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  1. Can anyone more creative than me think of a character trait based around the seasonal stages of birchnut trees (Green, Autumnal, and Barren)?
  2. Maybe include some of the other "warpable" items, e.g. changing mushroom types, berry bush variants (normal, lush, or juicy), sapling/grass tuft variants.
  3. We all love to create custom characters' advantages and disadvantages, but they almost always have abilities that fall into the categories of combat, food, resource gathering, stat management, or exploration (e.g. Wolfgang (in theory) has greater difficulty with his hunger and sanity, higher DPS output and damage resistance, Maxwell has high sanity, passive sanity regeneration, and shadow servants but low max hp, Wortox can cover a lot of ground with his souls and quickly heal, but he needs to eat twice as much). What would you make for a character whose abilities (advantages and/or disadvantages) were based around mechanics that aren't used often in the game? Underrepresented mechanics include, but are not limited to: Day count Moon Phase Day Phase (Dusk, night etc.) Current sanity Ambient world temperature Naughtiness Current Health Turf Type Weather Hunts Drop rates Spoilage Some traits I made based on these underutilized mechanics: A character who gains a speed boost based on how many segments of dusk there are compared to the whole cycle A superstitious character who gains effects based on the number that the current day ends with +10% speed on days ending with a 1 Can't eat meat on days ending with a 2 Can't attack innocent creatures on days ending with a 3 -5 sanity/min on days ending with a 4 Can't eat fruit on days ending with a 5 Can't craft on days ending with a 6 +8.25 sanity/min on days ending with a 7 Can't eat veggies on days ending with an 8 Tools lose 20% less durability on days ending with a 9 +10% damage on days ending with a 0 A lucky character who gets an additional loot roll for one item from the defeated creature's non-guaranteed loot table (e.g. Killing a mactusk rolls an additional chance for a tusk or tam, Beefalo get another roll on horn drops). Guaranteed items are not rolled again (e.g. Bees always drop one stinger or honey, deerclops always drops just one eyeball). A character who gains special bonuses during some weather events What do you guys think?
  4. Small Details You Like

    I like the different footstep sounds you make when on different turfs I like the assembly animation for structures. It looks like they self assemble.
  5. I mean, you already hold the spacebar to harvest large fields anyway. Would you rather that anything using the craft anim simply take 33% longer? it's the same effect but with less flavor.
  6. How does map sharing work?

    If the characters have already been to the areas on the map, then they will not get anything from it because the map scroll they learn has no "new" info. You may have to clear the players' stored map data to do this (I don't know the command for it tho. You could use c_despawn(), but then the characters would forget everything, including unlocked recipes, map exploration, and day count.) If you just want them to visit a certain point you can use a mod that allows map pinging (e.g. global positions)
  7. "Clusmsy" I actually prefer this typo lol I think that these downsides are too small to add to a character if you want to give them interesting upsides. You might end up with another Winona (at her first release). But, I'll try to complete the character with the above downsides and fitting the theme Clusmsy - Crafted items are dropped on the ground instead deposited into your inventory. There is a 33% chance that any action using the crafting animation (gathering, cooking, assembling etc.) will fail and the ingredients used will be dropped instead. Damage reduced by 10%. Sleepy - lose 10% speed at dusk and 20% at night. Negated if you have spent more than one minute sleeping in the past 40 minutes (5 days) Happy Go Lucky - negative sanity auras have 20% less effect, does not effect instant sanity changes Cheerful - +0.33 sanity/min aura to nearby teammates Excited - Gain 20% more stats from eating sweet or fruit based foods (e.g. berries, ice cream, dragonpie, honey). Gain +5% speed if you've eaten something with a fruit or sweetener value of 1 in the past day. Maybe this character would be too OP, but I see them as a Noob friendly character with a positive attitude.
  8. Idea for new structure

    I think the biggest issue is that the caves and the surface aren't a 1:1 match. For example, you can walk 20 pitchfork tiles from one staircase to another in the caves, but their corresponding sinkholes on the surface could be 200 tiles away from each other. So there needs to be a way to connect elevators in a way that isn't based on location. Also, I think that this kind of device seems right up Winona's alley, maybe make the set up of the elevators exclusive to her? How I would do elevators, is that you would first need to dig a hole in the caves and a hole on the surface. This is accomplished by using a "down excavelevator" and an "up excavelevator"[1] on the surface and caves. Each excavelevator costs 4 boards, two cut stone and one of each golden tool. Once an excavelevatoris placed, it will not begin work until it is given flammable fuel, nitre, or shadow fuel and also it's designation item. The excavelevator can hold 8 minutes of fuel, and needs to run for 20 total minutes for a hole to be dug. Fuel values are equivalent to an object's burn time in an endothermic fire pit. Before a excavelevator begins to dig, it must be given a designation item to link it to the other excavelevator. Once an excavelevator finishes, it will take the appearance of a bucket on a well, if the other side's excavelevator hasn't finished, it will appear to have caution tape around it. The bucket holds 9 stacks of items (like a chest) and has no effect on spoilage. You an left-click on a finished excavelevator to open the bucket inventory, and right click to crank or uncrank the bucket, depending on where the bucket is. Cranking always brings the bucket to you, and uncranking sends it away. You can't crank while someone is using the bucket. Designation items will let the player know which excavelevators are connected by showing a prefix in front of the name. Red(y) - Red mushroom Blue(y) - Blue mushroom Green(y) - Green mushroom Piney - Pinecone Glowy - Lightbulb Shiny - Gold Nugget Toasty - Red Gem Frosty - Blue Gem Creepy - Purple Gem Speedy - Yellow Gem Lazy - Orange Gem Hardy - Green Gem Tasty - Meatballs Healthy - Carrot Funky - Gears When a player hovers over an excavelevator with their mouse, it will display the prefix and excavelevator (e.g. Bluey excavelevator, Toasty excavelevator, or Shiny excavelevator). I think that this way will make them the most useful. For example, a player who is looking for a resupply for their Ruins base might ask "Can you please put pierogies and Armor in the Piney bucket?" while a Maxwell who is chopping down a mushroom forest might announce "The Funky Bucket is filled with blue caps". Finally, surface excavelevators can be placed anywhere that is solid land, and that doesn't cause enlightenment (no boats, no lunar island). Caves excavelevator can only be placed in areas that are unaffected by the nightmare cycle (no ruins). You could even create fast item delivery between two points on the surface with two different wells. For this hypothetical assume that the frosty excavelevator is next to the pig king and that the Bluey excavelevator is next to the Oasis. Player one could fill the "frosty excavelevator" and crank it down to the caves, player two takes the contents of the bucket and puts it into the Bluey excavelevator, then cranks it to the surface, where player three then removes the items.
  9. Why each character is here

    What if that's what Klei wants us to think. It's possible that us isn't referring to boy and spider, but boy and dad
  10. Why each character is here

    It's possible the "us" in "That jerk tricked us" is Webber and his dad, who built the machine together. Webber, however, was the only one sucked in.
  11. Why each character is here

    I'd honestly prefer if there was no overarching reason for each person's abduction. I'd rather they each made a deal with the devil and ended up facing the consequences. Maybe, there could be connection between everyone as some sort of cosmic joke. Also, did Maxwell get to pick his targets?
  12. Screenshot showcase

    Ah, the pleasant Oasis. The singular spot of calm in the desert sandstorm. The only place on this forsaken island that is even close to welcoming of your presence. And right next to it we have the home of the Constant's biggest killer of overconfident players.
  13. There might have been a little teleportation accident. At least wortox can wear his Darth Maul cosplay now!
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Oh God oh Heck, Willow please don't do it