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  1. I hope they make a separate DLC campaign about the rise and fall of Gravitas and the origin of the dupes like in the flesh not in text form from reading Codex, you know relive what happened.
  2. this is the only thing stopping me from building a quantum computer just to play this game hmm what if I build a dual cpu pc just for this game since it totally depends on the CPU
  3. germy polluted water are coming out as germ free polluted water, without using any sort of disinfection, this is probably a bug I almost thought that the pipe germ sensors are broken but its not, germy water are automatically disinfected when piped through
  4. my current save file improved, and it will improve more if its out of beta branch BUT I'm experiencing more lag spikes, dropping my fps down to 9 and back up again
  5. [Game Update] - 361684

    the waiting is the real pain
  6. [Game Update] - 361684

    Im currently playing at normal speed and damn its too slow (very slow that I play fallout shelter on my phone while playing ONI), I got used to playing at double or triple speed, sadly my cpu cant handle that much processes.
  7. [Game Update] - 361684

    i thought theres a new update damn my brain: keep waiting
  8. Liquid Shut Off

    Liquid shut off valve are reading empty pipes as absolute zero which is very annoying as you need another automation switch or anything just to kick-start the piping system
  9. is it still 3 space from right to left? because their not planting anything unless i make it 4 space
  10. [Game Update] - 359645

    Finally performance talk
  11. Camera and FPS locked

    Im updated, I tried it again but the camera didnt stuck this time, Maybe Ill just share the save file. I have a couple of mods btw R&D Lab.sav
  12. The picture says it all
  13. I made a new game with sandbox enabled, it was meant to be my R&D Lab until my camera got stuck, no zooming, no panning, nothing also my fps is locked at 12fps it was working fine at 75fps until I decided to make a coal generator in sandbox mode. Camera and FPS locked the moment my generators started running, I already tried to restart the game and reload the save nothing changed, I havent tried deconstruting the said generators.