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  1. So whats coming out after 3 days and a week? maybe part 1?
  2. I knew it! 3 biomes, new critters, new building in 1 major update is not enough. That is why I said in another post that the preview branch should be 3 weeks long but delaying the launch is also better
  3. I stopped playing due to some hardware issues, I love the game its really just the performance but now I got some upgrades and was able to play again without thinking of the fps drops later on, I was playing the latest version and said Ill make it to space before the release but then I realized there is a 2 week preview build and I stopped playing again wait until the release I dont really care what they release Ill adapt or improvise to every changes they make. Just fix the performance
  4. a 3 week beta test could suffice for the 3 new biomes
  5. over population

    no, there is no debug mode here, at first the ranch is horizontally then renovated it vertically, you see that ladders up top? that what I used to build the top side ikr, I just need a pepper farm
  6. This is getting out of hand, im so kind that I cant stand to massacre all those hatches below the ranch
  7. I'm playing again, and one thing that I never bothered to fix is about the uneven distribution of oxygen to each exosuit docks which side should I add bridges?
  8. Hard Digging has firm material mining Super Hard Mining has abys mining Improved digging has nothing but +2, my suggestion is to make the output digging of dupes with improved digging skill to produce more than 50% of the original mass lets say 75%? or anything that will make this skill more relevant. Because come on a +2 is not worth that additional morale also it gives us a reason to manage diggers, after all this game is all about colony management PS: any moders here? Im not good with making mods so maybe someone can make one? and yes I know there is a mod already but it produces 100% of total mass and it feels like cheating
  9. When digging a tile with buried item, Buried Mark remains in place
  10. When making a new game and naming your colony with the same name as your other previous colonies, the game crashes
  11. can anyone made this into a Mod?
  12. an Idea for DLC, what about the "gravitas facilty" before all of this you know a prequel of some sort. A group of scientist went to an asteroid main objective is to build a printing pod
  13. Lost Threads

    should have bookmarked them in the first place, whether they archive the thread or not you can still access them
  14. yeah maybe I should, I really miss this game