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  1. Due to the "recent" Bunnymen drops change, killing a beardlord will guarantee 18.75 from one monster meat while regular bunnymen will give 14.0625 hunger (carrot*.375+meat*.375+puff*.25). The difference is only 4.6875 hunger per Bunnyman, but if you were to kill a whole 8 house village (say for example in a ruins rush) you'd end up with an extra half days worth of hunger at the cost of 24 health (1.2 blue mushrooms)
  2. I'm planning to do a little science experiment soon where I need to generate a large number of worlds (I'm thinking 25-50) and examine the world generation. To save time, I would like a way to reveal the map quickly and easily. What commands could I use?
  3. 3x3s should be easier to achieve, and a hard limit of 12 crops should be set in place.
  4. How close do two crops have to be to get the family bonus?
  5. Gonna be the first to capitalize on the wardrobe feature. Here are all my outfits:
  6. @watermelen671 Did the new update add any shell commands other than c_guitartab() and c_shellsfromtable()?
  7. Ah, the pleasant Oasis. The singular spot of calm in the desert sandstorm. The only place on this forsaken island that is even close to welcoming of your presence. And right next to it we have the home of the Constant's biggest killer of overconfident players.
  8. There might have been a little teleportation accident. At least wortox can wear his Darth Maul cosplay now!
  9. I know it's Hamlet, not DST, but this guard has his own little island
  10. All right, I did some tests. At the top you have fireflies numbered 1-10 (represented by number of nuggets). At the bottom are 10, 20, and 30 fireflies from left to right respectively. If you rejoin a world during the night, all fireflies will be completely synced, but whenever the clock changes from dusk to night, they will be doing the follow the leader. Also, I decided to name these trails ghost lights. And to keep the thread on topic, here is a moon glass chessboard I made (with commands)