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  1. I dedicate 4 dupes as solely as rancher and farmer, and 2 of them have highest priority on ranch while the other 2 have highest priority on Farming so therefor, if theres a plant need to farm theyll all do it but If a critters requires grooming the 2 dupes will leave farming and do ranch
  2. germy polluted water are coming out as germ free polluted water, without using any sort of disinfection, this is probably a bug I almost thought that the pipe germ sensors are broken but its not, germy water are automatically disinfected when piped through
  3. How long is the test branch?
  4. my current save file improved, and it will improve more if its out of beta branch BUT I'm experiencing more lag spikes, dropping my fps down to 9 and back up again
  5. That title thou, very click baity I love it
  6. performance update, well I hope so youll know what I mean when you get to 1000+ cycles
  7. this is why they opened the game for modding
  8. The game relies a lot on CPU and not on GPU so forcing it to DX9 wont make any changes to the performance.... I think
  9. I add paintings why? because I can
  10. Automation Sound

    You are welcome in the name of Science!
  11. Automation Sound

    yes, its so annoying especially the critter sensor I have a couple of mods btw Homestead - Rockets Cycle 514.sav
  12. Automation Sound

    it still plays automation sound, I want it gone, if only someone would make a mod
  13. [Game Update] - 361684

    the waiting is the real pain