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  1. Which Character do you Main, if any?

    By percentage, Wigfrid seems awfully high, but it is only 4 people who have voted that way, and the poll is still in its early days.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Loved this movie, glad it's finally getting recognition in meme form.
  3. rabid beetles

    Addendum to my previous to comments: You are free to play the game any way you choose. Nothing is cheating unless you decide it is. I use cheats if I feel that a death was undeserved, or am unwilling to lose an item that is very difficult to regain (If I die in deep ocean and my items are going to sink, you bet I'll use cheats to save my tam and cane if winter is too far away. I will return the last 2 Doys Doys if they are killed. I will alt+F4 and go back a day if my flingo behaves in an odd way and my base burns down). c_removeall(" "), is a perfectly valid way to play the game. I choose not to use because it has the side effect of killing all beetles, without giving drops (I believe, you may still get drops). Also, remember to turn godmode off because nothing will change your stats while it is on (hunger won't drain, food won't restore health, insanity auras will have no effect).
  4. About new characters

    Remember to be courteous to others. This isn't a youtube comment section. IMO, telling the devs "don't make bad characters" is useless. Klei has built up a lot of good will with me, so I don't see them Frankensteining some perks and negatives together and calling it a character. Besides, we're going to be getting a lot of new content (more content = more development time = lots of $$$ invested) which is funded SOLELY through the new characters. If Klei wants to come out with a net positive, they need a lot of people to buy the new characters. Klei can't really afford to make bad characters.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wormwood kinda looks like the Grinch, or maybe it's just because they're both green
  6. Wormwood Farming Guide

    You're right, I forgot about blooming stage.
  7. Wormwood Farming Guide

    I prefer to talk about food in terms of time. So instead of saying a pumpkin restores 25% hunger, I would say pumpkin restore half a day's worth of food, 8 segments, or 4 minutes.
  8. rabid beetles

    This way feels (to me at least) like it's more cheating. Godmode + Bug B'Gone will only allow you to kill all rabids in the area you choose. Removeall kills them all instantly, no matter which island you are on.
  9. Your Wormwood tips

    Every Hippopotamoose is in a pair, so make sure to only kill one in said pair.
  10. rabid beetles

    Honestly at this point I would just use godmode while clearing it out. c_godmode() My rationale is it's not cheating, you're using the intended tool for the intended problem. The godmode is to fix the unintended problem of having a framerate measured in decades.
  11. Your Wormwood tips

    Another tip, after sifting through every dung pile, use the bird whistle to get more. You will be taken to the BFB's nest though.
  12. Hamlet Seasons Ideas

    No. Wildfires are my least favorite mechanic in all of DS, keep them away from my precious Hamlet.
  13. Give WX a quote to honor Opportunity

    New Idea: Quote has a 100% chance to trigger if the following conditions are met. WX is overcharged but will lose it in within 8 minutes (1 day). It is dusk or night WX is in a desert sandstorm.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I made this after @minespatch said they thought of Wormwood as Danny Devito