things down and fixed that.
  12. On Linux, the folder should be Dev, not dev, so: mods\Dev\SomeMod\SomeMod.dll .
  13. As a suggestion, maybe we could open a single bug report (or choose an existing one) and pile there in the comments all the save files that lag, along with short system desc & FPS count? This could make it easier for developers than gather them from forums. I have no old enough save files myself so far, not much time to play.
  14. I had the same happening as well, without large transformers or anything special I could point to. Just for some reason circuits behind a small transformer sometimes overload. Last time I had it on the preview branch, where I had a heavy wire single circuit connecting all batteries and generators and three small transformers, each having its own grid (no connections for sure). One of small grids got an overload, it had consumers totaling to around ~1.5k. To me it seems related to a starving case, when consumers indeed try to draw more than a 1000. I don't think I can pinpoint this enough to bug report it though..
  15. I was actually rather interested when gold was added to meteors (exactly like suggested on forums) but wolframite remained unobtainable. Since I believe that the only reason to add gold was super coolant, then if this one is addressed and thermium is not - it leads me to a conclusion that Klei plans to address wolframite (gold was addressed), but do it somehow differently (or it would be in the same patch) and in a manner that takes a bit longer to implement (or it would be in the same patch). So, for example, it's not a guaranteed planet.. But what can it be then? Maybe we should help and brainstorm some ideas?