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  1. Gonna be the first to capitalize on the wardrobe feature. Here are all my outfits:
  2. Doofenshmirtz evil incorporated!

  3. All items dropped on the ground should have an internal timer of 60-90 days (with some exceptions like turf, berry bushes, high durability tools, and irreplaceable items), once the timer reaches that point the item disappears if it is unloaded. If the item is loaded a Krampus will spawn off screen, take the item(s), and leave.
  4. @watermelen671 Did the new update add any shell commands other than c_guitartab() and c_shellsfromtable()?
  5. It changes the way I interact with the game in a negative way. I go from "Today I'd rather play another game so I will not launch DST" to "I should be checking in with the game at least once a day or I lose out on skin drops" or when I'm playing "This is a good stopping point to put the game down for the day" becomes "Just ten more minutes to get the next skin drop". All opinions are biased. I clarified that was my own opinion and experience several times. Artists and programmers are different people. Besides, any single content drop has many more sprites (and most of them are animated, unlike skins) than Klei's skin drops
  6. As far as trailers go, put the "old film" filter back on top of the gameplay demos. Problem solved. Maybe remove the pure white borders, or at least decrease the thickness and make the it more of an eggshell white. The in-game creepiness has decreased massively IMO, but not because of the art style change. The main issues are the players and the skin system. When any player first started, Don't Starve seemed a lot more creepy because nearly everything was completely unknown. Everything was scary because it could seemingly kill us at any moment, and you had to interact with these potentially dangerous systems. Forests were scary if you didn't know how treeguards spawned or how to deal with them. Pigs were scary because once in a while they'd transform and try to murder you, especially with Base DS's unpredictable moon cycle. Tall birds were weird and scary and chased you forever. Beefalo could suddenly turn hostile. There was an enemy in the swamp that could pop out from beneath the ground. There were robots that attacked you on sight. And finally there was a terrifying giant that hunted you down in the middle of winter. Then, we got better. We learned how to kill everything with minimal losses to ourselves. We learned where to get food. We learned why some creatures would or wouldn't attack. We learned to spot tentacles. We learned how to not have deerclops destroy our base. The game became less scary when we knew what to do and could approach the world knowing what it had in store. A new, solo player would probably find DST today just as spooky as you did when you first picked up DS. However, there is one new addition in DST that I believe completely destroys immersion: The Skin Drops. The skin drops completely break the "feel" of the game every hour by asking you to "click here for your prize". It is a reminder that you are not a pyromaniac orphan, bereaved child, over-the-top method actor, or cursed lumberjack. It reminds you that you are playing a game in the 21st century. You might have been experiencing a death defying adventure or an uncompromising game of wilderness survival, but now it's time to play dress up. So drop what you're doing and get to a science machine because you don't want to waste any potential skin drops do you? I understand completely that skins are necessary to the longevity of the game and keeping the servers running. But it still is, in my opinion, the greatest problem hurting the game's feel.
  7. Ah, the pleasant Oasis. The singular spot of calm in the desert sandstorm. The only place on this forsaken island that is even close to welcoming of your presence. And right next to it we have the home of the Constant's biggest killer of overconfident players.
  8. There might have been a little teleportation accident. At least wortox can wear his Darth Maul cosplay now!
  9. I know it's Hamlet, not DST, but this guard has his own little island
  10. All right, I did some tests. At the top you have fireflies numbered 1-10 (represented by number of nuggets). At the bottom are 10, 20, and 30 fireflies from left to right respectively. If you rejoin a world during the night, all fireflies will be completely synced, but whenever the clock changes from dusk to night, they will be doing the follow the leader. Also, I decided to name these trails ghost lights. And to keep the thread on topic, here is a moon glass chessboard I made (with commands)
  11. I was using commands, so I just dropped down a stack of 40. I'm fairly certain you could use as little as 10 to get the effect. If you do test it, tell us how it goes.
  12. If you place a bunch of fireflies on the same spot (with some delay) you can get these cool looking trails