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  1. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    They only eat one item per jump, so they're pretty slow. Also they can only eat some items, unlike lureplants
  2. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    I was thinking more along the lines of using Pumpkin cookies to distract (or possibly befriend?) the cookie cutter sharks so they won't eat your boat.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks its weird that the Cookie Cutters have absolutely no interaction with Pumpkin Cookies? I know pumpkin cookies are a niche and rarely made item, but it seems kinda odd that the only two things in the game that have "cookie" in their name have nothing to do with each other.
  4. Wolfgang's True Identity

    Wilson and Wolfgang are there same person?
  5. I'd put the turfs in decorations as well, though that might confuse players into thinking that they have no use. On the subject of decorations, can we get moonstone and golden variants for statues?
  6. It's pretty difficult to get accused of griefing when you aren't, so I've never been accused. How would the boat builder have known you were there if you could only see him because of a mod you were using a mod to extend your view?
  7. Screenshot showcase

    I know it's Hamlet, not DST, but this guard has his own little island
  8. Deerclops won't destroy structures if he's targeting a player, maybe that's it?
  9. Wilson Rework - The Scientist

    Wilson should never have that perk as long as he is the starter character. For new players, the few items that are craftable by default help guide them towards what they should do. The science machine greatly increases the number of available recipes, but having them by default would be more confusing to new players.
  10. Book Suggestions: Manufacturing 101 2 Papyrus, 3 flint, 2 logs 4 uses, 40 sanity per use Creates items out of thin air Items are selected based on the following formula: Three random unlocked crafted tabs are chosen A random item or structure is selected from each (with the exception of items that use boss drops or non-renewable resources (pan flute, Hibearnation Vest etc.) Spawn those items/structures near the player. Guide to the Basic Elements 2 uses, 65 sanity per use 2 Papyrus, one red, one blue gem Sets the reader to either 0 or 70 degrees depending on the season (0 in summer/early august, 70 in winter/early spring) Care and Maintenance for your Bees 10 uses, 15 sanity per use 2 papyrus, 2 honey Spawns two angry bees per use
  11. Screenshot showcase

    They have DST in Australia too?
  12. Screenshot showcase

    All right, I did some tests. At the top you have fireflies numbered 1-10 (represented by number of nuggets). At the bottom are 10, 20, and 30 fireflies from left to right respectively. If you rejoin a world during the night, all fireflies will be completely synced, but whenever the clock changes from dusk to night, they will be doing the follow the leader. Also, I decided to name these trails ghost lights. And to keep the thread on topic, here is a moon glass chessboard I made (with commands)
  13. Screenshot showcase

    I was using commands, so I just dropped down a stack of 40. I'm fairly certain you could use as little as 10 to get the effect. If you do test it, tell us how it goes.
  14. Screenshot showcase

    If you place a bunch of fireflies on the same spot (with some delay) you can get these cool looking trails