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  1. 2 months and a few weeks, I wonder when will they post the announcement, reveal, trailer, and early access to new DLC
  2. As you can see in the picture attached, the incubator is working the lid is closed and there is a small air-animation, I cancelled the incubation and re-select the same egg which is a stone hatch and the conveyor took the invisible egg and put it in the incubator
  3. September, I wonder when will they announce the early access to DLC
  4. If your an achievement hunter like me you may have encounter the counter reset bug for the Job suitability Achievement, the bug goes: whenever a day starts the cycle counter reset back to zero BUT I dont think its really bugged. When the day starts again the counter assumes you failed it that why its back to zero but, if were able to make every dupe do a chore while wearing an exosuit for that cycle the cycle counter will continue counting. So my tip is... 1. Make sure the first thing they do is wear an exosuit, so what I did is I block all path except the path from the bedroom to the exosuit checkpoint 2. For 10 cycle in a row, always check the achievement if every dupe is done doing a chore if they did you can make a save at that point, so that and if the day is done and one or two of them havent done a chore with an exosuit you can just reload the game and force dig/build/mop/etc them to get them to do chores. 3. Dont put it on auto pilot, dont assume that because their all wearing exosuit you can just leave them for 10cycles and get the achievement easily. and thats all, Im also trying to get all achievement in one go. Hopes this could help you
  5. I just notice that Gas element sensors are red and not transmitting signal when pressure of selected gas is below 100g
  6. I know right, we have almost the same setup but my GPU is GTX1050ti my RAM is 16gb locked at 2933mhz because above it sometimes crashes (mobo issues not supporting) but im at 900+ cycles with 50ish fps
  7. I dont know about GPU but my new gpu broke (I fixed it now) so i reverted back to an old GPU of mine and the FPS dropped to 20fps, when I fixed the new GPU I tested it on and viola fps back to ~75fps anyone here know how hashcat hacking works? basically gpu takes the work of the cpu instead in finding the password which is very fast, maybe down the road the devs changed the game to allow it to use GPU resources for more power
  8. I also want to get all achievement in one playthrough (and I hope to continue this save file up to the DLC) but at the same time a... how do I put this, architect I guess? I wanna build it beautiful not just "slap this building here and there if it works it works" almost similar gameplay to LifeGrow. But Im struggling right now with the Super Sustainable.
  9. I just want to make it more automatic but Im looking now for another more important mod, actually I already found it but I cant find it again. What it does is, it repacks the polluted oxygen when deconstructing an air filter, that way polluted oxygen wont get out when deconstructing air filters, I saw one on steam workshop and I cant find it anymore again
  10. This is impossible, except if you really want to see a burning phone
  11. so no one created this very helpful mod idea?
  12. Ive been searching google and workshop but I cant find that specific mod that I need I need a mod that will stop auto switch to power overlay whenever I try to build something, it causes lag spikes when placing multiple buildings
  13. Im waiting for the Gravitas facility DLC a DLC about how they created the printer, dupes (or humans in their time) arrives through rockets (a single rocket will serve as a printer) and the task is to explore the map and other asteroid get those unique materials in building the printer leading to the rise and fall of gravitas. Though I love the codex about their past, but I would really love being in there shoes and how they made it through.