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The very very very old forbidden knowledge puzzle

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I remember reading a forum topic (dated 2013 or 2014, I can't remember but it's really old) on this website talking about those puzzles last year (it had "a winter's tale" somewhere in the title), when I put up that wiki page. Then that thread stopped showing up on the forums (pasting the link that used to work gave me an error message that the page I requested doesn't exist). It was before I was done with the last parts of the page, which forced me to make my best guess about whether it was wood walls standing out in a stone wall formation or stone walls standing out in a wood wall formation, and I didn't put in a reference link either. Unfortunately I wasn't expecting it to be deleted off the Klei forums, so I didn't put the link into the Wayback Machine. And now I've lost the defunct link as well.

Anyway, that thread had some screenshots of those game files and had people talking about how they were trying to figure the puzzle out.

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3 hours ago, S19TealPenguin said:

So we just copypaste this into the save slots?

Yeahh... BUUUUT it doesn't work as the saving system is propably different

oookay! so the save somehow works BUTTT your game will be  glitchy...


This is the spawn area, no divining rod.



I saved the save and left...


I honestly expected some kind of screamer or smth tho. :wilson_unhappy:

A world!


Teleportating results in a normal adventure world...

X world time baby!



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10 minutes ago, MrKoopa said:

Where is this from? numbers2.jpg.ab76d25c1156ec06360fa5db9eaf07b1.jpg.854e533935eaf113f16af29dddee1e6a.jpg


The middle part looks like what was used in the metheus puzzle.

Yes, someone on the forum explained how the numbers of the ancient civilization are arranged.

19).thumb.jpg.4a8bca0c0de1fa51fd77689b038c33d8.jpgIt looks like a chip?

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