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  1. A 2x2 1:1:1 plot and a 2x2 2:1 plot will yield 33 garlic, pepper, onion, and, dragonfruit along with 66 tomatoes (on average) after a single harvest (and all are giant). In a whole year of DST (assuming 72 days), you need 6480 hunger to sustain yourself. 33 Dragon pies will give you 2475 and 33 moqueca will give you 3712.5 for a total of 6187.5 hunger. The remaining 292.5 hunger can be accomplished with as little as 5 meatballs or 2 meaty stews. Also, just for fun I did the math on the 2 4x4 plots (that you're not doing) One harvest will give 3*4*4*2.75*(112.5+75) = 24,750 hunger. That's enough for 5 Warlies for a year. Or enough to keep Wolfgang mighty for 110 days.
  2. For the few recipes that require Health to craft, the construction amulet does not mitigate the damage. I believe that the game would be more consistent if the construction amulet halved the damage taken along with halving the resource costs when crafting. For example equipping an amulet and crafting a Telltale Heart will reduce the grass cost from 3 to 2 but the health cost is still 40 as well as taking one of the construction amulets uses. In Wormwood's Living Log recipe, he loses the full 20 hp and still decreases the amulet's durability per use. I know that the durability loss is consistent with the rule that all recipes crafted while wearing a construction amulet will decrease the amulet's durability regardless of the whether or not the recipe is discounted, so I'm not arguing about that in regards to the wormwood recipe. Basically, even though using a construction amulet to mitigate health costs is an extremely niche and likely never used feature, I believe it would have better internal consistency for it to be discounted.
  3. In the old world gen settings (where setting something to Lots spread it all over your world instead of generating more in the appropriate location) I played a pub server where Clockworks had been set to lots (and none of us were WX because we didn't know about the setting before picking characters). It was fun trying to carve out a survivable base when there were Clockworks every 5 tiles to impede your exploration and gathering and also 4 other teammates of questionable skill levels. Also the server was set to endless, and after a few deaths you had to run away the second you saw a bishop because they would just one-shot you.
  4. I think it's fine as it is. Most boss tools weapons and tools are specialized QoL improvements that are ALL niche, but each add up to make your life easier. Scaled Furnace is mainly used in Winter and is nearly useless in summer. Weather pains are used for Toadstool, Fuelweaver, and Poisoned Birchnuts. Bee Queen crown is mainly equipped for for the few high sanity drain boss fights. The shadow thurible is used to kill other fuelweavers easier, or farm resources with the forest stalker. All Boss drops do is make tasks you could already do before less painful, and the Enlightenment crown does that perfectly. Much like the Eyebrella solves the problems of rain and summer heat, the Crown solves the need for light. Needing light is a problem needed nearly every night in the game and it makes sense to me that the first encountered and most prevalent obstacle in the game is solved with an endgame item.
  5. It was, https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Removed_Features#Long_Pig
  6. The fight itself also gives you tons of moon glass to pick up and use after the boss is defeated. I can't quite say if it's equivalent to roughly 2 of every gem (like from dfly) but it is a noticeable amount).
  7. When entering the moonstorm without the appropriate gear, the moonstorm filter is layered on top of the player's inventory. This makes it very difficult to see items in your inventory and backpacks.
  8. It is clearly a new cooking station with no lore applications whatsoever, at all. None. Nada. Zilch. It probably has something to do with the Mysterious Energy produced when you assemble all three lunar altars near each other.
  9. The new Wes Video doesn't have much lore, but it has a little for us to examine. Firstly - Wes was not an intended victim of the Constant's abductions; he accidently trades places with another who is being about to be kidnapped. Secondly - Who is the mysterious abductee that Wes inadvertently saved? Well at the end of the short we can see a crate labeled George Wi_____ Dramatics (I can't see the whole crate before the camera pans to the street and youtube's UI gets in the way). The W in his last name is probably important. Thirdly, There is a portrait of a man and what appears to be some otherworldly creature, the head shape kind of reminds me of Charlie's hair, but this short takes place while Maxwell is still on the throne. Fourth - The gramophone in the apartment has the same bell shape as the one in Warly's animated short but a different shape for the base. Fifth - George is being abducted in apparently broad daylight with no sign of any Radios, Gramophones, Built Doorways, or Magical books
  10. This is a minor gripe but can the names of the items in the drops inventory not all be just "Smite'ning Rod" and be something along the lines of "Smite'ning Rod Icon", "Smite'ning Rod Frame", and ""Smite'ning Rod Item" so that the auto-generated Twitch message is more specific?
  11. 3x3s should be easier to achieve, and a hard limit of 12 crops should be set in place.
  12. Gonna be the first to capitalize on the wardrobe feature. Here are all my outfits:
  13. @watermelen671 Did the new update add any shell commands other than c_guitartab() and c_shellsfromtable()?