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  1. Project Olympus, I was playing Assassins Creed Odyssey at the time so I called it that way I got a couple of mods in, mostly quality of life stuff All Achievement acquired in one playthrough All 20 Dupes are sent through the Temporal Tear using 4 rockets with 4 sightseeing module each I could polish a lot more of my build with automation and more stuff to build but I wanna jump on the DLC and here is the rest of the pictures the Time-Lapse of Project Olympus Warning: no Slimelung got out during the excavation
  2. update: I got the achievement and I know the how exactly if the building in inaccessible to dupes, after dropping the temp to below 6K make a save and reload, the achievement ONLY checks the lowest temp at initial load of the game. Once it reads something below 6K viola achievement but if its accessible to dupes you dont have to reload
  3. Ive tried cooling down water pump to 5K but no achievement
  4. Every colony I always get this achievement for no reason not on my final few cycles I want to get all achievement and I thought this one would be easy. So I tried cooling down the pump inside my vacuum insulated Liquid Hydrogen to 5kilven but still no achievement, Am I missing something? or is this a bug?
  5. @klei.rubyId like to announce this bug is back or perhaps Im missing something
  6. Its fine now, though im not even sure what fixed it, but I remember before it broke down one of my rockets is not being registered on the scanner
  7. Ive tried with no mods and tried older saves still crashes, if that would be the case then Ill just shelf the game its also weird that it started when they released a new major update.
  8. sadly I did not worked, I hope the devs notice this. I made a pledge to complete the achievements of this colony before moving on to the new DLC
  9. omg thank you someone replied, I dont know if the base game received an update but Space out DLC got a major update. Ill try I hope it works
  10. I was playing last night it was still perfectly fine. Today when I open it up it just keep crashing, I tried with no mod still crashing, I tried reloading to my oldest save still the same reason its crashing. I wonder if someone here can read codes and help me fix this?
  11. I can use 2 cargo with 400kg petroleum and 400kg oxylite, the issue is the calculator its wrong,
  12. Yeah, it doesnt seem to be accurate its telling me to fuel 1000kg of both oxylite and petroleum just to get the 2nd later of asteroid
  13. Im not on dlc yet I wanna get all achievements first before moving on, I've been using the calculator online but I notice its not accurate by a looottttt, just trying to get past 20000km with noth but 2 large cargo bay, oxylite and petroleum fuel and the calculator is telling me to fuel 1000kg of both oxylite and petroleum but when I tested lower Quantity of fuels 396oxy and 400 petroleum its already enough to get me to my destination. So obviously either I'm not updated that it's been discontinued due to the DLC or that its no longer updated by the author or maker. I wonder how do you calculate manually?
  14. After playing with Alpha when I open the game it always crash not unless I remove the save files
  15. 2 months and a few weeks, I wonder when will they post the announcement, reveal, trailer, and early access to new DLC