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  1. Ive tried cooling down water pump to 5K but no achievement
  2. @klei.rubyId like to announce this bug is back or perhaps Im missing something
  3. After playing with Alpha when I open the game it always crash not unless I remove the save files
  4. As you can see in the picture attached, the incubator is working the lid is closed and there is a small air-animation, I cancelled the incubation and re-select the same egg which is a stone hatch and the conveyor took the invisible egg and put it in the incubator
  5. I just notice that Gas element sensors are red and not transmitting signal when pressure of selected gas is below 100g
  6. Its not a color blindness option, its more like a Color Theme Pack of your choice
  7. this is the only thing stopping me from building a quantum computer just to play this game hmm what if I build a dual cpu pc just for this game since it totally depends on the CPU
  8. germy polluted water are coming out as germ free polluted water, without using any sort of disinfection, this is probably a bug I almost thought that the pipe germ sensors are broken but its not, germy water are automatically disinfected when piped through
  9. my current save file improved, and it will improve more if its out of beta branch BUT I'm experiencing more lag spikes, dropping my fps down to 9 and back up again
  10. Im currently playing at normal speed and damn its too slow (very slow that I play fallout shelter on my phone while playing ONI), I got used to playing at double or triple speed, sadly my cpu cant handle that much processes.
  11. i thought theres a new update damn my brain: keep waiting
  12. Liquid shut off valve are reading empty pipes as absolute zero which is very annoying as you need another automation switch or anything just to kick-start the piping system