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  1. Perhaps a 'naked' scanner that needs periodic repair, or a water clock customised for the travel time of the launch?
  2. The hate for steam turbines is rather silly, unless you also want rid of manual generators, coal generators, gas generators, and petrol generators, they all ultimately use mechanical energy to drive a dynamo
  3. Shove vole farm?

    Grill them in fire!
  4. The images being wrecked does not rule out that there's a driver issue, because the image will be rendered by the driver before being saved to storage.
  5. Not first, but still funny
  6. My university used 4 digit class codes (Dundee, Scotland)
  7. Mixing large and small values in floating point calculations is problematic, I imagine someone picked 25t as a nice round number that hopefully wouldn't cause too much havoc.
  8. Don't allow liquid close to the phase change into the aqua tuner. For water this will be 14°C. Either you use a pipe shutoff, or automation on the aqua tuner itself, and then have a bypass. Doing it properly is a little fiddly until you find the right organisation.
  9. Blocked Pipe

    Erm, the pump on the left is working, and the pump in the middle is not in water to pump?
  10. Regolith clearing

    An older post said that miners don't count as machinery for the interference check, though sweepers and conveyor loaders did, IIRC
  11. Automation help

    Yeah, all digital logic can be implemented with ONI's logic gates, but that doesn't mean it would be compact, a state machine of more than 3 states would probably be enormous. It's possible to do a truth table of a state machine built out of logic gates, but you need to include the output signals of the memory toggles as inputs as well as the normal inputs Then there's ways of simplifying a truth table (I was taught Karnaugh maps at school) to reduce the number of gates required, but that can only take you so far, if what you want to do is complicated.
  12. Automation help

    So you're trying to create a state machine of some kind? A DFA graph would be more helpful than an incompatible truth table
  13. Huge RAM issue

    About the only thing you can do is avoid revealing the fog of war, or buying more RAM. Do you have a laptop with it soldered to the motherboard or something?
  14. Erm, I was looking at the traits and noticed the subsurface ocean! That should provide plenty of water to tide you over until you can start boiling your oil wells
  15. Looks like 27% of interactions with zombie spores will fail to count as exposure for the purposes of the morning "does this dupe catch a virus?" check At least that's how I read it.