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This is what 500 days in hamlet looks like


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Recently, i reached 500 days in hamlet, in celebration i decided to show my base, I'm playing wx78 and the first screenshot shows what i carry with me, 

Poison spear, mats for darksword, darksword, all sorts of hats for multiple scenarios, coffee and a bundling wrap full of coffee, cane and other stuff everyone uses.


This is were everything started, My first base/camp i've set up, You can see that i've made alot of shops nearby to decrease the RNG of said shops, as well as my skyworthy, some chests, crafting stations and a kitchen.

Later i put elephant cactus up there because there were alot of flowers growing in that area, and i decided to make a mini farm out of it (doesn't really work that well)


This right here is my coffee farm, theres a patch of grassland i made because i was harvesting city turf and didn't like how the empty spots look, i actually didn't know shoveled grass tufts can spawn in weevoles, so it operates as a weevole farm.

I also got rid of all the guard towers in the town so no guards can come after me when i kill pigs/ do other crime-like things.


This is my bfb landing area, as you can see theres already a bfb there and another one coming, this is due to a bug which i am unsure of how it works, but it's pretty neat since that bfb already landed stays there forever, and doesn't move (makes a great monument)

also to clarify, this is where i get the BFB to land, so i can make it land and then run away.

That old pen at the bottom right was krampus bait when i farmed him.



This is my queen womant shrine, this is also due to a "bug" (not really its just not intended) were you can telelocate queen womant and put her to sleep, which so i made a shrine here for her, i think it looks pretty neat20190224012436_1.thumb.jpg.c1cb1e877bf0e6a3e7568dc9ca5d7256.jpg

This is my Lightning farm, i go here when i need overcharge/health/insanity Theres also a beefalo pen over here, i managed to bring them over from ROG (using another glitch) and im repopulating them (this is really a bad place to put them) Also down south you can see my first storage area, some gnats (that i tried penning up but they flew over) and even more south is a huge grass/twig farm.


This is the grass and twig farm i mentioned, nothing special here

gives me 99 of each resource per harvest


This is gonna be one of my main storage areas, i plan on expanding it and making more in the future. Theres also a doydoy pen at the bottom there.20190224012406_1.thumb.jpg.0f2a7180d1bd153544aa4b054f5fa3c2.jpg

This is going to be my main endgame base, Each of these corners are gonna serve a different function, one corner is a kitchen, one is for drying racks

one is actually gonna be like a kitchen, but instead of iceboxes/crockpots i use smelters and chests There is also a cave cleft and a ruins entrance which i'm unsure of what i'll use it for, maybe you guys can suggest something?

There is also a peagawk (most of the peagawks escaped, :()


Here is the area above my base, as you can see its empty but i plan on adding a bunch of sty oddity shops on the city turf to the left, i have no idea what i'm gonna use this big empty space of wooden turf, i guess i'll take suggestions for this too. Also ignore the items on the void, theres a bug where wind blows stuff onto the void, don't know why that happens


Heres an unfinished project of mine, this is gonna be like a biome transported from ROG to hamlet, its gonna be the deciduous forest.


And finally this is my bat/firefarm area, the firefarm doesn't work, i thought it would but it doesn't work with these kinds of houses, theres also my pig guards which help me kill bats when they come during there waves.


Thats pretty much all there is to my base, This is what the map looks like20190224020039_1.thumb.jpg.cb92bcc5fe32add66ab4c3c67f197ba4.jpg 

if your wondering what that long road that goes north is, its a really old project were i was gonna transfer jungle turf to that lake, because the nearest jungle turf that connects to water is much more up north, it was inconvienet so i decided to do this, only to figure out you can't actually move jungle turf.

This is what the entire map looks like, you can see how RNG wasn't on my side when i created this world, but that's fine


Thats pretty much all there is to my world/base, Thanks for stopping by and i'll see you again when i reach 1000 days

(i plan on being the first that reaches 1k in hamlet)


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2 hours ago, gghhrr said:

cool man, how do you bring beefalo from ROG to Hamlet? Teleport skyworthy while riding them?

You can't right now. Use console commands to import them. You used to be able to move them through the skyworthy but it was broken, and thus removed.

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13 hours ago, Angel_Octoling said:

You can't right now. Use console commands to import them. You used to be able to move them through the skyworthy but it was broken, and thus removed.

Iirc he did it when it was possible. In case anybody wondered.

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