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  1. Do chester, glommer, woby, abigail, critters, and/or kitcoons count as friendly followers? Also, will you still get the bonus from non-monster followers from another player's bunnymen if they aggro onto you for carrying meat?
  2. The fandom wiki states: Does anyone know how this is actually calculated though? Also is this all insanity auras or just monster insanity auras?
  3. Hologram Wagstaff has his own Hologram Boat. Amazing
  4. Genuinely don't know how I misread that, sorry.
  5. The light based circuits are so prong-heavy because they need to be balanced with the Enlightened Crown in Mind, given that one of the main perks of this endgame item is infinite, free, useful light.
  6. The purple, frilly portion of the merchant coat ends abruptly way above the point that most shirts end. Is this intended? I would expect the purple frills to be on the layer above the pants, not seemingly tucked into the pants.
  7. When entering the moonstorm without the appropriate gear, the moonstorm filter is layered on top of the player's inventory. This makes it very difficult to see items in your inventory and backpacks.
  8. 3x3s should be easier to achieve, and a hard limit of 12 crops should be set in place.