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  1. Love the tacky old lady aesthetic Andwanette has... except that she manages to pull it off while still being fashionable!
  2. Awesome! I was wondering if Kashio restoring all resolve every two turns was intentional... Glad to know it's been fixed!
  3. Loving Smith's new themes! I can hear some familiar notes from Rook's negotiation track in Smith's.
  4. This might sound weird, but maybe make the Heshians more environmentally focused? Trying to preserve Hesh's pristine waters and trying to maintain all lumin related creatures alive. The Spark Barons would be the opposite- their final goal according to the codex is going back to the glory days of space travel, while disregarding the environment and using technology the Heshians deem despicable. I also can definitely see Admiralty and the Cult teaming up since they both want to annex Murder Bay into Deltree.
  5. Super well done! The stomach acid has a special texture and everything. Thank Hesh for this tread...
  6. It's so nice to see that Rook has a good side that isn't trying to play a long con with everyone he meets.
  7. The early GL stuff is just so beautiful. But you're right- it happens.
  8. That Smith map soundtrack though. It slaps!
  9. Maybe the Voice of the People social boon would fit?
  10. Does anyone know what a "phicket" is? The day 2 assasins (Zyn and Hanbi) are classified like this while other characters are classified by jarackle, shroke,etc. I always just thought they were really mutated humans with masks that cover their faces, but aparently they are a species on their own. Why do we only see two of these "phickets" while we see plenty of all other 4 species? Are there any others in the game?
  11. This looks great- You didn't even finish it but it already looks polished. Don't worry that's not really a wall of text. Maybe you can merge the two blue paragraphs to make it shorter? It's perfectly understandable the way it is though.
  12. Just wow. Those are incredible. This tread is a blessing