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  1. What if the slot machine became more risk/reward under the full moon (outside of not needing light, full moon is useless in SW)? Normal spawns from the enemy pool (skulls) are replaced with stronger enemies (5 batilisks, a tentacle, a depthsworm, 2 werepigs, a ruins terrorbeack and crawling horror etc.), the common roll will draw from the rare loot pool instead, and the rare pool will have an equal chance to give ruins loot (one green/yellow/orange gem, a thulecite club and suit, a thulecite crown and 3 fragments, 3 thulecite,10 nightmare fuel and 10 living logs, 3 random gems of any color, 10 obsidian and 5 dragoon hearts etc.) During the full moon all insanity penalties from the slot machine are doubled.
  2. How does speed stack in DS? If I wore tin hat and suit (-20% each) but equipped a stalking stick (+30%) do I get only a -10% speed reduction?
  3. litter question

    From what I can tell, it looks like you got put on the wrong level. DS and DST aren't actually 2D games, they're 3D. For the most part, everything is at ground level, though there are some exceptions. The bottom of every wall is always at 0, but depending on the upgrade level, the wall's top height could reach up to level 2. There's also a fairly common glitch where a buzzard is put many levels up instead of at ground level, and since it is closer to the camera, it is massive. This video, though talking about Enter the Gungeon, this video has some explanation Also I'm no programmer. So Klei, if you're reading this, tell me how close I was.
  4. I much prefer being locked into an attack for the duration of the animation over DST's cancel at any time. I like that I can hit attack twice, then press on a movement key to guarantee movement as soon as possible to dodge. IDK but the combat feels much tighter.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Twins, separated at birth
  6. On Examination Quotes

    We can't talk about Wolfgang without mentioning his best line Hammer - "Needs sickle!"
  7. Aporkalypse and World hopping problems

    Actually, in the days leading up the pigs in town will comment on the approaching aporkalypse.
  8. Screenshot showcase

    Never seen it before. I never fully explore the caves, just head to ruins, toadstool, and mushtree biomes Edit: Just because every cave has one doesn't disqualify the statement that I haven't seen one.
  9. Screenshot showcase

    Kinky Never seen a postern underground before
  10. Aporkalypse and World hopping problems

    Pick one. Anyway, let's start from the beginning: Don't Starve is difficult but fair. The game gives warnings about what is dangerous (Venomous animals are yellow, the swamp looks very creepy) The Aporkalypse is a dangerous event There is no warning for the Aporkalypse when coming from an RoG or SW world The Aporkalypse ignores precedent about other dangerous events and their warnings. Aporkalypse should be changed Where does the logic break down? Also your previous argument about how Hamlet is "different" neglects that danger and warnings are a core part of Don't Starve.
  11. Aporkalypse and World hopping problems

    Why should I have to world hop every 60 days to prevent the Aporkalypse? It is just as stupid as going to RoG for the first time, only to find out that the whole world burned down, or arriving in SW to find Sealnado right on top of the Seaworthy. The game sets the precedent that nothing changes in a world while you are gone except spoilage and season change, yet the Aporkalypse completely ignores that precedent.
  12. Screenshot showcase

    Nightmares 1:2 "And Charlie said, let there be light"
  13. Aporkalypse and World hopping problems

    Thanks to KilliasK's recent comments we've decided to make some balance changes to season challenges When it is Summer in Reign of Giants, all flammable objects are in danger of spontaneously combusting. In previous versions, only loaded objects could catch fire. Giants will continue to spawn in worlds even if you are not present. Shipwrecked's volcano is intended to force your hand in delaying the eruptions, as such eruptions can still happen even when you are not in the world. Eruptions can target players in no-Shipwrecked world's now. The volcano staff and Joy of Vulcanology now work outside of Shipwrecked Added the Ancient Fuelweaver If the Fuelweaver is not defeated every 100 days, it will climb out of the Ruins (accompanied by the Ancient Guardian as well as hordes of Shadow Clockworks and Shadow Splumonkeys) and overrun the surface. We hope you enjoy the new content. Sincerely, Klei Entertainment